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   Chapter 9 It’s payback time!

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"Don't flirt with my wife, Kaname, " Hiro punched him lightly on the chest.

"Ouch!" Kaname faked a pained expression. The three laughed, Ivy was also shaking her head.

"You are so cruel Hiro, " Kaname replied. "I just want to give this to you as our wedding gift but you are claiming that I'm trying to flirt with your bride? Not that I mind of course, when she is so lovely, " Kaname winked at her.

Hiro was about to give him another punch, as Ivy hugged him while laughing. "Stop it, honey. You know that I only have my heart for you. No matter how handsome Kaname is, I will not fall for his tricks."

"Whew, that was mean, my lady." Kaname said, acting like a knight.

Yousuke also joined. "You were just rejected without even trying."

Hiro faced her. "You just said that he is handsome."

Ivy was dumbfounded. He only heard that?

"You are not allowed to be near Kaname by at least 1 meter. This guy exudes pheromones everywhere." The two men laughed.

He then snapped at her, "Also, your eyes should also be only for me, understood?"

"Yes Sir!" she saluted at him, and the four of them laughed heartily.

As Yukio and Mita walked towards them, the two guys bid them goodbye. They also have a flight to catch anyway. Sachie hugged them both, "Now, you are both my real brother and sister, legally and all, " she beamed happily.

Mita also embraced Ivy, and she gave her a small velvet box. As Ivy opened it, she saw a dazzling pair of diamond earrings. She was speechless at the most expensive gift she has ever received. The jewelry that she is wearing now are all heirloom jewelry from Andrea's mother, her grandmother Melda. It was a necklace and earring set made of simple designs of gold. But she likes it, not for the monetary value but for the memories it has for their family.

"Thank you, Auntie, " she said.

"You must call me Mother now." Mita replied.

Ivy smiled shyly. "Mother, "

After a few moment, Andrea and her grandmother also said their goodbyes to them. Andrea hugged her tightly. Yukio felt something stirred in his chest as he saw Andrea and Ivy hugging each other. He turned his head away, and it did not escape Mita's eyes. She felt sad.

"Take care, both of you." Andrea said afterwards, "And give me grandchildren soon so I can still carry them on my arms, " she joked.

It made Ivy blush, and Hiro smiled knowingly. "We will try hard, Mother." He replied, and he felt Ivy's pinch on his side. He laughed at her.

The newly wed then went to the car, where their luggage are already placed, because they have to go for their honeymoon.

On the private plane, "Where are we going Hiro?"


Ivy smiled while shaking her head. Hiro has been surpris

tried to push him, but he doesn't budge one bit. She could feel his breath on her face.

"I remember, you also doubted if I could give you a child, right?" He suddenly remember that Ivy has called him a 'rich old man' and an 'impotent' before. It's payback time! He unbuckled his belt.

Her eyes widened in alarm. "I never say that!"

"Oh yes, you did, honey." Hiro deliberately teased her with the word honey, "It looks like you were doubting my sexual ability after all."

Her cheeks burned. How did he know that? Was he some kind of a psychic?

"Hiro, we are in the plane!"

"And so?"

"There are other people here!"

"So what?" He threw his shirt away, and straddled her.

"Honey, can't we wait until we landed please? It is so embarrassing…"

She swallowed her own words as his mouth covered hers in a forceful and deep kiss. After he remembered those words, he became so adamant to claim her and prove to her that her impressions on him are false. Her soft moaning can be heard within the plane.

"Do you still think…"

"That I am old, Ivy?"

He was deliberately forcing her to answer, in between his heaving chest, as he moved into her.

"No., no Hiro. You are not old." Ivy's breathing was also heavy.

"Do I look like an impotent to you?"

She gasped as she felt him deeper.

"No Hiro.. of course you are not impotent!"

He smiled victoriously at her flushed face. Her eyes were full of lust, so delectable in that moment. Ivy lost count on how many times Hiro claimed her that time. He did not allow her to rest at all. Every time she would start to fall into sleep, she would be awaken by his caressing, and she would have no choice but to give in to his demands. He was both gentle and rough this time, and she promised to herself not to badmouth him anymore after that.

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