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   Chapter 8 The Wedding

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As Hiro promised, Ivy's wedding was the grandest that her relatives, and even her whole village could have ever seen. The whole village was invited. The wedding took place at the largest church in the province, and the reception was at the largest and the most expensive resort there.

From Japan, Hiro's family was present, Yano, his two secretaries, some business partners, and Hiro's buddies, Kaname and Yousuke. Kaname is also a half like him, his father is an American, while Yousuke is a full-blooded Japanese. They all went to the same university in the US, although Kaname and Hiro has been classmates since high school.

Andrea was also overwhelmed with the extravagance. Since last night, an orchestra has been playing non-stop. They did not have to do anything. The day before the wedding, Hiro asked them to go to the hotel where they were supposed to change clothes and shoot some pre-wedding photos. Hiro rented several buses to bring the whole village on the church and on the reception. Although not everybody was able to go inside the church. It was like a royal wedding.

Ivy's maid of honor was one of her good friends in college, who is now working as a researcher in a big research institute in the country. The other secondary sponsors were Sachie and some of her cousins. Kaname stood as Hiro's best man, and everybody could not choose who was more handsome than the other as they stood side by side, waiting for Ivy as she walks on the aisle.

When Ivy appeared on the aisle, she was being held by Yukio. Everyone was not aware why Yukio was there, but who cares? They all know, except for some of them, that Ivy has no father. So they must have asked the groom's father to play the part.

The choir group started singing Ivy's requested song. And everybody was silently admiring her as she walks.

As we walk the golden mile, down the pretty aisle

I know that you are mine, and there's nothing in this world

That I know I wouln't do, to be near you every day

Every hour every minute, take my hand and let me lead the way…

Ivy felt butterflies on her stomach. As she gracefully and slowly walks towards him, she feels that her heart is going to explode in a myriad of emotions. She is really getting married!

She has never wanted to get married when she was younger, as she does not want to experience what her mother did. But more so, she did not want to fall in love. She always pushed anybody who showed interest in her when she was in high school and in college. She always kept her distance around boys. Until she met Hiro. She never thought that she would really be able to fall in love, and that somebody like him would accept the kind of background she has.

Now, she is walking on the aisle with her father, her mother is looking perfect and younger at the front

motif of pink, blue and white. None of the flowers in the decoration were artificial. All of them were real roses, and the place even smelled like one. Ivy could almost compare it with the Rose Garden that they visited before.

At the request of some visitors, Ivy and Hiro danced on the center. The orchestra played one nice song, 'Too many billion people running around the planet

What is the chance in heaven that you'd find your way to me

Tell me what is this sweet sensation

It's a miracle that happened

Though I searched for an explanation

Only one thing it could be

That I was born for you

It was written in the stars

Yes, I was born for you

And the choice was never ours

It's as if the powers of the universe

Conspired to make you mine until the day I die

I bless the day that I was born for you'

"The song fits nicely to us, wouldn't you say?" Ivy asked while they were dancing.

Hiro did not answer, for he was also thinking about the same thing. It's like the song was written specifically for them. He looked admiringly at the lovely lady in his arms, his hold tightened on her slender waist, making her feel his warmth. At this moment, he could only think about her, how beautiful she looks, how sweet she smells, and how lovely her eyes are.

Ivy was captivated with his heated gaze. No matter how many times she stared at his eyes, she could always get drowned in them. Her prince, her king, and her husband.

She casually rested her head on his chest, as they continued dancing amidst the whistles and cheering of the visitors.

As the darkness of the night approaches, the visitors left one by one on their respective vehicles. Then, only Hiro's and Ivy's family were left, Kaname and Yousuke.

"Well, buddy. This is our wedding gift to you and your lovely bride." Kaname smiled to Ivy.

Hiro frowned at him.

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