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   Chapter 7 Girls worry about all sorts of things

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"Hiro! You.. you!" she broke into sobs, covering her face with her hands.

She felt her knees crumbled with the released tension and fear from what was about to happen to her. Hiro was at her side instantly, catching her in his arms before she fell to the floor. She kept on crying, as if all the fright in her being is now released into tears.

"Hey, hey, " Hiro was trying to calm her, as he carried her to the bed. He sat, while Ivy was crumpled like a child on his lap. Her long hair covering her whole face, while his arms were wrapped tightly around her.

After a few moment, she stopped crying.


Hiro suddenly yelled in pain, and almost let go of Ivy. She pushed him away, as she stood up and put her hands on her hips, an expression on her face telling him 'that's what you deserve!'

Hiro lifted his shirt, where a reddish teeth mark has started to appear swelling on his chest. He looked at her unbelievably.

'She was just crying like a child, and she retaliated too fast!' he thought to himself, shaking his head. He pulled the shirt down and began to walk towards her.

Ivy inched backwards.

"That's what you get for tricking me! Did you know I almost collapsed with fear? How could you do that to me?" she looked at him accusingly. She was really afraid, and she does not understand how could he think about that kind of trick.

"I was trying to surprise you, " Hiro said, "Besides, you did not look a bit afraid earlier, you were very talkative for a captured person." He stated.

Ivy hissed at him, she was really upset. He went too far with his surprises! She glanced around the room, her eyes soften at the rose petals on the bed, and on the rest of the floor. On the table was also a bouquet of roses with different colors, with food and candles. It was the same room that they had slept in when they went to the Rose Garden!

"I like surprises Hiro, but this…" Hiro was on her front as she was taking her time looking at the room, and her words faded with his deep passionate kiss.

She started to protest at first, but the longing and wanting she felt for him for the past weeks also took over. In an instant, they were hungrily tearing at each other's clothes. His hands were roaming around her body, as she clasped her hands on his nape. He put her to bed, and he showed her just how much he really missed her.

After a couple of hours, Ivy woke up because she cannot bear her tummy grumbling anymore. She is starving!

"Hiro, wake up, " she tried to shake him gently. She cannot get out because his feet are on top of her legs, and his other arm is hugging her firmly.

He fluttered his long eyelashes. 'Come to think of it, Hiro looks like a prince when he is sleeping. Am I just so lucky?'

He opened her eyes, looked at her and tried to get on top of her again. Ivy was utterly speechless. She pushed him hard that a loud thud was heard.

She was laughing at him as he stood up ang

That was a neat excuse, she thought.

"If I tell you that you are the only one, would you believe me?" he looked straight into her eyes.

She met his gaze, and blinked. "Of course not." She answered. There is no way that he never had a partner in bed. His insatiable desire is so evident that even she sometimes does not have confidence in herself if she can satisfy him.

Hiro laughed at her, she was too honest!

"I did have a girlfriend back in high school. And some flings." He admitted.

"Flings?" she repeated.

"Don't worry hon, those were years ago, before I even met you. And trust me, I'm clean." He stated knowingly.

She cast him another look, trying to weigh how much of what he said was true. At her expression, he bent closer to the table.

"Since I met you, all my needs have been satisfied. So I have no further need of anybody else."

She threw a clean napkin at him, and smiled. After all, those girls were all in the past. She is now his present, and his future.

"Make sure that you honor your words, Mr. Yamamoto. If ever I catch you cheating on me, I will… cut that and feed it to the dogs." She threatened him.

Hiro looked at her mockingly.

"Won't you be the one in jeopardy if you do that my dear?" he said.

"And why is that?"

"This is the only one that can keep you company, you know. Won't you be lonely without it?"

She laughed at him, her cheeks burning with embarrassment as his insinuation. "Don't be so full of yourself. You are not the only one with that thing."

He was at her side in an instant, pulling her up and hugging her tightly, "How about I make you remember that you can't even think about somebody else's thing except this one?"

With that, he threw her lightly on the bed, and he was with her fast. He was hell-bent on proving to her that what she said was a lie, that he is the only one who could meet her needs.

"Yes Hiro, you are the only one." She admitted softly later on.

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