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   Chapter 6 Captured on a Valentine’s Day

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As Hiro told her, he became very busy after they went back to Japan. He went to US and Europe and to the other business-related matters in Asia. The month of January ended but they never see each other personally. Ivy was also busy with her studies. Nevertheless, Hiro never failed even once to call her before he goes to bed. He will always tell her how much he misses her, and she will always end up teasing him that he was just saying it.

"I am not even sure if there are girls in your room right now, " she pouted one time they were having a video call.

Hiro was in his bath robe that night, and drinking wine before going to bed. He frowned at her face on the screen, and he thought of something naughty.

"Do you want proof?"

"How?" she asked.

"Ivy, do you know how much just the sound of your voice could make my… alert to meet your touch?" his voice became suddenly husky.

She felt tickled with his words.

"I don't believe you, "

"Do you want me to show you the proof?" he dared her. If they were together, Ivy would have run away from him. But since they are far apart and almost on the other side of the globe, she became bolder.

"Well, I don't mind. Who knows if it turned smaller when not being used?"

She heard him inhaled sharply, he must be angry at her now. Ha-ha! That's what you get for always bullying me when you are here, she thought.

He suddenly turned off his camera, "Hey, Hiro?" she called his name. The next thing she saw was the 'proof' that he was saying, and she shouted at him with reddened face, and turned off her phone.

After that, Hiro tried to call her a few times and when she did not answer, he sent her a voice message. When she played it, she just heard him softly whispering her name. She did not finish listening to it, and sent him a message instead. "Shameless pervert!"

His reply made her regret her action, "Wait for this shameless pervert, Ivy. You will get a taste of it soon."

In the laboratory where she belongs, there are also other foreign students like her. She has a friend named Alyssa, who has been excitedly telling her about her upcoming date with her boyfriend on Valentine's day.

That night, she asked Hiro when will he return. If possible, she wants to have a Valentine's Date with him too. She has never dated anyone so she never celebrated Valentine's Day before. She learned that in Japan, girls are the one who has to give a chocolate to the guy they like. Totally opposite to the tradition in her country.

"I may not be back until the 15th of February, why?."

She suddenly looked sad, but did not mention anything about it. She has been looking at You tube on how to make cho

bad! She thought. It is easier to deal with a talkative person, as you have a chance to persuade them. But how can she persuade someone who won't talk?

"I don't know who you are, or what you want from me. But I'm telling you, you are wasting your time and effort. I am not rich nor famous. I am poor, so I cannot even give you money." She decided to lay down her cards. "It would be better for you to let me go. I don't even know you so I cannot tell to authority about you." She added. "You can let me go with a blindfold if you want."

She saw the man moved his hand to his mouth, as if he was covering his mouth. As she squinted her eyes to look at him, she saw that this man does not wear a mask. But he is wearing a hooded jacket.

He stood up and went behind her. Ivy's heart was pounding hard. She has no idea what's going to happen. Her hands are still tied, but in the worst case scenario, she will use her feet to make him fall back. And then she will dash outside.

She shivered as the man touched her shoulders, then lingered near her neck. She could feel to man's breath just above her head.

For some unknown reason, she thought about Hiro. Where are you, Hiro? Help me! She closed her eyes as the man bent near her ears. Then, she felt a cold thing touched her hands, and realized that she has been untied!

As she turned to face the man, her lips was captured firmly in his lips, as his hand on her nape pulled her head closer.

Ivy's eyes widened in disbelief and pushed as hard as she could. In that instant, the room became bright. And she met Hiro's dark brown eyes, looking intently at her, a sly smile on his lovely lips.

"Happy Valentine's hon." He lovingly. Her tears fell, as she glanced around the room, full of rose petals in different colors.

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