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   Chapter 5 You are so unbelievable

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New Year passed too fast for Ivy and Hiro. It was not Hiro's first time to spend the New Year far from home. When he studied in America, he never went back home during the whole duration of his stay there as a student. After then, he became used to treating any holiday in Japan as an ordinary day. He would only religiously spend time with his family on Sachie and Yukio's birthday. Those times were when he has still believed that Mita has cheated on his father. So many years were lost in doubts, and now that he spent the New Year with Ivy and her relatives, he realized how solitary his life has been.

Well its better late than never, he thought.

Now, on the 2nd day of January, they are sitting around the table along with Mita and Yukio to formally ask for Ivy's hand in marriage. The atmosphere was rather tense, and Ivy could tell that her mother is not happy, nor Yukio, neither Mita.

"So, I think that Hiro and Ivy have already decided about the date." Andrea said, she was keeping her glance on the table, not wanting to make eye contact with Yukio and Mita. She was not confident that what she feels won't show on her eyes, or on her expression. She does not want to make trouble for Ivy, after all.

Yukio kept his expression calm and unreadable, while Mita was apologetic. The three adults cannot wait for the meeting to finish. Andrea's mother decided not to take part on it, as she did not wish to meet the man and the woman who destroyed her daughter's life.

"Yes, auntie, " Hiro said matter-of-factly. "Ivy and I decided that the wedding would be here, so that your relatives can all attend." He smile genuinely. In the past 3 days that he met so many of Ivy's relatives and friends, he felt their warmth and hospitality. It was so different from his surroundings as he was growing up.

Ivy also smiled at Hiro. She was so thankful that he accepted her request to have the ceremony here.

"Are you sure?" Andrea looked at the two, then to the older couple.

"If that is what they want, we don't wish to intervene, " Yukio stated.

"But before that Auntie, we will enter the family registry in Japan." Hiro added.

Andrea nodded. She is aware of it.

After a few minutes, everything has been decided. Hiro will handle all the details about the ceremony. He promised that he would give Ivy the grandest wedding for her.

"It's alright, Hiro, " Andrea smiled briefly, "I only wish and want my daughter to be happy."

"I promise, Auntie." His look was solemn, and Andrea believed him. At least, her daughter would have a different future with what she had in the past.

As Yukio and Mita were about to go, Andrea was just standing firmly on the door. When the door of the car that will take them to the airport opened, Yukio hesitated to enter, he stopped, and turned to look at Andrea. In that moment, Mita did not need any clue, she went to the other side of the car and entered.

"Andrea, " Yukio's voice quivered very lightly, but it was enough for Andrea, Ivy and Hiro to recognize, "I am so sorry. I am glad to have seen you, again." He bowed to her, and entered the car without waiting for her response.

Andrea held herself firmly by the door. Her expression did not change, but her eyes soften a little. Ivy felt that her mother had finally loosen some of the stress she has been feeling these past days when she learned that they are coming.

The first car went. Then, Ivy embraced her mother and her grandmother who now sits behind Andrea.

"Mom, grandma, we shall be going too. I will see you again on March." Ivy suppressed her tears, as she knows that her mother and grandmother would be lonely again without her. Although Andy will be back later today, but he is a guy, a teenager so he is always out when he has free time.

"You take care of yourself Ivy. I love you sweetheart, " Andrea lovingly embraced her daughter too. She is so proud of how brave and independent she has become. Now she is not worried about her future anymore, as she has met her father already, and found a man who really loves her too.

"Bye for now grandma, " she said again, this time in a louder voice. Her grandma smiled at her, "Take care, Ivy."

Hiro bowed to the two older women. He has nothing but respect and appreciation to them. For without these two, he would not have met Ivy.

As the car went away, Andrea's brave front caved in. She cried in her mother's lap, who lovingly tap her on her head. She

did not expect that she would be so hurt upon seeing Yukio again, together with Mita. It reminded of her past, when she was so much in love with Yukio and so happy when Ivy was born. All those times, she thought that she was able to burry all the feelings she had for Yukio. But just one look at him, at his aged face, it reminded her of those wonderful times they shared. She never regretted the fact that she left when she realized that he already had a wife and a son, until she learned that Hiro was not his. Now, she finally realized that she has never moved on. She just accepted the reality, but her feelings toward him never change a bit. She still loves him.

Hiro kept on glancing at Ivy, who kept her eyes on the window. He knows that's he is worried for Andrea and the grandmother.

He ushered himself closer to her and pulled her to him, she did not resist. As he embraced her, he felt her shoulders moving from crying. He kissed her hair gently, whispering inaudible comforting words to her. His heart is also in pain, as he does not want his girl to suffer in any way.

"Don't cry anymore, honey, " he said, "everything will be alright." He feels uncomfortable with seeing her crying. He then take out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe away her tears.

She stopped crying after a few moment, wiping her face with the handkerchief. Then as she was about to return it to him, she recognized the piece of cloth that she was holding.

"Hiro?" she said, as Hiro looked at where she is looking, he realized that he gave her the handkerchief that he took from her the first time he saw her on the plane, almost 2 years ago. He smiled innocently at her, taking the handkerchief, folding it and returning it on his pocket.

"What is it honey?"

Ivy blinked several times. She was too surprised by this discovery. She has looked into all of her things trying to find that handkerchief then but she never found it. She gave when she realized she might have lost it somewhere because of her excitement in riding the plane. Only to find it in Hiro's arms now. How did it happen?

"Hey, Hiro. How did my handkerchief fell into your possession?"

"You gave it to me"

"When? Where?"

"In the plane. 2 years ago." His reply was curt, he suddenly felt that the car aircon was too low.

"How come I don't remember meeting you on a plane?" She was frowning at him, Hiro looked at her, almost laughed at her bewildered expression. He tapped her forehead with his point finger.

"You were in a panic that time honey, and I saved you. As appreciation, you gave it to me." He said, no hint of shame or remorse on the lie that he just said.

"Or if I remember correctly, I was in a panic but I fell asleep after that. You took it from me without my permission!" She could not believe this new discovery about him. Was he that kind of person?

Hiro laughed, "Well, let's just say that it was my reward for keeping you sane that time, " he winked at her, unmindful of how she was glaring at him.

She crossed her arms on her chest, "You are so unbelievable Hiro, "

"I know that."

"I mean, in a negative way!"

He pulled her into a tight embrace, and she could not force herself free as her hands are clasped tightly in between them, "I did not hear you properly, " Hiro met her gaze, his eyes turning into a small slit, as he pretended to be offended by her words. He bent his head closer to an inch from hers.

Ivy's cheeks burned at the proximity of their body, and she is aware that the driver could hear and see them perfectly. He was just pretending otherwise. It added to her embarrassment. How could Hiro be so shameless!

She turned her face sideways, "Let me go, " she said in a soft voice.

Hiro whispered on her ear provocatively, "unless you tell me what I want to hear, I am perfectly fine in this position."


He frowned. She just called him a jerk? When did she start to use such bad words at him? It looks like that his wife-to-be has still many unhidden characteristics that he has yet to uncover. Well, that makes life interesting, right?

"Ivy, did you just call me a jerk?"

"Let go of me, " she tried to whimper for him to let her go, "please?"

"Honey, "


"Please let me go, honey." He insisted.

Ivy almost laughed, how child-like could he be?

"Please let me go, honey, " she said, and he let her go. Then caught her face again and kissed her on the lips deeply.

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