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   Chapter 4 What else would you need

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The next day, Ivy took Hiro to some tourist spots in neighboring areas. Since her hometown is already quite urbanized, most of the land area were already converted for residential and commercial uses. She took him island hopping to a recently developing area for tourists which is called the 'Hundred islands' on the northern part of the country, of which they spent half a day there, then they went farther up north to see the wind mills that generate electricity. It was a first time for Hiro to see several windmills constructed next to each other in a symmetry, and he admired it really well. Afterwards, they went to the place where all the houses were built during the Spanish colonization, and it was indeed a sight to behold. He then thought that Andrea might have a mixture of blood since she has prominent nose and fair skin, not a natural characteristics of the original people in the country. No wonder why Ivy is also beautiful, she has different mixtures of blood.

Hiro booked for the presidential suite for the two of them, and the receptionists kept on flashing meaningful looks at him, of which he ignored of course. He kept his arms around Ivy's waist, as Ivy felt pity to the girls. They were obviously jealous of her, not that she can't understand them. After all, Hiro's look alone would really attract attention, much more if they know how rich he is.

During their travel, Hiro was the one who arranged for their vehicle, making use of his connections. Two luxury cars waited for them early in the morning in front of Andrea's house, and when Ivy inquired why there should be two, Hiro said it's for protection.

As soon as Ivy saw the queen size bed, she jumped wearily into it.

"I am so tired!" she said, with eyes closed and her arms stretched on top of her head.

Hiro looked appreciatively at her. He then went around the room, intently inspecting all corners, and even the undersides of some furniture. Ivy felt him moving around, she propped her head with one hand and looked at him questioningly, what is he doing? Looking for a bug?

"Hiro, what are you looking for?" she asked when she could not hold her curiosity anymore.

After completing checking everything even the toilet and bathroom, Hiro went back to the bed. He sat on the sofa and turned on the TV. He then patted the sofa on his side, gesturing for Ivy to sit next to him. She walked to him, and he pulled her instantly. She ended up sitting on his lap instead.

"Why?" she asked again.

"I was just checking for any hidden camera, you know, " he said.

"What for?"

"Well, this is just a habit of mine, don't mind it too much." He answered, then touched her nose. "Aren't you hungry?"

She shook her head, "Nah, we just had dinner an hour ago, remember? Don't tell me you are already hungry?"

He pulled her face closer to him, and whispered to her ear, "I am hungry for a different food, "

She felt her cheeks burning at the insinuated meaning. She gave him a little punch on the chest.

"Can't we rest for a while? My feet are sore, " she pouted.

Hiro frowned at her? Doesn't she desire him as much as he does?

"Aren't you attracted to me anymore?" he said suddenly.

Ivy looked at him in silent awe, how could he say that? She almost laughed, but looking at Hiro's face made her shut her mouth.

"What are you talking about? Of course, I am attracted to you, " she tried to calm him down.

"Then how can you resist being this close to me and not wanting to.. make love with me?" he almost said 'have sex' but he knows that she won't like it.

Ivy shook her head inside her mind, as she sometimes can't understand what is going on with his mind. Sometimes he could say words that are too vulgar for her to even think about. But then, she finds it all the more alluring when it was him.

She tried to tease him.

"I was just playing hard to get, you know, " she answered.

"What for?" It was Hiro's turn to be in awe. When will he ever understand a female's mind?

"You might get tired of me soon if we always do that, " she lowered her eyes, feigning to be hurt.

"Ha-ha!" Hiro faked a laugh, "That will never happen, Ivy. You know what you are to me?"

Their eyes met as he held her face in his palms, she demurely shook her head.

"You are my wife-to-be. My only partner in life until the day that I die, there is no way that I will get tired of you." he answered so seriously that Ivy was so in-love with him.

She kissed him on the tip of his nose, "I love you Hiro." She said.

Their lips locked in a passionate kiss, probing and claiming territory. Ivy was carried on the bed, and H

iro began to take off his clothes, his eyes never left hers, and she feasted her eyes on his muscles, from his shoulders to his torso, he is really a well-maintained man. She wondered how does he manage his time to work out when he is always so busy at the office.

"Hiro, how many times do you work out in a week?" she asked curiously, she got up from the bed and touch the muscular abdomen.

He groaned inwardly at her touch, how could she affect her so much with just a touch? Ah, this girl is really his addiction.

He caught her hands, and put in his lips. Without breaking eye contact, he replied "I don't work out Ivy, this body was built with karate training, " he said.

"Wow! I must not make you mad then, or you will break my bones, "

He let out a small, sexy laugh at her, "I will not waste my food, honey, " he said, and claimed her lips again.

"Wait!" Ivy said, "turn off the lights first."

He did as she asked, and went back to join her in bed. He then proved to her how hungry he was for 'that food' and did not waste any time for it. The night they shared last night in Ivy's house was so restricted because they were careful not to make any embarrassing sound for the two elderly women. This time, Hiro gave it all that he got, and no matter how Ivy tried to stifle her moaning, she was not able to do so.

The next day, they were awakened from the alarm on her phone. It's already seven o'clock in the morning and they have to take the breakfast and go back. After all, it's already the 30th so they have to go back to help prepare some stuff to celebrate the New Year.

They ate breakfast at the hotel, and went back after that. Along the road, they saw many sidewalk vendors and Hiro stopped by many times to buy some souvenirs for Ivy's relatives. He also bought some interesting stuff for Sachie, his mother and Yukio.

When Ivy told him that he did not have to buy a lot of things for her relatives, he just smiled at her complacently and replied, "It's alright, I like giving gifts to children on New Year."

She smiled back. So, Hiro also has this soft spot on him, after all.

"How about me?" she tried to tease him

He understood what she meant that instant, and he hold her hands firmly in his. He then put it on his chest.

"You already have my heart, what else would you need?" he answered, full of confidence.

Ivy laughed at him, how can he be so cliché?

"You always surprise me with your jokes, Hiro." She pulled her hand away from his, but he did not let it go.

"Ivy, I wanna ask you about the date of our wedding." He suddenly said.

"Oh, do I have to decide now? As in right now?" she said playfully.

"Yes, " he replied. "When I go back on the 2nd, I will have to fly to America after that for 2 weeks. Then to Europe. I might not have much time to talk about it with you. I want us to get married on spring time."

"Wow, " she rolled her eyes, "you are so busy."

"That is why, I want us to be married as soon as possible. So, I can always take you with me on my travels."

Being too far from her on many nights always make him crazy and irritable. He always wonders what she was doing, or if somebody as trying to hit on her. Ivy was not aware of it but she exuded a strong sexual appeal to the opposite sex. She might not be the most beautiful woman out there, but she is very attractive, and he does not like the fact that other men ogle her when they are in public places. He always restrained himself several times not to punch them and tear their eyes out.

"Let me see, " Ivy pretended to be thinking. Actually, she has already decided that she wants to marry him on the date that she met him. "Ok then, let's set it on the 5th, "

"Why that date?" he asked, curious about her choice.

"Don't you remember? It was the date on the contract."

He frowned, trying to remember what contract she was referring to. As he realized it, she smiled at him.

"This time, the contract will be a lifetime one, not a part time contract. Are you prepared for it?" she asked him, trying to test his love for her.

He pinched her on the nose.

"Of course, why won't I?"

She giggled. "I feel sorry for all the girls out there who are drooling over you."

Hiro laughed heartily. "You make it sound like I'm some kind of meat for sale."

"Honestly Hiro, don't you realize how many women threw needles at me every time we are together?"

"No honey, I don't care about them. I only care about you."

She rolled her eyes.

"If only looks could kill, I might have died more than a dozen times, "

"And I will resurrect you every time." He replied.

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