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   Chapter 2 Control your desire

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When they arrived, they went straight to the dining room, where Sachie, Mita and Yukio were waiting for them. Sachie hugged her at once, and after a few moment, she bowed at Mita and Yukio.

"How's school?" Yukio asked as she sat in between Hiro and Sachie.

"Everything's ok, father, " she replied, "I will be able to graduate next year."

"That's good, " he nodded.

"So, when will the wedding be?" Sachie asked out of nowhere, Ivy almost choked on her food, while Hiro cast an approval glance to his little sister. Give it to Sachie to ask questions that are too straightforward.

Yukio cleared his throat, while Mita just smiled.

"Well, it depends on Ivy, " Hiro said, and he felt a thud on his foot. He groaned inwardly as her heeled boots stomped on his foot.

"Sachie, I have to graduate first, " she said.

"It's like too long, " Sachie pouted her lips, "Can't you get married while you are in school?"

Way to go, Sachie! Hiro promised to buy for her whatever she wants later on.

Ivy did not know how to answer. Come to think of it, nobody is against their relationship. Hiro has made is intention really clear to her, and Yukio already gave him his blessings. The only thing to do is for them to ask Andrea's permission. That is where the problem lies.

As Hiro's stepfather, he had to ask Andrea's permission. But as Ivy's father, he already gave his permission. Aside from that, no one dared to mention Andrea in their midst. Mita still felt guilty that she was the cause of their broken relationship, but Yukio's dilemma was different. How would he face her after all those years? Will he apologize? Will he go there as Ivy's father, as Hiro's father, or as Andrea's ex-lover?

"For now, finish your meal, Sachie. That topic is for adults only." Hiro was the one who broke the silence, as the three adults had their own thoughts.

After dinner, everybody went to do their own stuff. Mita and Yukio drank tea together in front of the television at the living room, while watching a Japanese variety show. Sachie went to her room, to have a chat with her friends on LINE. Hiro and Ivy went outside to the garden for a walk to help them digest the food, where a small greenhouse was erected to grow some flowers and herbs that cannot tolerate the cold temperature. After walking in silence for about 15 minutes while holding hands, they decided to go back to the house.

"It is really cold in here, " Ivy's teeth were almost shattering as she speak, and her cheeks were reddish with the cold.

Hiro's gloved hands cupped her face firmly, "You should take a warm bath, so you can relax." Then he kissed her forehead.

She closed her eyes, inhaling his scent and anticipating. She was waiting for his kiss on her lips, that never came. When she opened her eyes, Hiro's mocking eyes was looking at her intently. Her cheeks reddened more.

He laughed at her, and she punched him on his chest, which he almost did not feel.

"You're a bully, " she said, "I am sorry my dear, but you looked so cute there, with your eyes closed and your lips slightly parted, waiting for me to --"

"Stop it!" she covered his mouth with her hands. "Have you no shame? They might hear you." She glanced around to see if somebody is near. Aside from the four of them, there are two butlers and three other staff in the house. She has never seen another Japanese house with servants and butlers, so she knows that this family is really rich.

"What is there to be ashamed of?" he asked, his voice becoming thick with deliberate ease. He began to inch closer to her, she stepped backwards, until she felt the wall on her back. He stopped just an inch away from her, his face was so close that she can feel his breath. She moved her face to the side, but he cupped her face and forced her to meet his gaze.

"Are you ashamed of being my girl?" he asked, searching her eyes.

She blinked. How did it come to this?

"Of course not, " she said

"Then why?"

"Why what?"

"Why did you cover my mouth earlier?"

"Because you were saying something… something private, " she avoided the word embarrassing, for he might not like it.

"So, " he was playfully curling her hair with his other hand, "it's ok if I say something…private when there's only the two of us?"

How can he be like a child? She thought.

She nodded, what else can she do? He would not let her go unless she succumbed to his bullying.

Hiro smiled. He always find it interesting to tease her, and get some reaction from her lovely face.

"Ok, now go to your room, " he moved back a little, "before I change my mind and take you to my room."

She punched him ag

ain, as she went up the stairs to her room. She was smiling to herself, thinking of how complete she feels whenever he is around her.

She then went to her own bathroom and get the tub ready with warm water. Imagine, in this house, there is a private bathroom in every room, and the tub was so big that she can lay there completely and will still be able to fit another person. She felt tickled as her thought wandered to Hiro, imagining them together at the tub.

After spending an hour in the tub, she put on her sleep wear and wrapped her long hair with the towel. She then began to dry her hair in front of the dresser when she heard a knock on her door.

"It's me, " was all he said.

She frowned and looked at the wall clock. It's almost 10PM, why is he still not sleeping? Nevertheless, she went to the door and opened it. He was also in his sleep wear, with a bottle of wine in his one hand and two wine glasses on the other. He went in without further ado. She closed the door and locked it, and continued drying her hair.

Hiro made himself at home in her room, sitting casually on the sofa, after putting the wine and glasses on the small table nearby. He then switched on the tv in her room, and after a while, he settled with a holly wood movie featuring Angelina Jolie.

She joined him after a while. As she sat beside him, she could smell his aftershave, and body wash. He put his arm around her shoulder, as she nestled close to his chest.

He inhaled her newly washed body, and he kissed her hair. How could she smell so nice, even on her period?

"Why, can't you sleep?" she softly asked, not looking at him, but on the movie.

"A bit, " he replied.

Then he became silent. Ivy thought that he was intently watching the movie, so she also behave herself. Until she felt his hand inside her sweater, caressing her waist. His hand was warm, and it felt good to her. He stayed doing that for a few minutes, then he whispered in her ear, "I miss you, " his voice husky and sexy.

She looked at him, his eyes was darker with desire, and his hand was becoming warmer against her bare skin.

She giggled softly, "I miss you, too. But learn to control your desire, Hiro, " she said, now it's her turn to tease him, as she thought of something naughty.

She took his hand that was inside her sweater, and draw circles on the center of his palm. She knows that he gets tickled when she do that.

"Stop that, " he warned, as he inhaled sharply. He pulled his hand away from her. Then, he reached for the bottle of wine and poured on the glasses. He gave the first to her.

She took a sip from the glass, while looking at his face from the side of her eyes.

"Ivy, I came here to ask you, when should we meet your mother properly?" He asked, his eyes focused on the tv.

Ivy was silent, she was also thinking about the same thing when she was in the tub. Although Andrea already knows that Hiro is not Yukio's son, she is not sure if her mother would be able to meet Yukio without hard feelings anymore. She never talked about Yukio with Andrea, because she feels that it is a forbidden topic with her mother. After she learned about her father, she went home twice already. She recounted to Andrea what really happened between Mita and Yukio. Afterwards, she saw a mixture of expression on her mother's face. It's like regret, sadness, happiness, and anger. During that time, she did not have the heart to ask her mother about her real feelings. Andrea did acknowledge her relationship with Hiro, but never once mentioned anything about what she found out about Yukio and Mita. For that, Ivy is hesitant to let her parents meet, for fear of digging up unnecessary problems.

"I wonder about that too, Hiro. I am not sure about my mother's reaction when she meets father and Aunt Mita, " she replied honestly.

Hiro inhaled, he has his own thoughts about the matter, too. But for him, no matter what their reactions would be, he won't let anybody hinder their relationship. He will make her his wife, that is certain.

He hugged her closer, "Well, let's just finish this movie tonight. We can talk about it tomorrow."

He kissed her lips lightly, and she smiled at him. How could he be so understanding? Hiro became contented with cuddling her and caressing her body, all the while until the movie finished. When it was 11:30, she thought that he would go back to his bed, but he went with her to her bed. That night, they just slept together cuddling each other. Ivy was contented, while he was tormented, thinking about the past weeks that he was not with her. And now that they are together, her period got in the way.

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