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   Chapter 39 Epilogue Two years

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Updated: 2018-10-11 21:18

As they were all sitting in the living room, Hiro was beside Ivy, Mita was beside Yukio, while Sachie was on her room, the atmosphere became more serious than ever.

"So?" Yukio cleared his throat. "What is it that you want to talk to us about, Hiro and Ivy?".

Hiro felt a lump in his throat. Damn! Why does he feel like this? He feels like a teenager who was caught kissing his girlfriend by her father.

"Father, I mean Mr. Yamashita."

"Call me Father, Hiro."

"But, "

"You have been my son for more than 32 years." Yukio smiled to Hiro, then to Mita.

Hiro nodded.

"I want to marry Ivy."

Silence filled the room. Ivy was not nervous, she is just plain happy.

"But the people know that you are my son."

"I know that Father, " Hiro said, "But only us know that Ivy is your daughter."

Yukio looked at Ivy, his expression was apologetic and sad.

"Father, I am fine with this set-up. You don't have to acknowledge to the public that I am your daughter. I want to be with Hiro, too." She said softly, she felt Hiro squeezing her hand. She smiled at him.

Yukio looked at Mita, who just smiled at him, as if telling him that she will obey what his decision would be.

"Well, what else can I do? I don't want to be the villain in your story." He said, the two were very happy, and Hiro kissed Ivy in her hair, while Ivy hugged him. "Hiro, you better treat her the best that you can. Otherwise, you know what will happen, " Yukio stated, "Yes sir!" Hiro saluted to Yukio, then smiled. "Don't worry Father, I will make her the happiest wife ever."

Then Yukio announced, "However, Ivy said that she wants to finish her studies first."

Hiro looked at Ivy, who was smiling to him sheepishly, "what do you mean?" he asked, frowning.

"I'm too young to get married Hiro, " she said, pouting.

"But-" she put her fingers on his lips.

"Hiro, whatever will be, will be."

"Two years." He said.


"If you don't marry me in two years, " his voice has a warning tone on it. Ivy waited. "I will be a monk."

Three people laughed simultaneously. It was indeed a wonderful time for all of them.


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