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   Chapter 38 I’m her fiancé

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"I know about the truth. Long ago. Your father told me before his death."

Mita felt her knees hit the carpeted floor, as her tear-streak face looked speechless at Yukio. He knows! And he never once blamed me for separating him from his true love and his daughter?

Yukio get off the bed. He stood and walked near the window, they are on their bedroom. Three days after Mita and Hiro talked.

He signed deeply. He looked back at Mita, he smiled gently at her.

"It was not your fault Mita. You never knew that I had Andrea then, and I cheated on you when we had Ivy. It looks like someone pulled the strings of our fate, kept it entangled, that even our children were caught up with it."

"Why you are not angry at me? I kept you away from your true love." She said weakly, more to herself than to him.

Yukio walked towards her, sat on the edge of the bed in front of her and held her hands.

"We have been together for a long time, Mita. Almost 33 years. I never saw you got angry at me when I go home drunk, or when I told a lie that I will live with my parents, but all the while I was living together with Andrea and Ivy. You never doubted me, never picked a fight with me. You were always nice to me, and you became dear to me as the years go by." He wiped her tears with his fingers. "It's true that Andrea was my true love, and I think she is still is. But you are my wife, and I fell in love with you, too. It might not be the same with Andrea, but I promise you that I will be with you until I breathe. Andrea is a closed chapter of my life."

Mita could never be happier with his words. For 33 years, he never once told her that he loves her, until now. Every time it's his birthday, she would write him a short letter, telling him how much she loves him. But all he said is thank you. And now, he just said he fell in love with her!

Mita could not wish for anything else anymore.


Sachie's birthday party. The function hall of the restaurant hotel for the occasion was filled with delicious food. Many visitors arrived, from Sachie's school, from the YY group of companies, and their close relatives and friends. Everybody was wishing Sachie a happy birthday. Sachie was all smiles. She feels so complete. All the people she loves are here with her. Her parents, brother, and long-lost sister. Her face has an expression of happiness.

As the dance began, Ivy was dancing with Lyndon, as she invited him tonight. So, she has to act as his date. Hiro was speaking with some colleagues and friends, but his eyes never left her as she da

ndon here long ago so please, allow me to keep him company, ok?" At the sight of his darkening expression, she smiled at him tenderly, touching his cheek, "Please?"

He took her hand and kissed it. His eyes danced at how she just tried to persuade him. "Very well." Then to Lyndon, he resolutely said, "Behave yourself, Mr. De Vega, she is mine."

It sounded like a warning to Lyndon, but he did not falter. He met his gaze equally firm. Hiro then walked back to where Sachie was.

Ivy turned to Lyndon, with an apologetic look, "I am sorry for that. I should have told you but it was just very recent that- "

Her words were cut off by his finger on her lips. "It's alright Ivy. You are not yet married."

Lyndon smiled with confidence, and Ivy just lowered her head.

Then, the music started again. While some guests danced, Ivy and Lyndon decided to sit down and chat for a while. Before the party was over, they had another two rounds of dancing, of which Ivy felt that Lyndon's arms were holding her tighter than before and he was like trying to be closer to her. She kept her distance as possibly as she could though, and was able to bear it until the end of the second dance. She then made an excuses that her feet are already sore and cannot dance anymore. That night, Lyndon said goodbye to her, his eyes full of emotions that she decided not to care about, thinking that this should be the last time that she would ask for his presence.

As they bid all guests goodbye, Hiro's arm was firmly pressed on the back of her waist, sometimes pinching her lightly o caressing her. She looked at him with warning several times but he ignored the looks she's giving him, deliberately tickling her back.

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