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   Chapter 37 His roots

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They spent the rest of Sunday just inside the office, eating, sleeping, watching movies and of course, satisfying each other's desire. It was already 5PM when Hiro hesitantly allowed her to take a proper bath and change into proper clothes. All the while she was just wearing his shirts, of which two were torn by him. At 6PM, they ate dinner in a fancy restaurant, with him always holding her hand or her waist as she could not almost feel her legs. She was aching all over. Then they rode the heli and he came with her to her apartment, he drove her car and he stayed there for another hour before really going back. That hour was spent again on soft moaning and whispers, as he did not want to leave without doing it.

Ivy curled on her bed, the blanket wrapped around her, naked. She did not see Hiro off as she was so exhausted and still sore to walk, and Hiro was laughing at her when he closed and locked the door. He then sent her a message after that, "That was not even 10% of how much I missed you for the past 7 months honey. So be prepared, I love you."

Her cheeks burned, and as he already went back, she had the courage to taunt him.

"Oh really? I thought that was already your all, honey." She then attached laughing and disappointed emojis. She could not help waiting for his reply. It must be good to personally see his reaction.

"I could go back there with the heli now." His curt reply.

She suddenly sat down.

"Sorry, hon. I was just kidding. I know it's not even half of what you can do. Please work and let me study, too." She said, with winking emojis.

"You just wait next week, my love. I think you should apply for a sick leave."


"I will make it so that you cannot even walk out of bed."

"Stop it!"

"Or even turn around, you will just lay there and wait for me to…"

"Don't say it!"


She smiled sheepishly, shaking her head as she could not believe they are talking about this. She tried to get off the bed, her thighs still feel numb, but most of the aching on her body has dissipated. She went to the bathroom and fill the tub with warm water. She then immersed herself and closed her eyes, relaxing and reminiscing what just happened to them.

She could not believe how active he was. She lost count on how many times they made love, on the bed, the couch, the tub, the kitchen and almost every pa

ound him in that country. It looked like that he went there to find her, but he never did. He then returned to us. He was like a walking dead. Until my father died and he took over the company. He began to live again and worked day and night. One time he was drunk, he went to my room. That night, he called her name, Andrea several times. It pierced heart to thousand pieces. That was when I realized that I fell in love with him." Mita wiped her tears away, smiling sadly at reminiscing the past. "That night, Sachie was made."

Hiro frowned. He decided to ask her the thing that has been on my mind since then.

"What really happened when father caught you with another man?"

Mita looked embarrassed.

"It was a farce." she bit her lower lip. "I wanted to know if your father has any feelings for me. So, I asked the help of our butler. But I did not know that our butler then really liked me. My plan was just for Yukio to just catch him trying to kiss or hug me, but he tore my clothes and tried to rape me. That's what your father saw. And you know what happened after that."

Hiro shook his head. How could this complicated events happen in reality? He thought this story only happens in tv drama. He then drinks his wine.

"Mother, I want to marry Ivy" he seriously stated.

Mita nodded. "I know, I know how much you love her, and she loves you too. I won't interfere, son. But please give me some time to tell the truth to Yukio. I love your father, I don't want him to have another heart attack."

"I don't care if he disowns me, I just want to be with Ivy."

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