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   Chapter 36 Sleepless night and day

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Ivy felt so exhausted, but satiated. She opened one of her eyes, the wall clock said 10PM, so it's like they have been in and out of each other's embrace for more than 5 hours. She turned and found him with eyes closed, his back exposed to her.

How could his back be so sexy? She thought. He was so muscular and hard, and she can't help but admire his well-sculpted body. I wonder how many girls have seen him naked, she thought, and a feeling of jealousy went through her. She does not like it.

She remembered what they just did, and she has never felt so good. All those months of longing were just released. Hiro was a little rough at first, but he gradually became gentle afterwards. She touched her lips, reminiscing how he kissed her so hard, so deep that she was almost out of breath so many times. Her hand fell on her navel, still warm from his touch and lovemaking. She closed her eyes, and opened them again suddenly as she felt his hand on her naked body wandering. She turned but his eyes were still closed.

"Ivy, come here" he murmured, and said something that she can't understand. As she put her ear close to his lips, he murmured again. "I'm hungry, let me eat you."

She was speechless. Before she could say something, he opened her eyes, her eyes dancing merrily as he was deliberately teasing her.

"You! You are such a pervert, Hiro!" she throws a pillow on his face.

He was laughing at her, then pulled her to him.

"Since you are suddenly active, why don't you try to work this time?"

"" What do you mean?" she looked at him doubtfully, he must be nuts. Asking her to work just after they made love? Of course, she is still tired.

She was positioned on top of him, and with that, she felt him hard on her, she was all red.

"What the -"

"I will teach you baby, don't worry." He said, and moved. Ivy gasped as she realized what he was saying.

It ended in another round of passionate moaning and pleasure, until they were both exhausted again.

A couple of minutes passed and Hiro walked to the bathroom. He took a warm shower and wore a bath robe. He then sat on the bed and covered Ivy with the blanket up to her neck. He made a call to a food delivery store, as it's quite late now to go out and have dinner. But he cannot let her go hungry anyway. He then called Sachie and told her that Ivy went back to school because she has some assignments to do. Sachie was disappointed but when he told her that she will be back on her birthday then she just let it go.

He then went to his office, the delivery service would arrive any moment from now, and he does not want

"I'm serious." She pursed her lips to show her displeasure at his reaction.

It took some moments for him to stop laughing, he wiped his eyes and looked at her, still with that playful smile on his sexy lips.

"What made you say that?"

"Coz you always insinuate about us doing it, you know"

"How about you?"

"How about me?"

"Aren't you after my body, too?"

She could not believe her ears! The nerve of him!

"You don't answer a question with a question." She said impatiently.

"Well my answer is yes, " he said, and Ivy looked hurt, "But not only just that. I am after all of you, Ivy, not just your body, but your heart as well as your whole being. I am after all of that." His words were gentle and warm, and his gaze on her were serious and passionate. She cannot say a word. What else could she say after that? That was just so perfectly romantic! Ivy felt that she was floating in mid-air.

Ivy smiled. "Since I like your answer, let me give you a foot massage." She said cheerfully. Then feeling naughty, she lifted one foot and playfully put it on his lap under the table, moving it back and forth.

"Ivy, I warn you- "

Before she can take back her foot, Hiro caught it with his hand, and his hand travelled to her thighs. She moaned. In a quick stride, he had lifted here to the corner of the kitchen and put her on top of one table. He was standing in between her thighs, she felt shy with their position.

"Since your stomach looks satisfied already as you started to be a little naughty, let us satisfy your other hunger then". He kissed her deeply, and she responded. They made love on the kitchen, over the table and on the chair, before Hiro lifted her to the bed, as she can't move her legs anymore.

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