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   Chapter 35 Not related by blood

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Chapter 35: Not related by blood

Ivy was just answering all questions from Sachie all throughout their lunch. She never once paid attention to Hiro, who kept on glancing at her direction. When Hiro asked her something, she pretended not to hear it, then Sachie will repeat the question and only then will she answer.

Lunch finished and Hiro took them back home. Sachie have to do her weekend home works, while Ivy does not have another plan.

"Ivy, would you like to go around?" Hiro asked as they were near the house. "If it's alright, I want to talk with you". His voice was serious and calm, and Ivy cast a sideway glance at him from the passenger's seat. She can't read him at all.

Sachie opened the door, "Brother, sister, I will go ahead. Have fun!" Then, she was gone. She moves like an elementary student, although with her built, she can pass through a university student. Sachie is taller for most girls her age, and she has well-built curves as she has been taking ballet lessons since elementary school.

"If you promise to behave then its's ok" Ivy said.

Hiro chuckled softly, looked at her and winked. She blushed.

"I promise" he said softly, and Ivy felt like he has no intention to keep his promise. She sighed. How did she ever end up in this mess?

They drove for a while until Hiro stopped near a public park. It's the first time that Ivy has been to this park. Hiro opened the passenger door and offered his hand, she did not avoid it. For now, she decided to relax and savor this time she has with him, to properly understand her feelings. She does not want to run away and hide anymore. This is reality, and she will face it head on, she thought.

As they walked through the abundant shrubs and bushes, she can't help but admire the delicate landscaping and combination of manmade ponds and benches. It was just a perfect haven to relax and unwind. The cold air of winter and the warmth of the sun collide and make the ambience just good for walking. The colorful blooms of Tsubaki and other flowers added a nice atmosphere to the place.

They looked like a couple enjoying the view while holding hands. It's good that there's not much people in there. Hiro guided her to an area that seemed to be surrounded by tall shrubs with a bench at the center and a small pond with a fountain. They sat there. After a few moments of silence, Ivy decided to speak.

"Hiro, "

"Ivy, " as well as Hiro.

They met each other's eyes, and before something could happen again, Ivy looked down. "You first" she said

"No, lady's first", he replied.

"Ok, "

iery and passionate kiss. He was removing her clothes at the same time, the warm temperature in the room met her naked body after a while. He gently pushed her to the bed, she felt ashamed and tried to cover her body with the blanket, but he prevented it.

"I want to see all of you, Ivy, " his voice was husky as he stood very close to the edge of the bed. "I want to etch every curve of your body in my mind and memorize how beautiful you are. You are mine, as I am yours. I will never let anything or anybody come between us, love."

He took off his coat, and the rest of his clothes followed swiftly. He was still staring at her, and she saw how turned-on he was at his reaction. She can't help but giggle a little.

Hiro frowned at her, and he was on top of her in an instant.

"What's funny?"

Ivy avoided his gaze, she felt embarrassed.

As he lightly turned her face towards him so their eyes could meet, "Tell me now, or I'll make you speak in a different manner" he threatened her sexily, trailing his other hand on her naked body, she can't help but moan.

"Hiro", she closed her eyes.

"Tell me what's funny, " he ordered, his hand stopped just in her navel, "I just thought that I have not seen you for a long time, and I almost forgot how it looks like, " she said, cheeks burning.

"It?" Hiro asked.

"Yes, "

It was Hiro's turn to laugh. She looks so adorable, with slightly red cheeks and closed eyes. He bent his head and whispered to her, his body deliberately touching hers.

"That's a problem, right? I should do my best so that you won't ever forget how it feels like." He teased her ears, she shivered. "Can you feel it now?"

Ivy nodded, there is no way she could not feel it.

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