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   Chapter 34 Thank you, brother

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That morning, Sachie and Ivy was taken to a large mall by the family driver. While they were having breakfast, Hiro was absent. Ivy learned that he left last night, as he bid Sachie goodnight. She felt sad, why did he left again without even saying anything to her?

As they were in the mall, Sachie wheeled her into her favorite dress shop. It was once of those that caters mostly for the upper class, as indicated by the very expensive prices and the designs of the clothes they sell are only for one, no copies. After choosing the design, adjustments on the fitting will be made in about two weeks. After some moments, three dresses caught Sachie's fancy and she went to the fitting room.

Meanwhile, Ivy received a chat message from Lyndon, asking if she will come to Tokyo next week. Ivy hesitated to say yes or no. He started to pursue her two months ago, and although she can tell that he is a good person, she has no romantic feelings for him whatsoever. He is indeed handsome, but she does not feel any attraction towards him.

He has always treated with utmost respect though, and always make time to meet her whenever she comes to Tokyo. So, in the end she replied yes.

Then she thought about the way Hiro acted towards her last night. She then typed another message.

"Next month, 3rd Saturday will be Sachie's birthday party. If it's alright, can you come to be my companion?"

His response was almost too immediate.

"Yes, of course", "Ok, see you next week." She said.

"See you, I miss you Ivy" he replied. She put the phone in her bag after reading his last message and replying thanks.

She thought that she should come with somebody with her, so Hiro would behave as he should.

In Hiro's office, he was having a meeting with Kaname, his secretary, and another man. Hiro's expression was that of cold and calculating businessman. His serious demeanor could be felt in the room by everybody, but only Kaname seemed to oblivious to eat. He sipped his tea.

After a while, the assistant and the man walked out of the room. Then Kaname looked at Hiro, shaking his head in good humor.

"How could you possess different personalities, Hiro?"

Hiro looked at him innocently, "what are you talking about?"

"Come on, that poor man almost wet his pants, you know"

Hiro laughed sardonically. "This is business, Kaname. If you don't let them know who the boss is, everybody will start calling the shots." He stood up to pour himsel


She looked at him angrily, with embarrassment in her eyes. "Are you making of fun of me?"

He cast her a sexy and innocent look, "How dare I? You are my lovely… sister, after all."

He deliberately let the word "sister" hang in the air for an instant.

Ivy glance at Sachie, she was sound asleep.

"Hiro, can you just stop acting like this?"

"Like what?"

"Like… you… the old times", she stammered.

He deliberately touched her thigh, as he increased his speed. Ivy gasped and covered her mouth.

"You! You're so shameless!" she hissed at her words, careful not to wake up Sachie. Her cheeks reddened at the brief contact.

"What did I do?" Hiro asked, keeping his unreadable fa?ade.

"You just touched me!"

"Did I?" he asked, without looking at her.

"You did!"

"I did not"

"Liar." She pouted, and looked away. She said the word, but she meant something. Hiro might have felt something with her tone, and before she knew it, the car stopped a she pulled over. In a swift movement, her face was in his palms, she was staring at him unbelievably, but could not say anything as his lips claimed hers. Time froze between the two of them, Ivy felt lost in his kiss, and closed her eyes unknowingly. Her action encouraged Hiro's desire, and he deepened his kiss. Until he tasted her tears.

He opened his eyes, and she was looking at him, tears falling. She pushed him and wiped her tears. Hiro was silent, he did not mean to kiss her. But she looked so attractive to him, and he could not control himself but to reach out to her.

He drove again, this time, he stopped at the parking of the restaurant.

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