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   Chapter 33 Answer my question

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Hiro's lips turned ruefully. He led her at arm's length and let her sit beside him as he told the pilot to go. In a matter of minutes, they are up in the air.

During the 1 and half hour of travel, no words were spoken between the two. Ivy decided to feign sleeping so Hiro will not speak with her. However, he led her hand, at first, she was so surprised that she almost pulled her hand in an instant. But Hiro firmly held her hand without any intention to let it go, so with a deep sigh, she just stopped fighting him over it. It's just a hand, siblings could do that of course, she thought to herself.

Hiro did not let it go at that, he began to tickle her palm with his finger, doodling on the center. He felt her shivered with his touch, and saw goosebumps on her cheeks. He smiled to himself, enjoying her discomfort. He knows for sure that Ivy was trying her best to resist the urge to talk to him, much less to be affected by his touch. She could be very stubborn anyway. He really enjoys this part of her.

Their trip ended as they reached the helipad near the Yamamoto house. It was a pleasurable one for Hiro, but Ivy felt like she just weathered a storm.

As she was guided by Hiro to the ground, he never let her hand go. As soon as she was safe on the ground and a bit far from the helicopter, she pulled her hand from him, and cast him an angry stare. It was met by a sexy smile from him.

"Brother! Sister!"

Sachie ran towards them excitedly. Ivy hugged her sister, it has been 3 weeks. Then Sachie went to Hiro and also gave him a big hug, while he patted her head gently. Then Sachie held both of their hands and guided them inside.

As Yukio looked at them, he felt so happy. There stood the three children he cherishes, and he is so proud of them. How could somebody like him deserved this much happiness? He gently wiped his eyes, as he waited for them to come inside.

Mita was also happy, for she has always dreamed of a perfectly complete family. This is what she has always wanted, and she will do everything to keep it.

They had dinner together, all the while, Sachie was chatting here and there, because her birthday will come in a week. Ivy was aware of that as well, so she found it odd that Sachie would invite her now, coz she has already booked for a ticket to come here next month on her birthday party. Well, she is already here so she just let it go.

Since Ivy does not like to eat meat that much, most of the food was seafood and vegetables. She was seated in between Sachie and Hiro. Hiro was sitting on the left of his father, while Mita was on the right. So, whenever Ivy would glance at her father, she has no choice but to cast a glance at Hiro as well.

He looked more dashing, more mature, and attractive. She thought. She wondered how many girls he had dated since that time he disappeared.

At that thought, a frown went up her forehead. He left without anything to say to her. She should not talk to him too. Let him taste a dose of his own medicine!

She then turned her full attention to Sachie, who was just so happy to have everybody gathered together tonight.

After dinner, Ivy and Sachie decided to walk out of the garden for a while, to help in digestion. Both of them were maintaining their body weight. Ivy shivered uncontrollably, it is definitely colder here, she thought. She hugged herself. Sachie was admiring the Tsubaki flowers which were radiantly red against the illumination in the garden. This is also Ivy's favorite place in the house. Lots of different flowers, no matter what the season is. The gardener of the family is really a skilled person, she thought.

Suddenly, she felt somebody staring at her from behind, and she did not have to turn to know who it was. She can feel his scorching gaze, and the small hairs in her nape stood, as if tickled.

"Sachie, it's too cold here. Why don't you go insid

e and get a warmer coat?" he said. His voice is nearer now, and Ivy stepped forward.

Sachie nodded and went inside the house, leaving the two of them alone. Ivy decided to go in as well, as she does not like to be alone with him. She does not rust him, and herself.

As she walked faster to go back without looking at him, she was suddenly pulled in front of him. She found herself in a solid embrace, looking at his chest. She dared not look up to meet his gaze, then he tilted her chin so their eyes could meet.

Unspoken words hang in the air, Hiro's eyes darkened at her slightly parted lips and innocent eyes. As he was about to kiss her, Ivy pushed him away.

"What are you doing?" she said unbelievably.

"I think you know"

"Are you out of your mind? You are my brother and I am your sister!" Ivy clenched her fist. Does he have any idea how many times she let those words convinced her every day, every night, until she finally believed them? She suffered a lot, but he, how could he try to kiss her like this?

Hiro just looked at her, there is unreadable expression in his eyes. He then reached her again in an instant, hold her hands so she won't run, and looked at her in the eyes. She tried not to look at him until his hand forced her to.

"Ivy, tell me, " he said in a soft voice, "Do you really feel it in your heart that we are just brother and sister?"

Ivy was speechless. What is he trying to say? The paternity test said it all, there is no doubt about that.

"You saw the paternity test", she answered.


"Well, don't you believe it?"

"I do."

She was confused. What is he getting at?

"You are making me confused. That answers your question, yes, you are my brother." She said, pulling her hands. He kept holding her hands firmly.

"Will you please let me go? Somebody might see us!" she glanced around, afraid that somebody might see them and misinterpret what is happening.

"I will let you go, but just answer my question honestly", his voice was pleading, and Ivy stopped struggling.

He cupped her face in his palms, looking at her eyes directly.

"Do you really feel it in your heart that I am just a brother to you?"

Ivy swallowed her saliva. She could just answer yes right away, because that is supposed to be the correct answer. But the warmth of his hands in her face, his scent filled her nostrils, and his eyes is piercing through her intently, asking her to be truthful. How could she lie to him, and to herself? She must tell him what she is supposed to tell him, for their peace of mind. They have to let go.

Ivy blinked several times. She inhaled deeply.

"Hiro, I will tell you the truth. I did say I love you. It was true then." She saw something in his eyes. She continued, "Until now, I do love you, as my brother. No more no less. What we had was a terrible mistake, of which I don't want to remember anymore. I would appreciate it if you also move on, and think of me as your sister. I don't want to ruin this family one more time." She tipped and kissed him in the forehead. Then she ran inside the house, fast, as she was too afraid that if he tried to stop her again, she would flung herself at him, unmindful of the consequences. Her heart is throbbing painfully, how could her heart try to fight with her mind? She reached her room, locked the door and cried softly.

It was Hiro's turn to be speechless. His heart just shattered in pieces. He looked upwards, preventing the tears from falling.

He clenched his fists, his face darkening in anger and madness. He strode to his room, and with a loud bang, locked his room. His room was just in the middle between Ivy and Sachie.

He went to the balcony, holding a glass of wine and sat on one of the chairs. He calmed himself down and closed his eyes. He has to act soon, he cannot hold himself any longer especially with her too near his reach.

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