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   Chapter 32 How have you been, brother

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During the sumptuous meal, Hiro, Sachie and Yukio were actively engaged in conversation. During the past months, Hiro travelled almost all over the world. He told about his exciting experiences to Sachie, whose face was beaming with excitement and thrill. She has never been abroad, as her brother does not allow her to go even on school trip. He promised her that he will take her to an abroad tour once she turned 18, so she has been really counting the months and looking forward to it. Hiro also told Yukio about his encounters with some businessmen he met and many of them expressed an interest in joining their group. Yukio nodded in satisfaction to his son's accomplishments. He told Hiro that he is proud of him because he was able to widen their networks abroad. Hiro was the one who started expanding the company to different commodities and services, then further move on to Asian market. Now, he is thinking of having a collaboration with some European and American companies.

"I don't even know how I was able to sire a capable man such as yourself Hiro, " Yukio put his wine glass on the air for Hiro, and Hiro also reached his wineglass to touch his father's.

Hiro laughed. "You raised me perfectly well, Father. I have nobody to thank but you."

Hiro meant every word he said. But only he and Mita understood the hidden meaning in his words, and she silently drank her wine too.

"May I drink the wine too? I want to celebrate with Brother's success."


Sachie pouted like a child as she heard three simultaneous no from her family.

"Come on, you guys, " she said, acting like an adult, "I'm almost 16 and not a baby anymore"

"Hey, when did you start calling us, you guys?" Hiro reacted. He has always been strict on making sure that his sister grew up as a fine lady.

"Brother, " she said, looking at him with puppy eyes

"When you're 20 you can taste alcohol." His words are final. Sachie recognized the serious tone of her brother, and did not try to argue with him. How cool is her brother! She will find a man like him to be her husband! She does not want to marry into a henpecked husband.

She smiled happily. At least, all her favorite people are now together, she would have been the happiest if her elder sister is also here.

"Mother, Father, Brother, " she chipped into their conversation, "Can we ask my sister to come home this weekend? My birthday will come soon. I want

Why would she wish her a safe flight when they are together? She shook her head while smiling, she will correct her later on. Sachie is still learning English with a private tutor from UK.

When she arrived at the place, she already saw the heli. She parked her car and took her bag with her. When the pilot saw her approaching, he gave her a respectful nod. As she was about to hop inside, she realized that Sachie was not there, as she always waited for her sitting inside. Instead, the person who hold her arm to help her got inside was a man.

Ivy's heart stopped beating for a moment with unexpected surprise, it was mixed with various emotions. As she met the familiar deep set of round, dark brown eyes, her eyes widened. She felt as if she was hallucinating.

"Ivy", as he softly whispered her name, tears fell before she knew it.

She was pulled in a strong and warm embrace. Oh, how she missed him! His scent, his warmth, it all aroused the familiar feelings in her. Her arms went around him, as she molded her head to under his chin.

"I missed you", he murmured softly in her head, while gently caressing her hair.

Ivy did not say anything. She just wanted to feel him again, to make sure that he is indeed here right with her. How could she ever forget this feeling?

After a while, she loosened her embrace on him, she wiped her tears and forced a smile as she looked up at him.

Hiro looked intently at her, his gaze held her captive, letting her feel the passion dancing in his eyes.

Ivy lowered her eyes.

"How have you been, brother?" she said, aware of the presence of the pilot.

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