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   Chapter 31 Brother is coming home

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A few months has passed. It's the first time that Ivy experienced winter, and to see the snow. She was wearing a black, thick woolen trench coat, with winter leggings and matching black boots up to her knees. Trying to make a small snowman from the balcony of her apartment, she squatted playfully. Even with the gloves on, she can still feel the numbness of her fingertips from the cold. She looked at the thermometer that is hanged in her window, it's even -12degrees. How could it be so cold! She shivered with the cold.

After admiring her creation, she sat on the chair in the balcony of her room.

It was a pretty big room for her. Actually, when she went here, her father was the one who chose the apartment for her. It has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom, toilet and washroom. It even has quite a spacious balcony where she was able to plant some vegetables and herbs in pots. It was too costly for her, her father insisted on paying for it. When the paternity test confirmed that she is indeed his daughter, Yukio wanted to pay for her education himself, so she does not have to transfer to Kyushu. She refused firmly, saying that the scholarship is very important for her future career. However, she gave in to his offer to pay for her apartment, her bills, and her own car. He offered to give her a monthly allowance, of which she also refused.

She goes to her father's house to visit one a month, and sleep with Sachie. They became quite close. Last summer holiday, Sachie spent two weeks with her, which built their relationship as sisters really well. Meanwhile, Mita always treated her nicely, but Ivy felt something strange with her behavior. She decided not to dwell on it, as long as they are living peacefully, she could not ask for more.

As for Hiro, he left Japan the night that the paternity test result came. She was devastated, he never even left her any message, or even called her to tell her where he is going or what he's gonna do. She heard from her father that Kaname, Hiro's best friend has now taken over as the deputy president of the YY group of company. Even his own family does not know anything about his whereabouts. He just called once to tell his sister that he is ok, and don't worry about him.

Ivy was furious with him. She was so angry, and so hurt. It's like what they had before never existed, just vanished out of thin air. But she could not blame him, for what they had was really not supposed to happen, it was a grave mistake, a shameful act, and it even made her cry in her dreams at night. Her family

r arms embracing him, and whispered to her ear.

"I'm back Mother" his voice was cold as ice, that it made Mita release him and looked at him in surprise. She knows that Hiro has never fully forgiven here about what happened more than 15 years ago. But he never used this kind of tone to her before, he always treated in a civil but respectful manner.

He stepped closer to his mother, his eyes never left hers.

"I'm back, and I learned the truth." His words were slow, deliberate, and full of meaning.

Mita leaned on the wall, she felt like her world is crumbling. The world that she had tried so hard to build and strengthen will soon crumble to pieces!

"W-what are you talking about Hiro?" she tried to maintain her composure. There is no way for him to learn about the truth!

"Mother, I hope I heard the truth from you sooner. As…"

"Brother! Brother!"

Hiro retreated in his steps, as he heard Sachie's voice, then turned around to see his sister running towards him. He smiled tenderly at her and opened his arms in a welcoming embrace.

"Brother! I missed you!" she was smiling at him as she hugged him tightly.

"Me too, angel" Hiro said, patting her head gently. "Have you been well?"

"Yes! I have been ok, except when you disappeared suddenly! I was so sad that time. But I also have an elder sister and I became a bit happier and then I spent summer holiday with her in Kyushu! She is very kind brother", she kept on chatting to him as they walked towards the dining area.

Hiro's eyes darkened as he thought about Ivy. It darkened in both sadness, longing and desire that he has kept for so long. He suffered for 7 months without her, and he vowed to end it as soon as possible.

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