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   Chapter 30 A glitter of hope

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Hiro was pacing here and there throughout the time that Ivy was in the emergency room. After almost an hours, Daisuke came out and told them that the patient is now conscious and was sent to her private room. Kaname stayed and talked with Daisuke about something while Hiro immediately went in her room.

As Hiro looked at the pale face of the girl he loves, his felt remorseful. He tried not to think about what could have happened if he did not arrive on time and just stayed in the ship drinking his heart out. How could he be so selfish? He thought he is the one that is hurting the most, but Ivy was way too hurt to even take her own life.

He sat beside on her bed, his movement caused her closed eyes to flutter. Dried tears on her long eyelashes.

Ivy felt his presence as he entered the room. How could she not sense him? His all-too-familiar scent, even the way he walks is etched in her heart.

"Ivy…" he softly called her name, and held the other hand that is not wounded. "I was so worried". He cannot bring himself to blame her action, for he has no idea how much she is suffering too.

Their eyes met, the love and passion in their eyes is undeniable, that it sent indescribable pain in their hearts. How could this feeling be because of blood connection only?

"Ivy, I am not giving up yet. I want you to have a paternity test with my father. Until there is no doubt that we are related by blood, I will continue to love you the way I do." His voice trembled a little, as tears fell on the side of her cheeks. Her eyes showed a slight glitter of hope.

He wiped them with his fingers, Ivy nodded.

"It's so unfair" she said.

"Hush, I know, I know" his heart wavered at how her voice radiated how much she is hurting. "But don't worry, we can do this together" he said, holding her hand firmly.

Hiro did not leave her side that night, until she was free to go out of the hospital. As they discussed, when Ivy has fully recovered and was already in the dormitory, Hiro asked a professional to take a sample from her and his father for the paternity testing. The result will come in 10 days. During that time, Ivy requested that she live by herself in the dormitory, which was easily granted. Another thing that Ivy requested was that for Hiro not to meet with

her once. The last time he saw her was when she came back from her country.

Hiro then stood up from his chair, only then did Yano notice that his eyes were red. Has he been crying? For what? What or who could make this man cry?

"Clean this up", Yano shivered at how cold Hiro's voice was. Before he could answer, his boss was already out of the office.

Hiro dove aimlessly. On his mind, he can only see that the paternity test yielded a 99.99% similarity. Ivy is his sister, no doubt.

He has a murderous look on his face, his eyes became blurred with suppressed tears, and he was driving so fast. He did not even stop at some of the red lights. After some time, he noticed several police cars with sirens on where after him. He took a deep breath. He pulled over and stopped the car. The police caught up to him. He was not drunk, so the police officer warned him, gave him a ticket for traffic rules violation, and left him. He then got inside his car again. This time, his mind began to get clear, and arrived at a decision. He drove again, and arrived at the place where his ship is always anchored. He made several phone calls. Not of them where for her.

It's already past 10 o'clock in the evening. Ivy cannot sleep. She laid down still in her bed, with the phone on her hand. She then sat up, after a few moments of hesitation, she dialed his number.

"The number you have dialed cannot be reached. It's either there is no signal or…"

She tried several times, always the same answer. Her tears fell.

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