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   Chapter 29 Ivy is a sinner

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Sachie led Ivy to a room. It was a big room, too big for Ivy. The three of them went home after the doctor announced that the patient is in stable condition and it's already past the visiting hours.

"This will become your room, big sister. It is next to mine and big brother" she smiles at her sheepishly. Ivy could tell from her eyes that she was really excited with the prospect of having an elder sister. Ivy could not help but share her warmth and excitement.

When she was a child and was always bullied, she had always dream that she could have at least a brother or a sister, so they can help her during those times, even just to support her. She did not know that her childhood dream would be granted in a complicated manner.

At around 11:30, Ivy asked Mita to let her go home for now in the dormitory. She said that all her belongings are there, and she also wanted time to think and accept everything that she just learned today. Mita understood her, took her hand, and squeezed it gently.

In Ivy's image, stepmothers are always monsters. But in Mita's case, she is nowhere there. She treats her with kindness, too much that she feels strange, that Mita is like trying to make up to her for something. Sachie did not want to let her go, but after a while, she accepted it, pouting her lips and making her promise that she should come back and live with them very soon.

A driver was asked to send her back home, and as she reached her room, she felt her knees gave in, and she sat just behind her closed door. She cried silently, and kept on crying for more than 10 minutes. How could this happen to her? To him? They just committed incest! She feels like she is going to vomit with the thought.

After several minutes, she went to her bed, took out her phone and was about to call Andrea when she looked at the time. Her mother must be sleeping by now. She lay down on the bed, she feels so exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Little by little, she let out a small laugh, like she is becoming mad.

She just fell in love with her own brother! And they committed an irreversible sin, an unforgiveable sin! How could she ever face him? At the thought of Hiro, she did not know what is he doing right now, or where he is after he left. She knows that he was furious, not to her, but to the situation. He might me smashing things right now, she thought.

Ivy hugged herself, she began to cry softly, as she remembers everything that Hiro and she has shared. The way he m

uld not believe his eyes, too.

There, on the bathroom floor, the limp body of Ivy was lying, blood was oozing from the cut on her wrist. She was wet with the shower continuously pouring on her head, her wet dress sticking firmly to her body. On the other side of her hand was a knife. She cut herself with a knife!

Hiro became sober all of a sudden. He rushed to her side, leaned and hold her tightly. He ripped his shirt and tied it to the wrist to stop the bleeding.

"Call ambulance! Hurry!" he shouted at the dumbfounded Kaname, who was brought back to reality by his shout. He took out his phone and called the ambulance.

Hiro turned the shower off, carried her to the bed, while calling her name. His eyes became red, with suppressed tears. He felt her pulse, it's still there, but so weak. For the first time in his life, he felt fear.

He asked Kaname to turn around and took off the wet clothes from Ivy. He then wrapped her with the blanket and looked at her closet. He dressed her with a one-piece dress that was the easiest to put on her in her condition.

He hugged her body tight to his chest, murmuring sweet words to her. Her face was very pale, her lips has lost its natural color.

God, oh God! Please don't take her away from me!

When the ambulance arrived, Hiro went with her inside, Kaname drove the car and followed. Hiro told him not to call his parents about what happened, coz his father is still in the hospital and it might make him have a heart attack again. Kaname called his cousin who is the head doctor in the nearest hospital where they are going.

"Daisuke, go to the emergency room. Hiro will arrive there soon".

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