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   Chapter 28 I’m heartbroken

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Mita went outside the room, crying silently. Her tears were a mix of guilt and sadness. Only herself knows why she was feeling guilty.

Hiro was not in the mood to go after his mother, while Sachie went to follow her mother. Ivy sat on one chair, her mind fuzzy with the truth that was told to her. She does not know what to feel. Since she was young, she was told that her father died before she was born, so she never thought anything odd about it. Now she understands why some of her mother's relatives always talked behind them, calling Andrea names like a mistress. It was because they never saw her got married, nor saw any man she dated. When Ivy was young, her classmates even bullied her and told her that she was born from the bamboo tree, because she has a very fair complexion which was not common in their village, and she does not have a father. She frequently went home with bruises then, until she got used to it with time, and just ignored them. Eventually, her classmates find it boring that she was not irritated anymore with their bullying and stopped. She remembered that whenever she went home with the bruises, Andrea will look at her sadly, and always telling her not to believe them, just believe in her. That was what she did, she chose to believe her mother, the one who gave birth to her.

After 22 years, she finally met her father. She should be happy, right? She does not feel angry at him, not only because he did not intended to abandon them, it was her mother's choice, but it was because all these time, she thought that he was dead. She never once expected to meet him after all, and was used to living only with her mother and grandma.

However, her heart is in pain. Because now, realization dawned on her why her mother told her that the feeling she have for Hiro is not what she thinks it is. Was it their blood talking?

As she glanced up at him, she shivered. He has an indescribably hard look on his face, his eyes unreadable, but his face was a bit pale than usual. His lips were set in a tight firm line, he looks like a volcano that will explode in any moment. Her heart went to him. He must be in the same boat as me, she thought.

Hiro's hands were both in his pockets. If the person who told the story just now is not his own father, he would have beaten him senseless. His hands are clenched in a tight fist. He is mature enough to know that his father was not joking, when he said that Ivy is his daughter.

What he wants to do is to break everything that is within his reach. He wants to break somethin

ster", Kaname looked at him with a curious expression. He knows his parents, and they never had any third-party relationship. How could such a long lost-sister appear suddenly?

"I wanted her to meet my parents tonight. Then my father recognized her as his child. There goes my wife-to-be", Hiro laughed surprisingly, his laughter was so cold that it sent shivers to Kaname.

Hiro continued drinking.

"How sure is your father that she is indeed his daughter?"

"My father instantly identified her."

"Do you believe that?"

"Damn!" another glass hit the wall, and Kaname just closed his eyes. Hiro was handed another glass by the expressionless bartender. "What could I do? It was my own father who identified her and the proof was there".

"What proof?"

"An old locket that contains their picture as a family of three, when she was just a baby".

Kaname shook his head.

"Hiro, this is modern day. How could you believe such nonsense?"

Hiro cast him a dubious look. He looked angry and was about to say something, when Kaname raised his hands on the air.

"Don't be mad at me, ok? I suggest that you make her undergo a paternity test to confirm it. Who knows, maybe she is not the one your father thinks she is, right?"

Hiro seemed to freeze in time. Why didn't he think about that? His anger got the better of him. It was his father's statement, there is no way from his expressions that he would be lying. But what if Ivy's mother is the one lying? What if the baby on the picture was not really her? What if she was not really his father's daughter? His heart began to beat faster.

Before Kaname could drink again, Hiro was dashing out of the bar, dragging him with him.

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