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   Chapter 27 The fateful past

Fateful Encounter By Elria Cortez Characters: 8381

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The silence in the room was such as they can hear each other's breathing. Yukio started to talk about what happened more than 30 years ago.

He was 34 years old, a hardworking young employee who was already a division chief at his age. He has no time for love-life, and not in such a hurry to settle down. As he was riding the train going back home, somebody was pushed close to him as many people entered the train. He realized it was a lady with a nice-smell. She was rather small, petite, and looked so young. He decided not to mind her as he was not the type to start a conversation with a stranger. It was her who speak first.

"Will this train stop at Machinaka station?" her voice was like a music to his ears, so soft.

As he looked down at her, he saw a pair of lovely, round black eyes, looking at him straight. He immediately blushed, his ears turning red. He knows that this lady is a foreigner, although in this part of the country, it was still uncommon to meet a foreigner, much less strike a conversation, because of language barrier. However, the lady was speaking to him in his language, so it's easier for him.

He checked the route of the train that was pasted on the upper wall of the train and found that the lady needs to transfer on the next station and ride another train. He told her such and her face has a frightened look on it, she said.

"Can you show me how to transfer, and where to wait? It is my first time to come here so I don't really know what to do, please?" her pleading look instantly captivated his heart, and before he knew it, they get off together on the next station and he accompanied her up to her destination. They were able to make some conversation during the trip, and he learned that she was Andrea Castillo, 18 years old, and she came here to work on her relative's company. She gave him the address, and from the train station, they walked together. He was so surprised that the company she was talking about looked like a place for adult entertainment. Deep within, he knows it has nothing to do with him but he thought that she was not fit for such kind of work. However, he can't do anything about it. They said goodbye, the lady was waving her hand with an innocent smile on her face as he left.

That night, he was not able to sleep at all. Her face kept on popping on his mind. For another two weeks, his mind was so occupied with concern for her welfare, until he decided to stop by at the place where she was supposed to work. He arrived a

and she understood. He did not know that Andrea followed him to Mita that night. She saw them celebrating a boy's birthday, looking like a happy family of three. She asked the guard about them, and her thoughts were confirmed. Yukio spent the night with Hiro, as the boy missed his father too much. As he went back to Andrea the next day, their apartment was empty. He found a note, "Don't look for us. I don't want to be a homewrecker. Treasure your real family". He was devastated. He decided to go to her country and look for her, but when he went to the address that he knew she was living before, he found out that she never returned there. He spent 2 months in that foreign country, looking for his beloved woman and daughter, but to no avail.

On the third month, Mita's father forcefully took him back to Japan. He spent his day drinking every day, never going to work, and never paid attention to his wife and son. After a few months, Mita's father became sick, and he asked Yukio to take over the company. The old man had been a very good and understanding father-in-law to him, so he accepted the duty. He started working again, made himself busy so as not to have any time to think about Andrea and Ivy anymore. He would always drink at night though, until he fell asleep. On those nights, Mita would always take care of him, silently. After about 5 years, he learned that Sachie was his daughter, and so they decided to start living together again as a family. Since then, Yukio decided to treat Mita as his real wife, and they lived as a family. Yukio gave up on finding Andrea and Ivy, decided to honor her words, that she don't want to be a homewrecker.

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