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   Chapter 26 The secret of the locket

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Hiro's arm was on her waist. He looked at his father, acting strangely.

"Father, are you alright?" He asked, a deep frown on his forehead. Yukio Yamashita stopped on his track, and finally realized his action because of Hiro's cold voice.

He sat on his chair, and drink from his glass. He felt his throat dry. Then he smiled a little, "I am sorry, " he looked at Ivy. "Your name is Ivy Castillo?" he asked, and as she nodded, he smiled in a haze. "May I know your mother's name?" His hands began to shake, while holding the glass.

Ivy wondered why he would ask the question like that, and there is unsettling feeling in her heart as she looked at the old man.

"Andrea Castillo".

The glass fell on the chair, the old man suddenly grasped his heart, his eyes closed and his face twisted in pain.

"Father!" Hiro's voice was like a thunder in the hall.

If not for his fast reflex, the old man would have fallen on the cemented floor. Hiro's mother covered her mouth in shock, and Ivy, also surprised, went beside her and held her.

"Call for ambulance!" he ordered, Everybody was surprised about what is going on and started to crowd over them. Somebody shouted "Give them air to breathe!" The crowd dispersed, but the lively party as well as the music stopped playing.

"Father! Father!" a girl's cry was heard, and Ivy saw a teenage girl ran towards the old man, panic in her voice. She was also wearing a colorful evening gown that fits her age perfectly.

"Brother! What happened to father? "she began to cry, and Hiro hugged her close, patting her head gently.

So, this is his beloved sister, she thought. The girl's face does not resemble Hiro that much, hers is a typical Japanese's face, round and white, with slit-like eyes, small pointed nose and thin lips.

"Don't worry" Hiro said, calming his sister.

Then they heard the ambulance, Hiro and another man in suit carried the old man to the ambulance. Hiro went along, after telling her to stay here. She just nodded and stayed with his mother. His mother just sat there, crying silently, surprised about what has just happened.

It was like torture waiting for him. The guests all left the function hall, while some people were busy running here and then, cleaning the hall and clearing the food that were almost left untouched on the tables. The teenage girl also stayed behind, sitting beside her mother, she w

e gently asked.

Ivy was speechless. How could he know about that? It even left her mind that her mother indeed gave her the necklace. She did not even mention anything about it to Hiro, because they did not have time to talk about it earlier. She nodded.

"May I see it?" the old man said.

Ivy took the box from her purse, she just put it there since it looked very important for her mother. She was also meaning to ask Hiro's help about the story of this necklace, but she just forgot about it when she saw him.

She gave it to the old man. With hands shaking, he opened the box and took out the necklace for all of them there to see. From his own neck, he then took out a necklace of the same design, with the same locket. He opened his, and from there he took a small pin. He used it to open Ivy's locket. It clicked her mind why her mother did not give her the key to the lock, so she somehow lost interest in it.

The locket opened, it contained an old picture of three smiling faces. A man's, a woman's, and a baby girl's face.

The old man smiled, he was smiling happily, while looking at Ivy. He holds the locket opened for all of them to see.

Ivy could recognize herself and her mother on the picture, but she could not recognize the man. Hiro became still and so silent, his eyes turned red, and a dark fathomless expression was written all over his face. Mita's eyes was blurred by tears all of a sudden, as realization stuck her.

"This woman, is Ivy's mother, this is Ivy, and this man is me." He said gently, while pointing at the picture. "Ivy, you are my daughter".

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