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   Chapter 25 My girl

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Ivy stepped backwards toward the bed, as she realized what he wants to do.

"We are supposed to attend your father's birthday celebration, right? What are you doing?" she said, "Yes, it will start at 8:00PM, what shall we do in 2 hours?" he unbuckled his belt.

She swallowed, feeling an excitement rising in her chest.

"You, you were really waiting for this, aren't you?" she accused him.

He laughed, and sauntered towards her. She looked so enticing in her tensed look, her hands on her chest, as if she wants to flee from him. His arms were in her waist suddenly, and she found herself looking in his eyes, darkening with his desire.

"I have missed you Ivy, don't you miss me too?" he whispered, her palms were on his chest, and she can feel the heat radiating from his bare body.

"I do, " she answered. Of course, she does, she kept on thinking about him, and her nights were filled with warm thoughts about their passionate encounters.

They locked their lips in a hungry kiss. Hiro felt so good because he can feel how passionate she is responding to his kiss, and he incidentally tear her clothes from her back. Ivy heard a fabric was torn but she could not care about it. The only thing on her mind is the feelings of longing in her being, and the only person who can release it is this man.

Hiro was like a hungry wolf, sucking, biting at her flesh. How is she able to make me feel like this? Like I'm addicted to her scent, to her being, like I want to swallow her whole. He laid her on the bed, and with his eyes full of passion, he also joined her. The room was so silent, except for their fast and heavy breathing and occasional soft moaning.

After several minutes, they laid on the bed, both spent, their chest heaving with exhaustion. Ivy was curled like a child facing him, and he pulled the blanket and covered her naked body. He embraced her lovingly, kissed her hair and whispered in her ear.

"Ivy, I love you. Please be my wife", he said. This is the third time he asked her, and there is no doubt in his heart anymore that he really loves her. He could not last longer without her in his arms.

Ivy opened her eyes, and looked at him. Her eyes are red, as she also shares the same emotion with him. She nodded, as she could not say a word, she will definitely cry. Hiro cupped her face in his palms, their foreheads touching, "I want to hear it" he coaxed her.

She smiled at him, and touched his prominent nose "I love

rly elegant in her purple gown. The couple stood up and looked at them.

"Mother, " he bowed to the woman, then looked at the old man, "Father, happy birthday." Hiro said and bowed to his father, his father moved his hand and Hiro gave him a box from his pocket.

The man opened it, it was a Rolex watch. Both the woman and the old man looked delighted and hugged his son, tapping him on the shoulder. Then the man's gaze met Ivy's eyes. His smile faded.

Hiro felt her hand getting cold, and he turned to her. He then pulled her closer to him, draped his arm casually on her shoulder.

"Father, Mother, I would like to introduce Ivy Castillo to you, my girl, " he said formally. Ivy bowed at them respectfully, she learned not to extend her hands unless the other side would offer first. "Good evening, Sir, Ma'am. I'm Ivy Castillo, it is my pleasure to finally meet you both" she said, trying to keep a steady voice. Her other hand was firmly grasping his hand, and he squeezed hers gently.

The woman has a surprised look on her face, but she smiled warmly at her, slightly bowed her elegant head.

"Well, this is indeed a surprise" she said. "How are you, Ms. Castillo?" her voice was warm and friendly, and Ivy relaxed a little. She also smiled.

"I am fine, thank you Ma'am" she replied.

"Darling" when the woman turned to her husband, the old man was still staring at Ivy. His eyes suddenly became reddish, his lips moved but no sound came, and he stepped towards her.

Ivy suddenly felt strange, whether it was surprise or fear, she did not know but she unintentionally stepped backwards at the old man's expression.

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