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   Chapter 24 No PDA please

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Updated: 2018-10-11 21:05

Ivy held the phone far from her ears as she was startled by his loud voice. She touched her forehead in exhausted gesture, how can he be so childish!

"What's the matter? I was taking a nap; my phone was on silent mode" she calmly explained to him. They have not seen each other since Sunday afternoon, it's just more than 48 hours and now he is already scolding her, for something she has no idea about.

She heard him sighing deeply, maybe trying to calm himself, she thought. After a brief silence, he said, "I am in front of your dormitory, please come down" he said in his usual tone.

"Ok, can you give me about 10 minutes?" she said, realizing that the clothes she's wearing is still the one when she left home this early morning. She must smell bad coz it's so humid now.

"Sure" his curt reply.

Ivy ran to the bathroom and had a quick body shower. She then put on a one piece black and white printed dress that reached halfway through her legs. She put on her flat soles, took her bag and left. She was applying a light face powder inside the elevator. She knows how much he hates tardiness, as much as she does, so she was at the door a few seconds before her time was up.

She smiled when she saw him standing near the backdoor of his Maserati, her heart beating faster. How come she is suddenly excited to see him; does she miss him that much? She tried to hide her feelings by lowering her gaze.

His gaze looked at her warmly, his desire visible on the slight twitching of his lips, as he gave her a light squeeze on her hand. He did not dare to show a public display of affection, not his nature. He opened the door for her, and he circled on the other side after he closed the one on her side.

He told Yano to go.

They were sitting on each side of the backseat, then she felt his warm hand holding her hand, and she blushed. She looked at him, his gaze was warm. She smiled and said "I'm back!"

Hiro was captivated by her lovely smile, he feels like the stress for the past two days handling various difficulties at work all melted at her warm smile. He touched her cheeks, whispered "welcome home".

She nodded appreciatively, the coldness and irrita

he said crisply, but kept his hand son his pockets.

As they entered the house, she noticed that there are not much people in there, they were greeted by two men on the door, who looked like butlers, but apart from them she has not seen anybody else. She turned to Hiro.

"Hiro, how come there is no one here except us? Where will the party be held?" she asked curiously.

They were climbing the stairs that time, as they just finished walking through a very spacious living room.

"I think they are busy preparing for the birthday celebration on the hall" he answered, eyeing her every movement. She was climbing the stairs two steps away from him, the swaying of her hips looked so inviting to him.

Then before she knew it, she was swept off her feet on his strong arms.

She gasped and covered her mouth, so as not to shout.

"Put me down, what are you doing?"

He proceeded to walk while carrying her, then he stopped in front of a closed door, and put her down. She looked around the house, thankful that nobody was there to witness what he just did.

He opened the door and let her inside. Ivy glanced around the room. It was actually a big room, painted in chocolate brown wallpaper, with a large bed on the right, a walk-in closet, and two doors on the left side. She looked back at Hiro, and her eyes opened as wide as they could when she saw him already removing his shirt. A devilish smile was on his lips, "Welcome to my room".

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