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   Chapter 23 On the train

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At exactly 9 o'clock, they landed on the building where Hiro's office is located. If she goes now, she can make it the 10:10AM class. She was a bit disappointed when it was Yano who greeted her when she arrived. Then, he took her to the university, telling her on the way that Hiro has an important meeting with the other shareholders of the company and is now in Hokkaido, the northernmost part of the country. She nodded, understanding his situation as a businessman.

"Must be so hard being a businessman, right, Mr. Yano?" she chose to start a conversation with him. She already knows that Yano understands and speaks English as much as Hiro does, as she asked about it to Hiro.

"I think so" his brief response, his eyes are focused on the road, "But Mr. Yamamoto is a very capable man" his voice is full of respect for the man younger than him by 5 years, but is already at the top of the business industry.

She nodded. Until now, she does not know what kind of business he is handling. She has been wanting to ask it to Hiro, but she was too shy to be so privy in his private affairs. She just always waits for him to tell her what he wants her to know about him. After all, they are not yet in a relationship. They did more than what they're supposed to do as an employee-employer status but they have come to a consensus about themselves. Although he already asked her twice to be his wife, but she is hesitant to believe that he was serious those times. She decided that when they meet again, she will definitely ask him what is she really to him, to make everything clear.

As she entered the classroom, the first person she saw is Lyndon. It was still early, she arrived at 9:50Am after grabbing a bread from the university store for her breakfast. Yano wanted to stop by in a restaurant but she declined as she has to arrive earlier.

A look of surprise was written all over his face.

"Ivy! How come you are already here? Is your mother ok?" his tone and his eyes looked really worried, and only then did Ivy remembered that she was suppo

followed them on the train, leaving Yano on the car. He did not realize that the train would be so full of people, he wanted to get close to them and take her way from the man but he could not even move from his spot. He noticed how the man was intently looking down on her breast, while she was not aware of it. He had to restrain himself from throwing his phone to the man's eyes. Those are only for his eyes! He also noticed hoe he put his hand on her shoulder, and he was furious that she did not even made a move to shove it away. How dare she! He thought. Is she playing with two men? His mind was so angry, full of murderous thoughts until they get off and saw her making a move to walk faster than him. He felt a bit relieved, but he was still mad at her, and he will make her pay for it later.

When they reached the dormitory, Ivy went to her room immediately. She feels so tired, and laid on her bead, with arms stretched. After a while, she felt that her phone is vibrating on her bag. Only then did she remember that she put it in silent mode as she was in the class and then in the library.

She took it out and saw 10 missed calls. When she opened it, she felt her heart leap as she saw Hiro's name. I thought he was in a meeting in Hokkaido, she thought. Why is he calling me now?


"Why did it take you too long to answer the damn phone!"

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