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   Chapter 22 Sugar daddy

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Hiro felt his pants tightened. He cursed himself, while shaking his head. Ivy really knows how to try his patience. She even kissed him on the phone, and the sound she made affected him so much. He will make her regret making him miss her so much like this, he decided.

Ok, I have to work for now.

Finally, Andrea was discharged on Monday at noon. Ivy and Andy was with her, and last night, Ivy stayed with her mom on the hospital. Although she has been itching to ask her the reason she had a stroke, she decided to wait until they returned home. She does not a relapse of what happened.

As she was about to settle the bill on the hospital, the cashier said everything has been paid. She could not believe it. The cashier said a man paid for it just a while ago after confirming the time of her mother's discharge.

It must be him, she thought. She sent him a message on line.

"It's you, right? You really don't have to do that. Now I owe you so much" she typed while they were inside the taxi.

She received a reply soon after.

"Don't mind it"

"But I do. You are not my sugar daddy" she smiled as she was typing her reply.

"Then I will be"

Ivy was like holding her laughter, but she felt really good with how he replied to her teasing.

"Seriously, thank you so much. I promise to pay for everything I owe you someday. I don't like you always spending money on me, you know."

"Let's talk about it when we're together, ok?" his brief response


She then helped her mother go out of the taxi when they arrived. They had a warm lunch with her grandma and Andy. Later on, some relatives visited them and they had so many questions to her about Japan. Before she realized it, it was almost six in the evening when all the visitors left their house. During those times, Andrea and Melda were just listening to all her stories. Andy, on the other hand, left to his room, as he need to study for his class tomorrow too. Andy is 19 years old, and on his 3rd year in the university. Her mother is the one supporting him as he lost his parents 8 years ago. His father is her mother's brother.

After they had dinner together at around 7 o'clock, Ivy and Andrea watched tv together in the living room, while Melda went to her room. She always sleeps early, and wake up early too.

ugged her mom. She can tell how much her mom is hurt now, and she does not have the heart to press on the issue. If this locket is the key to her relationship with Hiro, then she will unlock it by herself.

"Mom, don't worry, the past is past ok? No matter what, I will always be your daughter. I am my mother's daughter, and I am so proud of that" she said.

Andrea nodded. The past that she has long buried deep in her heart is now causing great pain for her, and might destroy her daughter's future. How could fate be this cruel to her? Is it not enough that she paid for her sins along all those years? Why does her daughter be suffering for the mistake she did in the past?

They rested and after a while, Ivy tried to console her mother by sleeping with her that night, hugging her and telling her not to worry about her anymore. That night, Andrea stayed awake, just watching Ivy sleeping peacefully. Her heart is torn at the thought of what will happen from now.

At exactly 5 in the morning, a car was already waiting for her outside their house. She told Hiro that she wanted to catch the Tuesday's class, and since the flight is only about 3 hours, so she can make it on time if she leaves now.

She hugged her mother so tight, letting her feel her love to her, then also hugged her granny and waved goodbye to Andy.

Once inside the car, she could not help but wonder why her mother told her something strange. "Promise me that until you meet his family, don't ever sleep with him again". She is now really confused.

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