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   Chapter 21 How about me

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Ivy and Hiro ate their lunch, and Andre was served with a meal from the hospital Ivy fed her mother, while she was full of stories from her experiences in Japan. She was talking about the fast bullet trains, the vending machines everywhere, the skyscrapers and so many other things that she found interesting. All the while, Hiro was just casually observing how ivy's face became so alive and so cheerful as she was talking with her mother. How can she be capable of so many expressions? He wondered. He smiled to himself coz her expression that is always on his mind is the way she looks at him passionately. He likes it better.

In the afternoon, Andy came back. Before then, the doctor checked Andrea's condition once more and after reading something on her medical record, he told them that she can be discharged tomorrow. Ivy felt really glad, and she was hugging her mom.

"Why don't you two take a rest, first?" Andy said.

Hiro faced Andrea, while he was also holding Ivy's other hand, "I have to go back due to an urgent business matter" he announced.

While they were eating, Hiro received a phone call, and Ivy guessed that it might be from Yano. They were talking for quite a while until he told her that he needs to go back.

"I am glad that you are ok, Ma'am" he said politely, "I hope we can meet again under better circumstances".

Andrea nodded, "Thank you Mr. Yamamoto" was all she could say.

Ivy went with him until the gate of the hospital. On their way, many nurses and other women couldn't help but cast a glance at him, while he was casually holding Ivy's hand firmly.

When they walked near the car, Hiro turned and looked at her. He held both of her hands in his hands, and was using his thumbs to caress them.

"I will go ahead, just send me a message on line when do you plan to go back. I will have you picked up from your house" he gently told her. The truth is he does not want to go back by himself.

Ivy looked at him, trying to read his facial expression, his eyes became warmer than before, and now he smiles more often. She smiled at him, "I couldn't say thank you enough" she said, which is true. Considering all that he did for her so she can see her mother as soon as she could, and being there with her to comfort her all throughout.

Hiro gently pulled her closer, and bent over to whisper in her ears, "There are other ways to express your gratitude to me", as he blows air in her ears.

She was tickled, and felt goosebumps on her back and arms.

"Why you…" she wanted to sa

om and was trying to catch some sleep when somebody interrupted my sweet dreams" she said, smiling to herself.

"Oh really" his words were deliberate and slow, and Ivy could imagine lazy smile on his lovely lips, "were you just dreaming about your caller just now?" he was teasing her

"Ha, ha, who knows" she replied, "I was dreaming of somebody actually" her voice was so serious that Hiro eyes suddenly became colder.

"Ivy, you are not allowed to dream about anybody other than me" he warned her, his hand tapping on his thigh.

"I was dreaming about my dog, is that bad?" she said softly, giggling, she doesn't know why but she felt like a teenage girl having a romantic conversation with her crush.

"Well, as long as it's not male, I won't mind"

"Hey, how possessive can you get?" she was laughing at him. On the other side, Hiro was actually serious.

"I am very possessive Ivy" he said slowly, "very", his serious tone made her shiver as he repeated the word.

"Anyway, Mr. Yamamoto" she said, "May I ask if it's ok to have me picked up on Tuesday morning please?" she decided to change the topic.

"You were just calling me Hiro a while back" he said. Ivy rolled her eyes, but she was smiling, she was just really trying to try his patience on her. "And why on Tuesday morning? Your mother will go back tomorrow, Monday, right?"

"Yeah, but I wanna stay with her a little longer, I miss her, you know"

"How about me?"


"You said you miss her, but how about me?"

Ivy was laughing suddenly, and Hiro felt like a stupid kid. "Ivy!" his voice was like thunder on her ear, she has to bring the phone farther from her. And kissed him on the phone.

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