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   Chapter 20 Only to you

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Ivy has calmed down after several minutes. She was able to talk with the doctor who is in-charge of her mother.

"She has suffered from a mild stroke. But you don't have anything to get worried about right now, there are no other health problem with the patient, and with sufficient rest, she will recover soon." The doctor was an old man, in his mid-50s and was really kind. Ivy thanked him and went back to her mother's side.

She hold her hands, now, her mother's face has slowly returned to its original complexion, but she is still sleeping. Her breathing is now evenly stable and Ivy could feel her anxiety was also relieved.

"Thanks God, it's only a minor stroke" she said, then whispered words to her mother's ear, "Mom, rest and relax a lot. I will just be here with you for now", looking at her mother lovingly.

Hiro was also sitting on another chair beside her, he was silent and was just observing the situation. He finds it comfortable just looking at her, carefully caressing her mother's forehead and talking to her even though the patient is sleeping deeply. He wondered if she will also be like this if ever he would be put in a hospital. Will she also cry for me? He pondered.

He was like in deep thoughts until he noticed Ivy looking at him, like studying his face. A puzzled look in her eyes.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked.

He shook his head and smiled a little. He then put his hand on top of hers, took it and kissed it gently.

Ivy's face was burning with sensation, it tickled her. "Hey, we are in a hospital" she gritted her teeth while whispering to him in a low voice.

"I know" he replied, not minding his prior action. "I was just thinking if you will also cry for me like this" he said truthfully, searching her eyes.

Ivy lowered her eyes. She was speechless for a moment.

"Well?" he was patiently waiting for her answer. He cupped her face in his palms.

"Maybe" she finally said, her eyes looking somewhere, "You are as healthy as a horse so your question is not logical" she added.

He smiled gently at her. How cute she looks just now, he thought. They started to relax and talk about other things. They have been talking for another couple of hours, when Ivy yawned.

"You're sleepy" he stated, not a question. He looked at his watch, it's almost 11 o'clock in the morning. "Why don't you sleep more", he suggested.

She shook her head in disagreement and just leaned on his chest. She feels more relaxed just being wi

pair of deep, dark brown eyes against a smooth white skin. She smiled faintly, this is indeed him. Mita Yamamoto's son, she thought to herself.

"Good morning, Ma'am" he said respectfully, "I am Hiro Yamamoto, it is my pleasure to meet Ivy's mother". His gentle tone as he mentioned Ivy's name was like a sharp pain in Andrea's heart.

Andrea let out a smile. A worried smile, Hiro thought.

"Thank you for bringing my daughter home, Mr. Yamamoto" she said, she has already recovered and she does not feel that weak anymore.

"Mom, you have to stay still" she said, "The IV drip is not even finished yet".

Andrea tried to sit on the bed, Hiro then helped her when he noticed her intention. Andrea's gaze was different as he met hers. Somehow, Hiro felt that either she does not like him, or she is embarrassed by his presence. He could not pinpoint which is which.

"Ivy, how long can you stay here?"

Ivy looked at her mother. She still has classes for another 3 weeks, and after that she needs to take the language proficiency test. She wants to stay with her mother for as long as she can go back home. But., "I know you are busy with school Ivy", Andrea understood the silence in her daughter, after all, she is the mother. "You can go back. I am already ok" she said.

Ivy shook her head "I will stay until the doctor says it is ok for you to go back home mom" she said. She can always catch up on the classes. Her mother is more important than her study.

Andrea lovingly looked at her daughter. She is so fortunate to have such a caring and sweet daughter. Then, they heard a knock on the door. Hiro opened it, it was the food he ordered.

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