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   Chapter 19 All of her

Fateful Encounter By Elria Cortez Characters: 7876

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They arrived at about 6 o'clock in the morning. After changing the sim card on her phone, she dialed Andy's number and told him that she just arrived. At the same time, Hiro was also making some phone call, and she understood that he was asking for a car and a driver for them.

She was surprised. Is he calling somebody here, or from his country? But he was just speaking in English.

She really wants to ask him how could they land on someone else's property without a permit. They landed on a very huge land with just pasture grasses all over the place. Although she can see some houses a bit far from where they landed, but it was basically a large piece of empty land. She decided not to ask him about such matters. She has more important things on her mind. From here, they have to travel for another 40-50 minutes to reach her hometown. Hiro talked with the pilot and the jet lifted to the air after a while.

Then he hold her hand on his left while the right hand was holding her luggage. He only has a small bag in his back and she pondered how could he travel with only that. A piece of shirt won't even fit on it.

After a few minutes, 3 expensive-looking cars were approaching them, and halted near them. Some men get off the car and greeted them respectfully. She cast him a puzzled look, and he just winked at her and told them their destination. How influential he must be, she thought. He was even able to have these cars at his disposal in my country?

Hiro led her to the second car, it was a black Chevrolet, very spacious inside. The driver asked her about the address in their language and she told him the name of the hospital. The driver nodded, and they began the journey.

She leaned on the seat, she feels so tired, and emotionally exhausted. She still has not received any update from her cousin. She closed her eyes, trying not to think too much. Her mother is a healthy and strong woman, there is no way that something bad would have happened to her.

Hiro was sitting beside her, and he pulled her close to his shoulders. She did not fight it, she leaned on him, feeling weak, and at the same time, cared for. Hiro was seldom this careful with any woman, his gentle side only appears when he is with his sister. For other women, even to his mother, he treats them all equally cold. He does not like scheming women, and

ients lie outside the rooms, too many patients, too few facilities.

She knocked on the door, and she carefully removed his hand on her shoulder. This made him cast her a questioning stare, which she ignored.

"How come you are disowning me now?" he asked jokingly, he bent slowly to her ear, and she was tickled by the air coming from his mouth.

"Please behave yourself." She told him.

The door opened, and she finally saw her mother, face so pale, unmoving, lying on the white bed, with mask on her face and several tubes connected to her arms. Her cheerful mother looked so lifeless just now.

Ivy's tears fell instantly. She was beside her mother's bed in a moment, not minding her cousin who was sitting on the chair on the other side, quite surprised to see her so fast, and bringing along a guy that looks like a foreign actor to him.

"Mom! Mom! I'm here, please open your eyes, I'm here now mom!" she was crying helplessly, and Hiro couldn't bear to look at her like that. He sadly looked at her, and in graceful stride, reached for her and have her seated on the other chair. He then noticed the other guy, mouth slightly opened as if he has seen a ghost, and just smile at him.

"Hello, I'm Hiro. You must be Ivy's cousin", he extended his arm to him, and Andy finally closed his mouth. He rubbed his hand on his shirt, before he accepted his hand. He was shy to shake hands with him, feeling his hand is quite dirty.

"I'm Andy, nice to meet you" he then found the courage to speak. What soft hands, softer than his girlfriend's! He thought.

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