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   Chapter 18 I am here for you

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Ivy heard shouting from the other part of the phone, but she could not see anything. It seems like her mom dropped the phone. She began to shout too, calling them over and over again. Tears blurred her eyes already, My God! What is happening to my mother!

"Ivy?" Her heart raced as she heard her cousin's voice.

"Andy, what happened to my mom?" her voice was trembling.

"I don't know, she just collapsed. What did you tell her?" there's an accusation on Andy's voice. "We already called an ambulance, they will be here in 3 minutes, it's good that we live near the hospital" he said.

Ivy was speechless. How could she do that to her mom? She did not know that her mom has a problem on the heart. She has always been active, and was never hospitalized. At 50, her mother is still as healthy as her.

"Please update me as soon as possible", she could not tell them what they were talking about. She does not even know which of the words she said made her mom collapsed.

After they talked for a while, Ivy sat on her bed, still in shock. What did she do? What did she just do?

She was so confused, and she did not notice all the incoming calls on her phone. She was just sitting on her bed, she was not crying but her whole mind and body is in a frozen state.

Hiro impatiently looked at his phone. He has been calling for 5 consecutive times and the phone just kept on ringing. He looked at his watch. It's 11:00PM. He would have arrived sooner but he figured that she would still be sleeping, so he decided to go at this time. He just wanted to take her out and be with her for the night. After what happened to them, he could not focus on his work. He kept on thinking about her, her scent, her smile, her laughter. Since tomorrow is Sunday, he knows that she can stay with him again.

He decided to go to her room, he knocked several times. He thought she maybe fast sleep, but as he was about to walk away, the door opened. The smile on his face fade as he looked as her wide eyes, her appearance was that of somebody who just lost something so important. He became worried.

"What happened?" he asked, and entered the room. He locked the door behind him, and as he touched her shoulders, she hugged him and cried.


Hiro felt a sharp pain on his chest. She is crying helplessly to him, hugging him so tight, as she was afraid of something. He does not know what to do.

"Hush, hush" he caressed her hair, her back, and gently carried her and they sat on the bed. Ivy seems like in a state of panic, she does not want to let him go. She is afraid what will happen if she let him go. She feels so alone and lonely.

They stayed like that for several minutes, until her cries gradually ceased. Only then did he stop stroking her hair gently, while murmuring words to her, trying to calm her down. Then, he gently pushed her from his, his chest already wet with her tears. He wiped the tears on her face with his fingers, and cupped her face. She had bloodshot eyes from too much crying, and he feels like something pinched his heart. He does not like to see her like this, so vulnerable.

"Ivy, what happened?" he asked her.

Ivy was trying not to cry again, she was biting her lower lip, gradually breathing calmly. She looked at his eyes and saw genuine concern there. Is she liking him now?

"I need to go home. My mom was just taken to the hospital" because of me, she wanted to add. But she does not want to sound so pathetic and childish to him.

Hiro knows that her mom lives together only with the grandma and her cousin. He has her background checked, and he found some disturbing information that he wanted to verify. He understood what she wants to do now, and he did not ask her the reason why.

Hiro nodded. He took his phone and made a call to Yano.

Ivy was alre

ady calm. She was watching his every move, so manly and calculated. It's like he cannot imagine him losing his cool. She then realized that she has to made a flight reservation, and went to her table to open her laptop. If she is lucky, she can go on Monday, coz it's so likely that all tickets for tomorrow would have been sold out by this time.

Hiro finished giving his instructions to Yano. He then saw her googling for flight reservation. He embraced her from behind. Ivy was forced to stop from what she was doing.

"Hey, let me go for a while, I have to reserve a flight first." She was trying to take his arms off her, to no avail of course.

"Don't bother about it, leave it to me" he said gently. She turned and looked at him, with question in her eyes.

"My private jet will take us to your mother's place in 3 hours. Yano is having everything ready. You just grab something you want to take with you" he gently brushed the strands of hair on her face.

Ivy never felt so grateful in her life for this. In that instant, she looked like a hero to in her eyes, her knight in shining armor. She looked at him lovingly, and became teary eyed. She touched his face, her hands trembling.

"Thank you, thank you!" she whispered to him. And kissed him lightly on his lips. She really wanted to express her gratitude, and was about to let him go so she could pack something. But Hiro hold her hands firmly, and before she knew it, their lips locked, his was as probing and passionate as before.

Ivy had no choice but to wrap her arms around his nape, she owed him big this time. So, she does not mind his advances now.

His hands started to roam on her body, and she feels a burning sensation in her lower half. Her mind became blank with desire at that moment, and she let him made love to her on her bed.

Afterwards, they were both breathing heavily. Hiro touched her cheeks softly, then turned to face her. She was curled like a baby, facing him too. He embraced her tightly.

"I am here for you, don't worry" his voice was so gentle, so full of concern that it made her heart leap. She nodded to him, and just closed her eyes. Hiro then sat on the bed, patted her head gently, and whispered, "Can I take a shower in your bathroom?"

She nodded at him, without opening her eyes.

He then proceeds to take a shower. Ivy suddenly opened her eyes and remembered something. She dashed to the bathroom, her face scarlet with embarrassment. She opened the door fast and took her washed underwear on the hanger inside the bathroom. She did not dare to cast a glance at the man who was surprised at her reaction. A playful smile was on his lips as he saw her moved like a flash of lightning.

She then went back to bed and covered herself in her blanket. Hey, how come you are shy now? After all that happened between the two of you, you feel this embarrassed to him seeing your underwear? It's washed, anyway.

After a few minutes, Hiro went out of the shower and his body was wrapped in her batch towel.

"It's your turn", he said simply. She avoided his gaze when she passed by him on the bathroom door, as she was about to close it, she saw him looking at her, with an all-knowing smile which made her more ashamed of herself. She pushed the door louder than normal and locked it.

After they were both dressed, Ivy packed her belongings in one carry-on luggage. She does not want to bring that much, since this is an emergency. They drove to his office, where the jet is waiting at the topmost floor. They found Yano standing near the jet, and with him was also two men, both dressed in a pilot uniform. They greeted them with utmost respect as they saw them approaching. Hiro was the one holding her luggage. They boarded the jet, and she was a bit surprised that Yano did not go with them.

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