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   Chapter 17 Her punishment

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Hiro took her to the dormitory at around 11:30AM, he even went inside with her in her room. Last night when they arrived, she realized that they went to his private room in his office, not straight to her dormitory. He told her that the dormitory cannot be opened from the outside anymore after 12:00 midnight, and since they arrived at 2:30AM, they have to stay there first. She was still so tired and sleepy to argue with him so she just went straight to the bed, and fall asleep so fast. During the time she was sleeping, she was awakened twice as she felt him entering her while hugging her from behind, then on top of her. When she finally woke up at 10:00AM, her mind was so fuzzy that she thought she might have been dreaming about it. Hiro already had food on the table for her that time, and has a very satisfied grin on his face.

"You can shower first, " he said. "I can smell how much you were made love to last night" he said chuckling. She throws a pillow at him, which he caught with his hand, while he was still laughing. She then took a warm shower, and realized new hickeys were made, even on her upper arms. She was ashamed. She has to wear something that will cover all the marks he made, just when summer is almost at its peak. Then they shared a warm breakfast.

"You can go now", she said, "I want to rest". She was not making up excuses. She feels really weird, exhausted, so sleepy and dizzy.

Hiro pulled her to him, and gave her a deep passionate kiss. She almost could not breathe as he released her. Then, with a gentle smile on his lips, he touched her lips with his finger.

"Rest well, my dear".

He then closed her door, she locked it fast. And she could still smell his scent. She closed her eyes, reveling on his manly fragrance.

She then walked to her bed, lay there, with open eyes and looking straight at the ceiling. The numbness on her legs were gone, and she felt different. She then turned on her side, hugged her knees and closed her eyes. She was reminiscing what happened since Thursday night. Everything was perfect, she thought. She felt like a complete woman, a loved woman, and for unknown reason, she doesn't feel any regret about it. She knows that she lost something important, but she also feels that she did not regret that it was him. For those moments, she felt his gentle side, it's almost like he really cared for her.

Or was it just lust? But knowing him, he won't need to care for me to satisfy his lust. I believe than a rich and handsome man like him could get as many women more beautiful and more desirable than me as much as he wants. With these thoughts in mind, she felt a

hat will happen to her daughter now? She won't be able to take it her dear daughter will suffer the same fate as hers.

"Mom, mom, relax" Ivy tried to ease her mom's worry, "The guy is a good guy. Umm, I don't want to tell you this yet but, he already asked me to be his wife. So, if I get pregnant I think there won't be a problem. He is single" the last words, Ivy added it carefully. She does not to stir a painful memory from her mother's past, and from her own. They were already going through that, together. It made them stronger.

Andrea sighed deeply, she massaged her forehead. "Should I have a peace of mind then, Ivy?" she asked sadly.

Ivy knows what she meant. "Mom, I said please let me handle it. I'm a grown up now, you know. Trust me on this ok? I promise I won't bring shame on us anymore", she said.

Andrea closed her eyes; the past still haunts her. She is just hoping that it won't happen to her dear daughter, her life and her happiness.

"Ok, I trust you. By the way, what is the guy's name?"

"Hiro Yamamoto", she said.

Andrea felt her world turned dark. She clutched her chest, as she suddenly finds it hard to breathe. She blinked several times, trying to inhale and exhale deeply.

"Ivy, what is the name of his mother?", her voice cracked.

Ivy felt that there's something wrong with her mother's behavior. "Mita Yamamoto", she replied. Hiro told him something about his family when they were on the ship.

Andrea looked at the face of her beloved daughter, her tears flowed, face paled, her lips moved but no sound came out. How could this happen to her? Why is she being punished too much? Is this her punishment for loving a married man? My beloved daughter!

"Mom? Mom? What's wrong?" Ivy shouted on the phone.

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