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   Chapter 16 Compassion arises from lust

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Several dishes are already served when they arrived at the cabin. Ivy ate heartily while occasionally chatting with Hiro about the rose garden. Hiro, on the other hand could not fully understand what's so special with the rose garden, as he has seen it with his eyes. Maybe it's because there's nothing like that in her country, he thought.

After a while, Ivy finished, and burped. She felt ashamed as she looked at him, she knows that in here, it is not a good manner to burp. But she was not able to control it. But Hiro's expression was unchanged, so she thought that he does not mind.

Hiro heard her but did not mind her at all, having spent almost 5 years in the US, and travelled to almost all the countries in the world, he has an open mind about manners.

"Can we talk?" his face was casual, but there is sincerity in his tone.

She wiped her mouth clean, and looked at him seriously, too. "Sure"

"I want you to be my wife", he said intently, watching every expression on her pretty face.

He said it again! She thought that he was not serious about it when he told it to her yesterday. How could he be so serious? They are not even in a relationship, they are not even in a dating stage, how could she be his wife?

She cleared her throat, trying to think as rationally as she could. Now that something has irreversible has happened between them, she has to really think about it. After all, she is the girl here, she is more on the disadvantage than him.

"Can you give me time to think about this?" she was choosing her words carefully. She wanted to ask him so many questions, like why her and when did he start to decide that she would become his wife. But somehow, she felt that if she asked those, she might get disappointed with his answer and it might lead to another quarrel. She does not want to ruin this wonderful day.

He raised one thick eyebrow, is she going to refuse? No, he must not give her any chance to reject his proposal. It's his first time to do so, and he won't take no for an answer.

"I will give you one week" he finally said. "I will not wait any longer, and I expect a favorable answer from you".

That was not so bad, he thought. I suppressed myself from s

art, and she was once again captured by his burning desire.

Hiro looked gently at the sleeping woman beside him, he touched one soft cheek, before he gets out of the bed. He went to the bathroom, took a short warm shower and dressed.

He called for a staff to bring him a brewed coffee, and asked how soon will they arrive to the city. It seems that they will be arriving at around 2:00 in the morning. He looked at his watch, it's almost 11 PM, he must take a nap before then.

As he glanced at the bed, he shook his head. Will he be able to take a nap with her on his side? He feels like he just became addicted to her natural scent, and the moment he smelled it, his desire would be stirred.

He decided to open his email, as there might be some business that he has to attend into. He has new messages, but he opened the one that was sent by the detective he sent to her country. He read the content, and for a moment, could not believe what he was reading.

It seems that Ivy has a complicated background, not as common as he thought it would be. He closed his eyes and lean his back on the chair. He must make some arrangements then, since he is now responsible for her, he will help and support her as much as he could. Although she was hesitant about being his wife, he is sure that she will be his very soon. After all, compassion arises from lust. That is what he believes, how can he marry somebody whom he does not feel any physical attraction to, right?

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