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   Chapter 15 At the Rose Garden

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They arrived at the Rose Garden just after 10 minutes. Even from afar, Ivy caught a glimpsed of the abundant roses in different shades and sizes. The way she was facing the window excitedly was amusing for Hiro.

They paid the entrance and still holding her hands, they walked into a fairy tale-like garden. Ivy covered her mouth in awe. She has never been to such a lovely place before!

Everywhere she looked, she can see roses. From tiny rose buds to those almost larger than her palms, in white, pink, yellow, red, and blue! There are even roses with mixed colors, some with patterned colors. She was so taken by the beauty of the place. Even the air smelled like roses. The landscape was all made of roses, on some benches she could see other visitors, mostly couples who were also holding hands like them. She freed herself from his hands and wandered excitedly, sitting at some point, smelling the roses, bending her head to inspect some of it. She could not contain her admiration of the place, the landscape, all of it. These different shades and kinds of roses only grows on temperate regions.

Hiro looked at his empty hand, and followed her as she walked like a fairy. Excitement is written all over her face. The cute smile on her lips and eyes never left, and as she was holding one large blue flower, Hiro took a stolen shot at her, with her skirt blowing in the same direction with her long black hair. Her skin was glowing with the heat of the sun, especially her bare arms. He was glad that he took her here. After what she gave him last night, this is nothing.

He silently followed her around wherever she goes, while thinking "She seems to forget the aching of her legs". He felt relieved by it, for when he noticed her limping, he felt guilty. He must have forced her too hard with his action. But he had no way to control over what happened last night, he was burning with desire and she was responding to him evenly.

With two hands on his pocket, he went near a shop that was selling wide-brimmed hat and bought a blue one for her. He noticed that she frequently wears something in the shades of pink and blue, so he reckons that those might be are her favorite colors. He does not want her to have severe sunburn later, for it is noontime and the sun was really on its peak.

Ivy did not notice him coming to her as she was so engrossed admiring and taking pictures of the flowers. She just fell a hat was put on her head, and she looked up at him and mouthed thank you. She felt really wonderful. Then she asked him, "can w

eople passing by to where they were sitting, and the few people might have pretended not to notice them in that intimate gesture. He can't believe that just did what he did. A public display of affection! He then realized that it really happened when he saw his staff looking at them, a shocked expression on his face. He turned his head fast on other direction when he realized that Hiro was frowning at him.

With that, he finished the rest of the cream and ate the cone. It was not bad, but it tasted better on her mouth, he thought. He silently smiled on himself, how could he really do that in public? It looks like he is turning into a horny teenager that will take advantage of every possible situation to seduce a girl.

After a while of momentary silence, he looked at his watch and noticed that it is almost 5:00PM. Time flies so fast!

"It's time" he said and Ivy understood it. She stood up, ignoring the pain on her feet and legs. Hiro hold her hand again as he walked slowly to match with her steps. They could not think of anything to say to each other until they went inside the car.

Inside, Ivy yawned the moment her back touched the seat. She suddenly felt tired. In less than a minute, she was sleeping soundly in the backseat. She has a peaceful smile on her lips and her soft breathing was like a music to his ears. Hiro looked at her, took one of her hands and gently stroked each finger. His eyes turned serious as his fingers settled on her ring finger. He has to make her wear a ring soon, so he can finally mark his territory. He realized that he finds himself hoping that this day won't end. He promised to himself that he would make every effort to make it a reality.

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