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   Chapter 14 I will keep you company

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Hiro was drinking coffee at the deck, just near the cabin door that is slightly opened. He left it in such a way so he could easily see her when she wakes up. He already showered and had breakfast, but the lady was soundly sleeping that he did not have the heart to wake her up. It's almost 10:30 in the morning, he can feel the sun and the wind burning on his skin. He put on his sunglasses, watching the birds flying across the sea. They already docked, and just waiting for her to wake up so they can explore the Rose Garden as she wishes.

He sincerely smiled. He never felt as satisfied and refreshed until now. He feels like all the stress from his surroundings, from the company that piled up on him since his 22nd birthday became nothing for just one night in her arms. He cast another glanced at her, he will make her happy, and she won't regret giving up her chastity to him. He did not expect it, because she is already 22 years old, and she is pretty thing not to have admirers. Although he knew that she never had a boyfriend back in her country as he had her background investigated, it was actually no big deal for him. What he wanted was all of her, regardless of her past. It's a modern society, and a Japanese like him does not care too much about it.

But it felt great when he realized he was her first. It made him proud and happy. He became greedy and promised himself that he would also be her only, and her last. He looked at his wristwatch and decided to wake her up. She has not eaten anything since last night, and she had a hard time because of his accumulated desire, so he knows that she is fully spent. But she needs to eat, he doesn't want her to get sick because of him.

He entered the cabin and sat beside her, touched her cheeks. She is so soft! He thought. And as he felt the familiar desire in his lower half, he stopped himself.

"Ivy, " he gently called her name, and shook her on the shoulders a little. She let out a moan, as if still in a trance, but still her eyes were closed. He whispered on her ear, "Ivy, if you don't wake up now I will make love to you until night time without a break. You won't really be able to walk after that".

She suddenly opened her eyes, and looked at the man smiling seductively at her. She felt her cheeks burning, she was about to say something when she realized that she just woke up, and covered her mouth. She must smell bad! She said something to him, while her hands were slightly pushing him to go away.

Hiro frowned, not understanding what she wants to say, she w


"We are anchored near the Rose Garden" he simply said.

Her eyes grew wide with surprise and anticipation. "Really? Wow!" she then dabbed a tissue on her mouth. Her action surprised him, "Are you done eating?"

She stood up after drinking a glass full of water.

"Yes, I want to see the Rose Garden", she said enthusiastically. Hiro was still chewing on his food. He decided to give in to her, since she looks so excited.

She winced at the ache on her legs as she walked towards the door. Hiro was beside her in a moment. "Careful, you don't have to hurry. Do you want everybody to notice how you walk?" He playfully bites her earlobe.

"Stop it!" she pretended to punch him, but he was very agile. He was leaning outside the deck in a flash, waiting for her to come up. He stretched one arm to her, and as she looked at it, she felt overwhelmed. He is treating her very gently.

Everybody greeted them as they reached the hall, and then all the people there went on their own things to do. Nobody cast a second glance at them, or stared at her. She has been feeling quite embarrassed, for she knows that if it's in her country, she would get all kinds of amusing and perverted look that she could possibly get. Now she is thankful to be in Japan. They are trained to not mind other people's business.

Hiro has been holding her hand the entire time, so she won't trip or limp on her steps. It was hard for her to walk straight. They arrived at the deck and she noticed that a car was waiting for them, but it was not Yano. It's a man that wears the same thing as Yano and bowed to them as he noticed them near. He opened the passenger doors for them and he sat on the driver's seat.

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