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   Chapter 13 Too hot for you

Fateful Encounter By Elria Cortez Characters: 8451

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Hiro stepped towards her, and moved to touch her. But she evaded him and run to the cabin. She locked the cabin from inside, but instantly she felt terrified. It was so dark. The light from the candles when they were dining are already gone. She can barely see the inside the room, but she can make up some shadow of the furniture.

She heard his impatient knock. "Open the door!"

"No! Get away from me". She heard him stepping away, and she felt a bit relieved. But it was so dark, and as fright took over her, she sat silently on one corner, hugging her knees in her front. This is all a misunderstanding. He must be punishing her for something she does not know about. But he was just so gentle with her a couple of hours ago! How can he bully her like this!

She did not realize how long she has been in that position. Her mixed emotions, exhaustion, and the wine took a toll on her and was asleep sitting. She did not hear the door open nor felt that she was carried by strong arms and was laid on the bed.

Hiro looked at the sleeping woman in his arms. He was on her side, caressing her face, his hands burning with desire to touch her all over her body. Then Ivy suddenly opened her eyes, and their gaze locked against the darkness of the room. He kissed her that instant, cannot hold himself anymore. Ivy felt intoxicated by his good scent, by his probing tongue, and his gentle caresses on her body. He was touching her, and she likes it!

Hiro felt her arms clasped around his neck, and he started to unbutton her blouse. His became undone in one moment. It was dark, and he could not see how she looks, but he can feel her bare, smooth skin warming at his touch.

Ivy's mind was in chaos. But she knows what she is feeling this instant, she wants him. She does not want him to let her go, and so with a soft moan as he trailed kisses on her naked body, she decided to respond to him after all. She does not care what happens tomorrow, what's important is the burning desire inside her that is almost making her crazy.

After a while, Hiro felt her teeth on his shoulder. Did he hurt her? He froze for a while, realizing what just happened. His eyes became gentle, touching her pained face, she opened her eyes and a tear fell. He kissed her tears away. He can now almost see her face as their eyes adjusted to the darkness. There is faint light coming from the bathroom door, and he could see how her face looks like. He began to move, and her fingers dug to his flesh, he felt the stinging pain but it gave

His messy hair added a casual look on his face, and she just looked at him speechless.

"Don't look at me like that" Hiro warned, his face slowly inching towards her. "I won't be able to keep my hands off you", he started kissing her nose, Ivy closed her eyes. His lips were so tempting, as he kissed her face, down to her neck, he nibbled at her ears, and his hands hold hers, until she realized that the blanket was taken off her.

She found herself lying again on her back, with Hiro on top of her, then they heard the knock on the door. Hiro said something inaudible with an irritated voice and jumped off the bed. She giggled softly, and pulled the blanket up to her neck. He is really an exhibitionist, she thought. He walked to the door, pull it open and closed it fast. Then he walked to the table where he poured water on the glass and walked towards her. He did all these in a matter of moments, naked! He must be so confident with his body, she thought.

He sat at the edge of the bed and helped her to sit up, she took the 2 tablets that he offered and drank the water. He then put the glass on the table, went back to bed and tried to pull down the blanket from her.

She felt embarrassed.

"How many times did we do it already, aren't you tired yet?" she asked. As he succeeded on pulling the blanket, his eyes roamed over her body, then back to her face. He took one of her hand and let her touch something. She almost gasped loudly when she realized what it was.

"Do you feel it tired?" he smiled seductively at her as he lowered his head and kissed her again. They shared another passionate lovemaking until Ivy fell asleep, in satisfaction and exhaustion.

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