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   Chapter 12 Be my wife

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Hiro owned the cruise ship. He decided to take her here to make his plan work. He took her to his private cabin, after telling his assistant to go towards the Rose Garden. If everything is ok, they will reach the Garden around 4:00AM. He appreciated the set-up of this room, it was quite cozy and the ambience is a little romantic, with the round table for two, candlelit and a soft music is playing. The room was provided with bathroom, toilet, and bedroom with a queen-size bed. He already ordered clothes for her and everything they will need until the following days.

Hiro sat on one of the chairs and motioned for her to sit too. Ivy sat dubiously. "Isn't it a bit dark in here?" her eyes wandered on the room, she feels a little eerie coz she really does not like dark places. "How can we have the lesson when you can barely see my notes" she stated.

"We will have dinner first" he said, mindful that Ivy looked tense because of the room's darkness. "Don't worry, there are no ghosts in here", he joked.

She looked at him, thinking "He is worse than a ghost" and decided that he is starting to bully her. She looked at him firmly, hoping that he would tell her what's on his mind.

"Eat", he said, and so she did.

She felt like they were having a friendly dinner this time. Throughout the meal, he was quite talkative, asking her about school and her plans once she completes her studies. Ivy was in the mood for a nice talk, the thought about the Rose Garden makes her excited, and she was like a child with dreamy eyes as she was telling him everything she wants to be.

"How about you? I don't know that much about what you do" she then asked carefully, pretending to be monotonous so he won't suspect that she is interested.

"Well, you know I'm a businessman, I like travelling." He said, and she was disappointed. She drank the water on her glass and thought it tasted a bit salty. Or bitter? But her interest was with him, maybe he is in a good mood to talk about himself, she thought. Although their relationship is like that of an employer-employee, she can't hide the fact that he is a man that no woman can't be interested with. And she is just a normal woman.

"What else? Don't be so boring, why don't you tell me more about yourself?" she smiled at him, eyes cloudy. "How about your family? Or do you have someone special? I don't even know your age!"

Hiro blinked for a while, it was the first time she smiled at him! And man, she looked so appealing. He sat back relaxing on the chair, looking at her, holding hi

ted her mouth with his expert tongue, he felt her respond. They kissed passionately, his arms on her waist and on the back of her head while her arms were wrapped around his shoulders.

As he stopped kissing her, He whispered gently as he was sucking her earlobe "Be my wife, Ivy".

With that, Ivy felt like a cold water was splashed into her. She tried to free herself from his hold, but he did not let go.

"Let me go! Let me go, you jerk!" she said and stomped on his foot. He lost his hold on her with the pain and she stepped backwards. "You are bullying and seducing me again, " she accused.

Hiro looked at her, his eyes still burned with desire at the sight of her, delicately standing with her round eyes.

"I am not bullying you" he said simply, but of course he was indeed seducing her. That's the whole point of taking her to the cruise ship, having candlelit dinner and star gazing.

"Don't play with me Mr. Yamamoto, please spare me your antics", she throws angry glances at him.

Hiro inhaled and stepped back to his chair. He leaned on the railing of the deck and looked at the sky. "I want you to be the mother of my child, so I am proposing that you become my wife". He wanted to say children, but he thought against it.

Ivy could not believe her ears. This is so too sudden! She never expected this. She shook her head over and over again to clear her thoughts. She is confused, how could he propose to her when they are not even in a romantic relationship!

Hiro decided to be straight with her, "I am serious".

Ivy felt panic. But she feels her heart is getting excited. How could she feel like this! She's not even in love with him! Her mind is going crazy.

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