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   Chapter 11 Different location for the lesson

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After a few minutes, Mita walked out of her son's room. Actually, she won't be able to do anything against her son's decision. But she just hopes that he would find a suitable lady soon.

Hiro kept his expression blank the entire time that his mother was with him. When she went out, he angrily crumpled some papers and throw on the wall. He does not hate his mother, but he still can't forgive her either. He was in his 2nd year in high school when his mother had an extra-marital relationship with another man. Their butler! His father almost killed them when they were caught inside the man's apartment, both naked. He remembered that his father had a heart attack after that and was in hospital for almost a month. His mother left them, without even an explanation. She did not even talk to Hiro about what happened or said goodbye to him. He was so heartbroken. After six years, when he came back home after his study in the US, his mother came back. With a 5-year-old daughter in her arms, Rina, and the paternity test said that the little girl was his father's daughter, his little sister. His father accepted his mother after all, and they lived together since then.

At first, Hiro did not want to do anything with the little sister, but she kept on following him around, always calling him brother and smiling tenderly at him. He did not realize since when he started to warm up to her and before he accepted it, she became the most important being to him. He would do anything for his sister. Now, his sister is in 1st grade of high school, looking prettier than ever. His eyes became gentler at the thought of his sister.

Hiro looked at his watch, it is almost 5:00PM, and he thought about Ivy. What he has in mind for her will leave her red to the roots of her hair. Hiro has always been a man who is not easily affected with seduction from the opposite sex, but Ivy has a different effect on him. She's like his morphine, so addictive. For the past weeks, he has been really good in keeping his desires in check, as he did not want to truly frighten her. His innocent enchantress does not even realize how she affected him so much!

The thought of the things she said about him earlier create a deep frown on his forehead, but he was not irritated at all. He was amused on how can she describe him like that, very creative! He would have to prove to her later how potent this old man who is at his terminal phase is, he thought. Although they are almost 10 years apart in age, Hiro does not look his age. Japanese people have really good skin and good genes, which m

er arms in his nape as she was afraid to fall down.

"Where are we going? Please put me down." She said, her voice is masked by something mixed in fear and attraction towards him. She can't see his face as it was dark, street lights were too far from each other.

Over the past weeks, she developed an interest in him, but always tried to shrugged it off. She kept on telling herself it was only because of the thing that happened in the elevator that she felt like that. Period.

Hiro put her down and she realized that she was in a ship! That explains the dizziness she felt when she got off the car, it was on a bridge connecting to the ship. Hiro walked and gestured for her to follow him.

She followed obediently, thankful that she wore flat sandals, otherwise she might miss her step as the ship is moving. It's her first time to ride a ship, and she does not like the feeling. Although she can swim, but she cannot get too far and too deep, so she thought she will always try to avoid riding a ship or a boat.

They entered to a cabin and to her surprise, other people were there and greeted them. They don't look like customers, she thought, as she also bowed a little in response, otherwise, they will not mind us. Then Hiro casually hold her left hand, she felt a bit electrified, and tried to pull her hand but he holds her firmly and glanced at her. She decided to let it go, what's wrong with just holding hands, anyway! Hiro talked with a man who greeted him, wearing a black tuxedo, but she did not understand what they talked about. She let her eyes wandered and admired the extravagant interior of the ship. It looks like they are inside a function hall, with chandeliers and all those flowers.

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