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   Chapter 10 I will marry soon

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After then, Ivy continued to teach him her language. And she never touched any food that he brings for her, nor she eats anything when they go to the restaurant. She just sufficed herself with water every time they go out for the lesson. She even brings her own water bottle, in case he would say another exorbitant price for the water that she would drink. During those times, she noticed that he was always paying attention to her lessons, and never made one move to touch her or bully her like before. She was glad. However, she noticed that for some of the days, she would wake up in the middle of the night and found herself wet, not with sweat but with desire flowing out of her. She would remember how he touched her on the elevator, how his tongue played with her tongue, with her ear, with her breast. She would feel ashamed, and something that she cannot fathom.

A month passed quickly with them meeting about 3-4 hours. She would always eat early as Yano picks her up at exactly 7:35PM and she will arrive in his office at almost exactly 8:00PM. She can come back at around 11:35. Hiro decided to add the transportation time so her 4 hours will end before midnight.

It was almost the end of May, she was withdrawing money from her bank account when she noticed that a certain amount was deposited on her just two days ago. She calculated the amount and realized that Hiro has paid her full time with a month's rate. She felt disgusted, and happy. She thought that it was not even 10% of what she has to pay back to him so she can be released from the contract.

Lyndon suddenly appeared behind her and she almost stumbled with surprise. He caught her on her arms before she fell to the ground.

"Thanks, " she said and smiled at him.

"Clumsy", Lyndon teased her and she laughed. During these past days, she and Lyndon became good friends. Although he would often invite her to go out with him for dinner or just to look around the city on weekends, she would always have to decline because of her part time job. On weekends that she has to meet Hiro for a 4-hour lesson, which is usually in the afternoon, she would spend her mornings learning Japanese by reading her books and watching anime. She really does not have that much time left to go out with him.

"Hey, do you know that there's a rose garden not too far away from here? It's only until next week and after that they will close it to the

you won't even have the energy to train your heir when you get too old".

Here it goes! Hiro thinks. He knows that his mother will bring this topic whenever she shows up. He did not reply, and just focused on reading the documents.

"Hiro, don't you have anybody you like yet? If you agree to it, we can arrange an "omiai" for you", she pressed. Omiai is a Japanese word which means marriage interview. This is a common thing especially for the upper class in order to make sure that a couple would have equally satisfying family and professional background as well as compatible preferences. This way, it will save a lot of time for both parties, as courtship takes a while and rejection might happen. The acceptability of this setting is very convenient for all classes of the society.

"No need", Hiro said crisply. "I will marry soon".

Mita was surprised, she looked dubiously at her son, but she was not angry at all. She had him followed in secret for the past months since he turned 31 but he never dated any considerable woman yet. All meetings he had with other women were business meetings, and lately he has been meeting every day with a foreign student, from which she learned that her son is learning another language. Hiro is already fluent in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Korean. He did that for the company's expansion abroad. So, she does not know of anybody in particular that he could get married with. Her son is quite picky, the only girlfriend he ever had was back in high school, but they broke when he went to America to study. The girl later married a Japanese doctor.

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