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   Chapter 9 Bear with my presence

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"Look, I know I have gone too far. Please stop crying anymore", he said in a gentle voice. It was not his style to cajole somebody, let alone a woman. He only uses this tone for his little sister, whom he is fond of so much. This time, he knows he really went too far with his punishment. He just intended to teach her a lesson by frightening her in the elevator. When they had a break, he called Yano and the staff and ordered to cut the electricity for 10 minutes once they entered inside. He knows that she was afraid of the dark, as she never turned off her light even when she sleeps. But when she pulled him closer to her, he could not resist the sweet fragrance that her body is emitting. He did not intend to touch her but his desire made him lost his min in that instant. Before he realized it, he was already kissing her deeply, and he felt her responding after a while. The feeling of her soft body on his made him want to touch her all over, and taste her all throughout. He was like burning with uncontrollable desire to consume her that time.

"Just take me home please", Ivy said in a small voice. She covered her face between her knees, as she felt too shy to even looked at him. She does not have the courage to look him into his eyes, as she knows that it was partly her desire. She was angry at herself for not being herself that time. Or was she really that kind of person? Making out with somebody she just met twice, not even somebody who is her boyfriend, but almost a total stranger!

Hiro made a move to touch her, and when she felt his movement, she suddenly looked at him with angry eyes. He stopped. He let out a sigh and said, "ok". He moved to the driver's seat and drove towards her dormitory.

Ivy entered her room silently. Once inside, she went to her bed and cried like child. She never knew until what time she was crying, then she fell asleep. She woke up with her phone ringing.

"Hello", she said in a hoarse voice.

It was moment of silence before somebody speaks.

"Hello, Ivy? It's me" Lyndon said. He became worried when she did not appear in the morning classes, so he decided to call her during lunch break. "Are you sick?" he noticed the difference in her voice, it sounds like she has a cold.

Ivy sat up and looked at the wall clock. It' already 12:15PM! She missed her class. As a student, she never missed any class except when she was really sick and could not walk to school. But last night, she felt that she was too exhausted and did not even hear the alarm she set at 6:00 in the morning. She is an early riser as she always does some aerobics 30 minutes after waking up.

"I'm sorry, it seems

ed in Japan for almost a week and she would be deported? She could not believe her ears.

"You're lying", she said. But even she does not believe her own words.

"Ask your university about it then." He took a step forward, she backed down to the wall and looked at her feet. Her hands are trembling, with both rage and helplessness. He then touched her chin so they could look at each other face to face.

His eyes became gentle at the expression of fear in her eyes.

"I promise that I will never touch you again without your permission, Ivy" he said.

She felt embarrassed. She knows that what happened last night was not entirely his fault, and she indirectly gave her permission when she responded to his touch.

"Can you just please release me from the contract? I need to concentrate on my studies", she tried to plead on her case. If she cannot win him over with angry assaults, maybe she can persuade him in a gentle manner. She really can't stay near him anymore, he is too dangerous for her, for her dreams. She cannot trust herself that she would be able to resist his advances in the future.

Hiro frowned at her. Release her! As if he captured her and put her in a cage! Then on second thought, he does not wish for her to be angry at him. But he could not definitely just let her go like that, either.

"Alright, " he said, a flicker of hope was seen on her eyes. Yes! He will release me, she thought. "When you have paid for the 9-hour rent of my private room, my shirt, your clothes, and the dinner from last night which cost about 3 million yen, then I can consider releasing you from the part time job contract. For the meantime, you have to bear with my presence". He smiled at her, and she wanted to tear his lovely lips apart with rage.

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