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   Chapter 8 Don’t leave me!

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Ivy did not realize how much she has eaten, until she felt she could not chew the food anymore. She drinks a glass of water, after making sure that it was really water. She has to be alert with him, otherwise she might end up in a miserable state.

"You have no appetite?" she asked him when she noticed that he almost did not touch the food. She saw that the bottle of wine was almost finished, but except for some remnants of the seafood, he almost did not eat that much.

"My appetite is for something else", he said leisurely, looking at her and focusing on her lips. She unconsciously licked her lips as she felt them dry, and looked down.

"Well, I'm already full. Shall we get down to the lesson then?" she said. Actually, she did not eat dinner because she was trying to save money to pay for the clothes he bought for her the other night. They were really expensive, and she is a nobody to him to spend his money on.

Hiro gestured to the waiter and their table was immediately cleaned up. She put her notes on the table. It was almost 9:30 PM, which means she spent almost an hour eating! She was a bit embarrassed but she let it go quickly. She was hungry, and he offered food. So, it was not such a big deal, she thought.

They started with the lesson which is now about the alphabet in her country. It was difficult for her to teach it to him, because she herself is not a language teacher. Her major is in biology. She is just so thankful to YouTube for providing very convenient tutorial on this matter. This time, Ivy noticed that he was really paying attention. His face was focused on her notes almost all the times, as he was also scribbling on the notes that she provided for him. She smiled to herself, this man could be really attractive when he is serious, she thought. A couple of hours passed and Ivy felt that she needed a break from continuous talking and explanation. Hiro noticed this and told her, "I will make a phone call, you may rest for a while". He then went a bit far inside the room and talked with somebody on the phone in Japanese.

Ivy can hear them but could not understand what he was saying. She stood up and walked towards the glass window. Because it's almost 12:00 midnight, she saw the colorful lights on the streets and from the buildings, she was moving her feet back and forth since she was just sitting down the whole time. She takes out her phone and took a photo of the scenery. She was browsing on Facebook for a while when she heard him speak.

"Shall we leave for now?" he asked. Ivy looked at him with question in her eyes. He said "I will take you home, it's late".

She simply nodded and put her notes in her bag while thinking, she ate for almost an hour and they only have the lesson for about 2 hours. She followed him as he walked towards the elevator. The waiter did not go with them and she found it a little strange but did not think much about it. They were at the eight floor when the elevator halted, and it became so dark. Ivy was immediately scared, she screamed in fear. She is so afraid of dark, closed places. She felt like she will suffocate. Hiro was at her side in a moment, hugging her while caressing her head. She pulled him closer to her. "Don't leave me! I'm so scared!" she was in a panic. He kept on caressing her hair, her back, while whispering "It's ok, I'm here".

She kept on crying, and Hiro could touch her tears on his palms as he cupped her face. Without another word, he lowered his face on hers and their lips met. Ivy was surprised, but the fear she is feeling from the dark is making her mind blank to grasp what is happening. She felt his lips on hers, and she felt that his tongue is slowly making its way inside her mouth. Her arms pulling on his chest earlier became weaker as she tasted the wine on his tongue. Her mind is in chaos, his hands was on her nape, making his kisses deeper, while the other hand was on her waist. She can feel the heat of his body on her clothes, and his arms moved down her buttocks. He pulled her closer, and she felt a bulge on her stomach. Ivy does not understand what is going on, her m

ind became intoxicated with his deep kisses, his hands caressing her butt making her feel hot and different. She had never felt like this! It feels good.

Hiro noticed that her arms went to the back of his head. And he became more aggressive. He pushed her to the wall of the elevator, and with his two hands, lifted her until her thighs are on his legs. He kept on tasting her sweetness. Damn! His desire is so evident now! He began to suck on her earlobes, and Ivy felt a tingling sensation all over her body. She closed her eyes in the wonderful feeling, her hands on his head. Hiro kissed her neck, and as he free one of his arms, he undid the buttons of her blouse without her noticing it. He trailed kisses towards her soft breast. She tastes so good! Ivy cannot fathom what she's feeling right now. This is all new to her, and she does not have the strength to say no to this ecstatic feeling!

Hiro cupped one of her breasts, and with that, Ivy felt a cold rush to her brain. Stop! She felt his hands, burning into her skin, tickling her sensation. She does not want to admit it but it felt so good. However, her voice was paralyzed, her body was in so much ecstasy that it betrayed her mind. Hiro found the clasp of her bra and it fell. He sucked and kissed each nipple gently until they were hard, and he heard her moan.

Hiro felt good when he heard her soft moan of pleasure, he could feel his desire burning and trying to consume him. He was not sure if he could still stop now!

Just then, the light of the elevator returned! Ivy was shocked when she noticed the state she was in. She let out a cry of embarrassment and tried to free herself frantically from his embrace. Hiro sighed deeply. He let her go and turned around.

Ivy felt so ashamed to herself. Tears fell down her cheeks as she put her clothes back in order. She feels like she has been violated, and she consented to it. What a shame! Her tears kept rolling on her face.

The elevator started moving. Hiro kept his back on her, as he was calming himself. His desire almost took control of him, not the other way around which is the common thing. He inhaled deeply several times before he faced her, and his face turned sideways with a slap.

Hiro could not believe this! She slapped him! Hard! He looked at her unbelievably, his cheeks reddened. He felt rage welled up in his chest but he was controlled by her expression. Her face was blank, her eyes were red and her cheeks were a bit flushed with stains of tears. She was hugging herself, and he noticed that her hands were shivering. He felt guilty, he went a bit too far. He tried to touch her, and in that instant, the elevator stopped and it opened. Ivy run as fast as she could away from him. When Yano saw her, he immediately came over to catch her. When she felt somebody hold her from behind, Ivy screamed in panic and humiliation.

"Let go of me! Bastard! I hate you! Let me go!" she was squirming frantically in Yano's grasp. But she is just a slim lady and Yano is well-built. He opened the door of the car and shoved her inside. He locked the car with the remote control and stood outside, waited for his boss. The staff heard her screaming but they pretended not to hear anything. They wore impassive expressions on their faces as Hiro walked out from the restaurant, he gestured at Yano and went inside the driver's seat. He drove the car, with Yano in a bewildered state. So, he has to find a taxi to go back home. He whistled at how daring his boss could be.

Hiro has been driving for about 20 minutes when he suddenly pulled over near a park. It was barely lighted as it was past midnight. He went outside and entered the backseat, then locked the doors. Ivy was sitting on the far edge of the car; her feet was on the seat and she was hugging them close to her. Tears kept on falling on her cheeks, her lower lip has a bite mark on it, indicating that she bit it quite hard.

Hiro felt his heart melted at the sight of the woman in front of him. He wanted to comfort her, but did not trust himself to touch her again, as his desire might overtake his mind once more.

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