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   Chapter 7 A dinner date

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Ivy yawned on her bed. It's past 8:00 PM. She just finished doing all her assignments and was about to go to sleep when she heard her phone. Who could call her? She just finished talking with her mom earlier this night.

It was an unregistered number and after a moment of hesitation, she answered it.


"Come down in five minutes or I will go there to your room". It was a crisp voice and Ivy thought for a while that it was a wrong caller. Then she remembered that radio announcer-like voice of Hiro Yamamoto and looked at the phone in surprise and anger. How did he know her number?

"Mr. Yamamoto, you said I can have a rest today since I spent 9 hours with you last night. Are you going back on your word?" she inhaled deeply as she tried to calm herself down.

She heard his breathing and thought that he really does have a sexy voice.

"I changed my mind. I need some lessons now", he said nonchalantly, and looked at his watch. "You have 4 minutes and 15 seconds remaining".

Ivy turned off the phone in anger.

Hiro's face turned red with humiliation. What the heck! This is the first time that somebody hang up on him. He must teach some manners into her! With that, he opened the door of the dormitory. It was password protected but Hiro got the password from Ivy through the transmitter. He knows that she lives on the 8th floor at room 805. He knocked on it.

Ivy looked through the peephole and walked backwards when she saw the man standing with an irritated and cold look on his face. She did not expect that he would come here. How does he know the password of the dormitory? She heard the knock again, then her phone rings. She picked it up, "If you don't want this door to be broken, open it now!"

She was scared and opened the door in panic. Hiro entered her room swiftly, closed the door and locked it. Ivy stepped backwards, clutching the phone in her hands. She doesn't have anywhere else to go; her room has no partition whatsoever.

Hiro looked around for a while before he turned his attention to her. She is in her pajama which is light blue. It hides all her curves, and he doesn't know if he feels disappointed or satisfied. She has nice curves, but he does not want it to flaunted. He walked towards her as she kept on stepping backwards.

"What are you doing? This is harassment! I will report you to the police!" she threatened him. He sneered at her. How dare she threatened him!

"What is there to report? I only came to pick you up for your part time job, and you opened the door for me. What harassment are you talking about?" his eyes was twinkling in mischief but his whole face pretended a look of innocence. Ivy could not believe her ears. What a scheming bastard! She thought.

Hiro was at her front so fast that she forgot to step backwards. His arm was on the back of her waist all of a sudden. She could smell his nice many scent. Their eyes locked.

"Change into something more casual, I will wait for you downstairs in 10 minutes". With that, he let her go.

"And if I don't?" she asked defiantly.

Hiro's right eyebrow was lifted and his look was unreadable, "I would not mind sleeping here with you." Then, he left and closed the door at his back.

Ivy was so furious, but she could not possibly throw her phone. She just bought it and she is not that rich to break things especially if they are not that cheap. She was silently cursing and calling him names as she changed her clothes into casual long sleeve white blouse and knee-length skirt. She wore her sneakers and took her backpack with her as she made sure that her notes for the language lesson with him are there. She seriously prepared her lessons the day she was offered the part time job, because in whatever she does, she always tries to do her best. Ivy has a very competitive character, and she is proud of all her achievements up to now. While inside the elevator, she looked at her watch, 2 minutes still remain so she decided to stop by at the toilet on the first floor. Although, the first floor is for male students, there's a toilet for female as well, as the funct

ion hall is also on the first floor. She applied a light make up and sprayed a little perfume on the back of her ear and pulse points. What am I doing, she thought. It looks like I am looking forward to meeting him.

She went out of the toilet a few seconds before her time is up. Outside was a shiny black Maserati. She has no idea that it was also a luxury car until she googled it while inside the car. Why, she never saw one before!

She sat on the far side of the car while Hiro was on the other side. Yano was driving for them. He greeted her and she smiled at him while saying good evening in return. Hiro frowned at Yano. How could she smile at him like that!

Instead of going to the same building, Ivy was surprised when they entered what looks like a restaurant, but it was empty and a bit dark than a common restaurant. There were no other customers except them.

An elderly man and some middle-aged women approached them once they entered, all of them are wearing black suits, and politely bowed at them.

"Good evening, Mr. Yamamoto. Let me guide you to your space". He nodded to one of the women who politely asked her if she can take her bag. Ivy said no and the woman stepped backwards, her back still slightly bent.

Ivy was amazed at their polite gestures. She really like this part of Japanese culture. She feels really important and respectable.

She noticed that Yano did not go with them, and as she looked at her back, Hiro said, "You want to pay for his dinner, too?"

She glanced at him sharply but did not say a word. She decided that the best way to deal is not to let everything he says get the better of her. She should be patient, and let him do and say what he wants, as long as he would not touch her!

Hiro felt disappointed with her silent manner. He likes how she talks back at him, coz nobody ever does it to him, except his little sister. After they entered the elevator, they were guided into a room at the 11th floor. Ivy was impressed. A restaurant with an 11th floor! Must be too costly to eat here, she thought.

They were seated opposite to each other. Ivy noticed that even though the room was quite spacious, there's only the table that is occupied by them. A few moments passed and they were served with drinks and food by uniformed waiters, all wearing black tuxedo and black shiny shoes.

"Eat up first", he ordered. Ivy looked at all the food in their table. How can they eat all of these! The food in the table might feed even 5 people his size. Ivy doubted that he can eat that much, she is sure that he must also be conscious of what he eats coz he has such well-built body. A burning sensation runs on her cheeks as she remembered him on the bed, shirtless with only the boxer shorts on. His body is a really well-sculpted one, she must admit. She decided to focus on the food. She then realized that most of the food was seafood, vegetables, fruits and fish. Two dishes were made of chicken. Ivy is a vegetarian in a sense, but she also eats fish, seafood and chicken. She wondered if they have the same food preference.

She started to eat as he just sat there and started drinking his wine. She decided not to talk to him while eating. On the other end of the table, Hiro was just silently watching her eat. The way she used her hands and chew her food. He looks at how her expression changes every time she eats something that satisfy her taste buds. He enjoyed this moment, they were not bickering at each other. For unknown reasons, she always makes him lose his cool. Since that time at the airplane, her scent never left him. Her touch when she tightly hugged him then warmed him and he realized that he was lusting after her. However, it was more than lust. He is fascinated with her, when she was seriously teaching him last night about her country's manners and culture, he was truly interested to learn them. He was intrigued with how she ended up to be a lady with such beaming self-confidence, independence and freedom of expression. He later thought that it would be nice if he could have somebody like her in his life, for eternity.

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