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   Chapter 6 Rich old man

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Hiro looked up from his desk when he heard the door opened at his private room. Ivy went out and walked towards the door, then she went out from his office without even a single glance in his direction.

Perfect! This gutsy girl will learn her lesson from him later. Hiro thought, he was satisfied with her look when she goes out. He did not want her going out wearing that dress again which clings perfectly to her shapely body, that is why he specifically ask Yano to pick something conservative. But still, the pants fit on her delicate hips, that swayed with all the steps she took. And she looked so pristine in pink. Very ladylike. He once again remembered her soft skin last night, and was thankful that he was sitting with his lower half under the table. He felt this groin tightening with just the thought of her.

That lady must have hypnotized him. He has never felt this strong lust before to any women, no matter how they seduced him before.

He called Yano and said "Take her straight to school. But don't forget to stop by for food, she hasn't had breakfast yet."

Yano frowned with the order of the boss. What a miracle! He thought. He saw the foreigner going out of his boss office wearing the clothes that he bought last night, after letting the store owner pick the clothes from his boss' instruction. At 11:00Pm last night, he had to drive to the nearest clothing store when his boss told him about it, in specific color and size. He did not notice anything wrong with the lady so his mind is thinking if there's something that happened between them. Although Yano knows that his boss is so picky with women, he is still a man. But since it's not his concern, he let his thought stop and focused on driving this girl to the university.

What bothered him is that his boss even ordered him to take her for food. It' the first time that his boss showed that gentle side, worrying about other people. Of course, he knows that Hiro Yamamoto is not a heartless person, but he is not a warm-hearted man, too. Boss' order is still an order.

A few blocks before the university, Yano stopped and entered a restaurant. Ivy, with a questioning look in her eyes, did not go out from the car. It was already 7:30 and her first class will start at 9:00 AM. Yano came back and knocked on her window. He motioned for her to get out of the car and they will go inside the restaurant.

Since she expects that Yano cannot understand her, she decided to follow him. She actually feels hungry as she is used to having breakfast every day at 7:00 AM. She ordered a full set of meal, and ate it with gusto. Opposite to her, Yano was just drinking coffee while occasionally looking at her.

He is intrigued with this girl. Then, she looked at him, and smiled. He blinked as he noticed how pretty she is. Not a common Japanese face anyway, but she looks so naturally beautiful. His boss has good taste, as expected. He thought.

"Mr., may I ask your name?" she said.

Yano hesitated to answer. He is supposed to pretend not to understand English so she won't stroke ay conversation with him. His boss ordered him not to talk unnecessary things with her. Maybe, just self-introduction is alright, he thought.

"Yano, Nishida Yano" he said.

Ivy smiled, so he can understand her!

"Mr. Yano, how come your boss is such a shameless pervert? Does he have any girlfriend to play with? With his looks and money, it's impossible that he does not have anybody, right? Maybe he is not good in bed."

Ivy felt good after saying it. She cannot tell about it to anybody anyway, better tell it to this man. She believed that this guy is that man's trusted assistant, so everything she said will be relayed to him. She cannot wait for him to receive the words that she just said.

Yano almost choked on his coffee. But with years of being his boss' assistant, he was able to retain an expressionless face. But deep inside, he is laughing his heart out.

Hiro Yamamoto, one of the richest and the youngest businessman in Asia, and the most influential in Japan, has been called a shameless pervert by th

is foreign girl. What more, she said that he might not be good in bed! At his beck and call, countless women would be more than willing to climb into his bed, and he doubt that his boss is a lousy lover. He cannot wait to see his boss' face when he told him about this later.

At Yano's silence, Ivy was having doubts that he understood what she said. Nevertheless, she felt better after saying those words, like she just got even with him, as he saw almost everything in her. After breakfast, Yano took her directly to the entrance of the university. It was 8:30, just enough for her to get ready before her first class. She went out of the car after thanking Yano.

As she entered the gate, she did not notice that Lyndon was walking towards her. At the sight of the car, he couldn't help but ask her.

"Hi, looks like you found a rich boyfriend" he said, something in his voice spells anger.

Ivy was surprised to see him, "Oh, that was owned by my student" she replied casually.

"Student?" he lifted one thick eyebrow.

"Yeah, I forgot to tell you that I have a part time job. I am a language tutor to a rich old man who does not know how to spend his money properly. That is why he hired me". Ivy congratulated herself at how much she just insulted him. Good for you! She thought.

"I see", Lyndon let the topic down. A part time job tutoring an old man is certainly not a threat for him, as he wants to pursue her. He felt at ease.

At the president's office in the 49th floor, Hiro's usually expressionless face was twisted in anger as he listened to Yano telling about what Ivy told him during breakfast.

Shameless pervert? Not good in bed? How dare she! She really needs a good lesson to change his impression on him. He must have been too gentle on her.

Yano shivered at the cold expression radiated by Hiro. However, he is so used to it that he is able to maintain his sanity. Staying with Hiro for almost 15 years has led him to adapt to his boss' behavior and mood. He can be as cold as ice, and can be as warm as the sun when he wants. However, the latter is so rare that he can almost count it on his fingers.

Hiro decided that he will let her rest today since she spent the night with him last night. Then he remembered something and motioned Yano to turn on the speaker. It was a transmission of the recording bug that he put on Ivy's wallet while she was sleeping last night. It's a very tiny chip that can record audio sounds, and could transmit it to the receiver in his office once a signal is connected.

The phrase "rich old man" pierced through his ear like a gunshot. He shoots bloody stares at Yano who could not contain his laughter. Yano stopped suddenly and looked outside the window.

"Yano", he said.

"Yes boss?" he politely replied, keeping an expressionless face.

"You buy me a lunch, the one that I always eat, no reimbursement". Hiro tapped his finger on the receiver and stopped it. He started to do his work.

Yano was dumbfounded. His boss asked him to buy a lunch for him without reimbursement. For a moment, he could not believe his ears. The boss' favorite food is a seafood set with a beef dish that amounts to ¥50, 000. How could he pay for it without reimbursement!

"Boss?" he said, maybe he did not hear it properly.

Hiro looked at him with an innocent face. "What? Are you saying that you also want to buy me dinner?"

Yano was on his feet going out of the room. He better buys him lunch or else, his dinner would be even for free, which would cost more than double the price of his lunch. How could he have such a punishment when all he did was laugh a little!

Hiro was playing on his pen at his desk, remembering her words, and thinking of ways to punish her. I will let you learn how an old rich man who is not good in bed can make you beg for mercy, Ivy Castillo. Just you wait and see.

Ivy felt a shiver run through her body during the class. She thought that somebody must be speaking ill of her. She shrugged and focus on the lesson, today she has learned so many words that she can conveniently use someday.

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