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   Chapter 5 Pay for the rent

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Ivy covered her mouth in utter shock! How on earth does this man is in her bed! Lying on her bed, beside her!

She quickly decided to get out of the bed, but before she could, Hiro caught her arm. He sat on the bed while massaging his head with his free arm. He looked at Ivy and his eyes was filled with lust. He pulled her against him.

"Hey, what are you doing! Let me go!", Ivy shouted, she pounced on his bare chest. He hugged her tightly, and whispered in her ear, "hush, look at yourself first before you get out of the bed. I won't mind actually" his lips were provocatively touching her ear and she felt a cold rush running through her spine. He loosened his hold so she can look at herself and her eyes widened in embarrassment. She is just wearing a man's shirt that barely reached her hips. How on earth did this happen! Her mind tried to remember what happened last night, but she couldn't remember anything except that she was about to go home after the lesson.

Her eyes snapped open as she remembered the wine. She looked at him in disgust.

"You did this to me! What did you do to me!" she was quivering in anger. She clutched the blanket away from him, and his body was exposed to her, wearing only a tight boxer short. Her face felt burned as she saw his manly reaction.

"You really woke me up, " he said perversely.

Ivy looked around and throw the pillow on his face. "Shameless! Pervert! Maniac!" she was really angrily shouting at him. She felt so humiliated and embarrassed with herself and by what she just saw. She covered her face and whole body with the blanket while continue to call him names.

Hiro shook his head, while a playful smile never left his lips. He could count the days that he woke up with a smile on his lips. And he felt good. It's a good thing that this room is soundproof and bulletproof, so he was not worried at her screaming. In fact, he finds it attractive and enticing, a hysterical lady in his shirt. He walked towards the bathroom. As he was taking a warm bath, he thought about last night.

He undressed her but she never woke up even a bit. And it took all the self-control he could not to take off her undergarments. Her skin was silky smooth, and he saw an irregularly shaped reddish-brown birthmark just beneath her left breast. It was about 2 inches in length and it looked sensual on her. When he looked down her navel, he was sweating even the aircon was at 18 degrees. He noticed his hands a bit trembling when he put on his shirt on her and tucked her in the bed. After that, he took another cold shower before he was able to sleep. Around 3:00 AM, he woke up as he felt something soft in his arm and noticed that she was hugging him, her soft supple body sticking to his chest and her face almost touching his own. He should give himself an award for holding himself not to take her right there and then.

After showering, Hiro walked to the closet and changed into his business attire. All the while, Ivy was fully covered under the blanket. When she felt that he is in the room, she peeked her head only to see him naked from the back. What a pervert! She thought, cheeks burning. She closed her eyes and turned around. While she was under the blanket, she already noticed that her underwear is intact, the bed has no stain at all and she does not feel anything weird on her body. Her friend back in college told her that the first time for a virgin would be really painful, there will be blood stain and she will not be able to walk properly after that. With that in mind, she felt relieved. So, her anger dissipated a bit. This guy still has no right to take off her clothes, and sleep with her. If somebody find out about this, she could never marry! Well anyway, she is not interested in marriage, a child is all that she wants! She thought.

As Hiro finished dressing up, he was aware that she saw him naked earlier. He smiled devilishly to himself as he saw her from the mirror with flushed cheeks as she turned her head elsewhere. She is really cute, he thought. And so natural.

As he was putting on his necktie, he walked towards her.

"You stayed here for 9 hours so you don't have to come tonight for the lesson." He said formally. Ivy was still on the bed, the blanke

t clutched tightly up to her chin. With disheveled hair, she looked like a child to him.

She looked at him angrily, "I will never come back here again! I don't need to do this part time job and be humiliated with a perverted man like you." She said proudly. Who does he think he is!

Hiro frowned. Then he sat at the edge of the bed, which made Ivy cringed on the other side. She almost fell but he caught her, and they looked each other eye to eye.

What a handsome freak! She thought. If only he is not a perverted man, I would possibly like him. She lowered her eyes, she could not meet his gaze evenly as she feels she is being hypnotized.

He smiled slowly and touched her chin to meet his gaze.

"You signed a contract saying you will work as my language tutor for 5 months. You want me to sue you for a breach of contract?"

She was surprised. She signed a contract? When was that? She never signed anything!

"I never signed such a contract!" she replied adamantly.

He stood up and walk to a drawer. From inside, he pulled a folder and tossed a piece of paper on the bed for her to see. Ivy inched forward and looked at the paper. It was all written in Japanese. What she noticed was a red mark on it, and it looked familiar. It was her seal!

Then she remembered that Miss Kai asked her to stamped on a piece of paper telling her that it means she approved of the hourly rate and time for the part time job. She felt tricked! She never heard anything about a contract for 5 months. How could she last 5 months with this perverted monster when only at the first day he already did all this to her! She felt that she wants to cry, she felt humiliated.

The hurt in her eyes cause Hiro to hesitate a moment. He walked towards her and took the paper again, then put it inside the drawer. He sighed.

"I apologize for last night. I did not intend for you to get drunk with that little wine and did not risk to send you back to your dormitory in that state. Don't worry, nothing like this will happen again, " he said, then added "without your permission". He smiled knowingly at her.

She looked at him with a defiant face. If only looks could kill, this man is already in thousand pieces.

"I see, don't worry Mr. Yamamoto, I can guarantee you that I will never permit this kind of insult again" she gritted her teeth in anger.

She looked so alluring, he thought. Let's wait and see.

"You can leave this room after you are dressed, properly". He said the word "properly" in a provocative way, which made her realize that she is still wearing his shirt. "Somebody will take you to the dormitory. I bid you good day, Ivy".

"It's Ms. Castillo to you!" she said flatly. He turned around as his hand was already on the doorknob.

"Do you know how much is the hourly rent for this room? It is ¥300, 000. And that shirt is custom made from Italy. I cannot wear it anymore. You must reimburse me for it. I will accept installment if you cannot pay for the rent at once." With that, he left her, not able to say anything.

She throws another pillow to him that hit the closed door. Ivy was so furious. She has never felt so insulted and so embarrassed in her whole life. She walked to the bathroom, took a shower and changed clothes. She found her dress from last night neatly folded, and beside it was a bag. She opened and found a pair of semi-formal long sleeve pink blouse and a black pants. It has a matching black lady's shoes and belt. Her face flushed in humiliation when she saw that there's also a pair of pink underwear on it. She did not have a choice but to wear these as the dress she had last night was not appropriate for the class. She was surprised that everything fits perfectly, and her cheeks burned as the thought of him sizing her up. Then as she was about to throw away the bag, a piece of paper fell from it. It's a receipt! Her eyes almost left their socket at the price she saw. It was almost equivalent to her 2-month living allowance! Ivy was boiling with rage. She took the receipt and put it on her own bag, cursing at him and calling him names. She tidied the bed as she was used to do it after waking up and looked around for anything she might have forgotten. With that, she went outside the room.

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