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   Chapter 4 4 hours a day

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Ivy learned that this man is called Hiro Yamamoto, he is 32 years old, single, and a businessman. He said that he wants to learn Asian languages because his business will soon expand to other Asian countries. He has a younger sister but he never mentioned anything about his parents, and so Ivy let it go at that. She learned that it's impolite to ask personal questions, especially about family matters to Japanese. Although she was interested to learn about his bloodline, coz his features do not look like a typical Japanese, especially his round eyes. She avoided looking into his eyes as she feels like she could drown in them.

Then, when it was Ivy's turn to say something about herself, he cut her off as he stood and went to the bar, she just noticed that he has like a drink bar near his table. When she entered earlier, his presence was so immense that she was not able to notice anything near him except himself. She felt embarrassed. She prided in herself that she has never taken any interest in the opposite sex, and she is already past the stage of having a crush. So, she doesn't understand why she feels like a high school student, and her pulse rate is quickening. "It must be the elevator", she thought. She was not used to riding the elevator so many times, and in such a high place.

He then offered her a drink. She accepted the glass and since she felt that her throat was a bit dry, she drinks it readily. Only to cough, it was liquor! Ivy has never tasted any alcohol in her entire life, and she felt that her tongue and throat was burning. She felt her face turned bigger and her ears turned red. She looked at the man accusingly.

"This is alcohol", she said.

The man smiled at her. How handsome he is! She thought.

"Sorry, I am accustomed to drinking wine at night. I did not realize I poured one for you too. What would you like then, water, tea, or milk?" His tone was provoking her. She said nothing and just took her pen angrily. She wrote something on her notebook. It's good that she has not drink all the wine, but nevertheless, she drank half of it. The dark glass masked the color of the wine so she thought it was water. Besides, how can you offer wine to somebody you just met for the first time? It doesn't make sense, she thought angrily.

"So, Mr. Yamamoto, shall we begin the lesson? I believe we already spent 15 minutes, and there is only 45 minutes left". She said in a formal voice.

Hiro frowned, how dare she tell him about what to do! This girl got guts! He sauntered near her and sat idly beside her. His weight on the soft sofa caused Ivy to lost her balance and unintentionally leaned on him. She was literally shocked! Her left arm was in his right leg, almost near the center of his pants. Ivy spring back so fast to the edge of the sofa and looked at him angrily.

"What are you doing!" it took all patience she got not to shout at him. Her face was burning hot with both the wine and the embarrassment she's feeling. Oh my God! She almost touched his…his…his!

Hiro cast her an innocent look, but a playful smirk was on his lips. "I was just sitting so we can begin the lesson, sensei" he slowly said the last word in Japanese, which means teacher.

Ivy tried to cool herself down. So, she decided to let it pass and sat on the opposite sofa with the big table in their middle. She took her notes, and handled a few pieces of paper to him. He took it and pretended to read it carefully. She started to talk while he was occasionally nodding his head and drinking the wine at the same time. At almost 10:00 PM, Ivy felt really sleepy. It's taking a lot on her not to give in to the feeling. Then she stood up.

"I believe we are done for tonight's lesson, Mr. Yamamoto" she said, while gathering her notes. It was 1-minute past 10 PM.

Hiro stood and walk towards her slowly, somehow Ivy felt threatened and stepped backwards. He stopped.

"Who told you that we are done tonight? It's only 10PM, we only had 1 hour, you are supposed to teach me 28 hours

per week. That means you have to meet with me at least 4 hours a day!" he said, finishing his drink.

Ivy was dumbfounded. Four hours in a day! But it's already 10PM, that means she has to stay here until 1AM?

"But, but I have a class tomorrow, I cannot stay outside too late", she stammered, wondering what kind of deal she got herself into.

After pouring the drink, Hiro turned to her, an unreadable expression on his face.

"It's still early, what are you, a child?" he said.

Ivy felt stupid. At the same time, her mind is already feeling blank and she hold on the edge of the sofa, as she felt dizzy. She is really not used to staying up late. She always sleeps at 10PM.

"Can we adjust the time? I already feel sleepy and I don't think I can…" she was able to finish her sentence as she felt her consciousness fading. She saw the man beside her too fast until she succumbed to slumber.

Hiro looked at the figure of the sleeping beauty in his arms. Must be the wine, he thought. It's not his plan to make her fall asleep with the wine, and castigated himself for it. He slowly lowered her on the sofa. In doing so, he touched her hair and realized it's still wet, then he smelled her newly showered fragrance, and it led his thoughts to run wild, his body tensed as he closed his eyes and smelled her sweetness. Instead of letting her sleep on the sofa, Hiro carried her to the adjoining room in his office. The room is his private space, it's like a fully furnished apartment with all the amenities inside. He let her down on the bed. Hiro smiled. She is the first female, aside from his sister, who was able to touch his bed. He then took off her sneakers and let her hair loose. It was soft to his touch, still moist. His eyes roamed on her body, as he noticed the rise and fall of her chest, highlighting her well-rounded breast. When she entered the room earlier, he noticed her womanly figure in her clothes, and felt an urge to crush her body under his. Of course, he is a man! This is natural, he thought. He then sat on the edge of the bed, put his arm under his chin, and looked at her sleeping face. This is the second time he saw her sleeping. Just like a child, and she really do resemble his sister in a way, he thought. She moved a little, and the body hugging one piece was pushed upwards to her thighs. Hiro cleared his throat. He has been reprimanding himself for the past hour not to touch her. But she looks so enticing, she has all the curves at the right places, and she has a pretty face, too. Not extremely beautiful, but this girl arouses something in him. Hiro couldn't believe that he is lusting after this girl, but he cannot deny the fact that he wants her in his bed, naked and moaning.

He touched her smooth cheeks, and trailed his fingers on her partly opened mouth. He touched her lips gently, so soft! He wanted to kiss her so badly, and could feel the sensation in his lower half.

Damn! He thought and stood. How could he have this kind of feeling to a sleeping woman. He could have as many women as he wants in his bed, but he has never felt the urge to ravage a woman until now. He raked his fingers on his hair and stared at the sleeping lady. He sat again, touched her cheeks and kissed her lightly on her lips.

After a moment, Hiro stood up angrily and walked to the bathroom. He took a cold shower and he finished 30 minutes, and changed into casual sleepwear.

He called Yano and said "I will be sleeping here tonight. You can leave or use the other room."

Yano almost choked. But he answered "Yes, boss". This is interesting, his boss is sleeping in his private room with a woman! Yano decided to stay at the other room in case his boss would need him later.

At 6:00AM, Ivy woke up as her phone alarm goes on. She went out of the bed and take her phone, turned off the alarm and uttered a short prayer. She then stretched her arms, but surprised that her right arm hit something hard. "Ouch!"

She looked to her right, and could not believe her eyes.

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