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   Chapter 3 Are you my student

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Ivy knocked on the door of the Foreign Affairs Section Office. She received a notice from her Japanese teacher that she has to go to the FASO as there is something there that needs her. The staff that handles the matters related to foreign students greeted here with a smile and asked her to come inside a room. In there, Ivy noticed the very neat and orderly interior of the room. She nodded in admiration. "When I return, I would like my office to be as neat as this", she thought.

Then the lady took out a folder, with the documents written in Japanese. It has been a week since she started to learn Japanese and of course, she still cannot read the document.

"This is an offer of a part time job for you as a language tutor", the lady explained that this kind of offer is very common especially in this part of the country, where everybody wants to learn different languages apart from their own. She introduced herself as Miss Kai. As a foreign student, she can work part time at a maximum of 28 hours per week, otherwise it would be illegal. Ivy was intently listening to the lady as her English has a mixed accent of Japanese on it. She was so surprised that she was offered ¥5, 000 per hour as compensation, including transportation to and from where she will meet her client. The lady then took a copy of her passport, her residence card as well as her bankbook. After 15 minutes, Ivy realized that she just accepted the offer without even thinking about it. "Wow, " she thought to herself. She already made a mental calculation of how much she would earn and she was shocked and excited. She would earn her whole month's allowance in less than two weeks with her part time job! She couldn't believe it. "Is it really that easy to earn money in this country?" she thought and went back to the classroom.

Miss Kai put the folder inside her drawer and made a phone call. Even herself, she cannot believe that such an offer was just made. How could a foreign girl like her earn that much with a part time job, almost like she is working full time! But it's not her business, she was just following orders so she did not dwell on it too much. She has her own job and she must focus on it.

In one of the tallest and largest building in Tokyo, a knock was heard. Hiro did not look up from the document he was reading, and just said "come in". His personal assistant, Yano, came in and told him that the offer was accepted. Hiro put his pen down and smiled mockingly. Of course! Who would refuse such an offer, especially for a foreigner. Hiro decided that he can't wait to meet her again, and a playful smile warmed his manly face. Yano was interested with the expressions which come and go at his boss' face. It's very seldom that his boss would take an interest to a lady, even a foreign one. "She must be exceptional", he thought.

Two days after Ivy accepted the offer, she was surprised to receive a call from Miss Kai, asking her to go down the dormitory as somebody will pick her up for the part time job. Ivy looked at her watch, it's almost 9 in the evening. She just finished taking a bath and is already in her pajamas.

"Can they wait for about 10 minutes? I will get ready", she said and changed clothes. Since it's just a part time job, she decided to wear something casual. A baby blue knitted long sleeve body-hugging one-piece dress that is almost touching her toes, with a small slit at her right that exposed a smooth leg. She paired it with a pinkish lady sneaker and put on a wide belt that emphasized her small waist and wide hips. She put her long hair in a bun as it's still a bit wet from the shower, coz she noticed that Japanese people don't go out with wet hair. However, she is not fond of using hair dryer. She also applies a light face powder and lipstick then took her backpack and went for the elevator.

In front of the building was a tall man dressed in navy black tuxedo beside a black Audi noticed her as she walked and looked for the person who will pick her up. She noticed the man, how could she not! He is taller for an average Japanese guy, maybe around 180cm, with a muscular built, and a handsome car. Of course, she will notice him. She did not expect that he will walk towards her an

d greeted her in Japanese.

"Konbanwa", he said, which she knows that it means "good evening". She smiled and also replied in Japanese. Then he motioned for her to get in the car.

"Wow!" she thought, she never dreamed that she could ride inside this car. She used to just use this car as she plays on the video game. But as a professional, she just nodded and pretended to be naturally familiar with it. She went in the backseat and the man just drove away. She enjoyed the so many lights in the street emitted by the cars, and buildings, and realized that it is indeed a beautiful country. They were caught a few minutes in some heavy traffic but it was not as heavy as those back in her country. She was feeling sleepy but her excitement with the travel kept her awake. She looked at her watch and after 25 minutes, they stopped in a parking. She did not notice when they entered the parking but did not make a fuss on it. All the while she was thinking that her student might be a rich girl since she can afford that hourly rate, and have her pick up with an expensive car, with a handsome driver at hand.

The man motioned for her to enter the elevator and she did, no words were exchanged between them as she knows that her Japanese skill is not even 1% and this man might not understand her in English. She noticed that they stopped at the 49th floor. She doesn't have a fear of heights but she felt a bit dizzy with the elevator.

The man with her knocked on a closed door, said something in Japanese, and they heard a word that said come in in Japanese. The man motioned for her to go in and she did, then was surprised when the door was closed behind her alone. She looked around the spacious room, it has so many books that are neatly piled in several cabinets. The color of the interior was light beige, and some sofa with a big center table and a flat screen tv as large as her window in the dormitory can be found on the right side. On the left side, she noticed a door that must lead to another room. There is also another room that she figured would be a toilet, or a kitchen. On the center of the room, there is a desk with a man sitting behind it. Because he was facing her against the light from the window on his back, she couldn't see his face, but she's sure that he is a man, from his form. The man stood up, and she immediately bowed a little, saying good evening. She learned that when meeting a Japanese for the first time, the younger one should make introduce herself first. She tried her best to introduce herself in her limited Japanese, as what she has learned in the class, until she heard him speak.

"That's enough, please sit down, Miss Castillo". His voice was like that of a radio announcer, and Ivy instantly thought he must be handsome and very manly. And she was not mistaken. When Hiro stood in front of her, she was able to see him clearly. He is taller than the man who picked her up, wearing a long sleeve blue collared shirt, with the top two buttons undone and tucked in a black pants, polished black shoes, and of course he noticed the expensive watch in his left wrist, the right hand was inside his pocket. His hair was thick, chocolate brown and a bit longer up this ear, thick eyebrows highlighting a deep set of dark brown, round eyes, a prominent nose, smooth skin, and kissable lips. "Hey, why did I think about kissable lips?" What captivated her the most was his smell, it's like an aftershave or cologne that smells so nice and elegant.

"Did I qualify to your standard?" His mocking tone, and the slight twist on his right eyebrow caused Ivy to return to reality. She blinked several times, cheeks burning and smiled a little. The small dimple on her right showing, and caught by his quick eyes.

"I am sorry, I did not mean to stare", she said "You are so handsome". She decided to say the truth.

To her surprise, the man laughed, sexily. "Why, thank you", he said, satisfied, and motioned her to seat on the sofa.

She sat down opposite to him with the center table in the middle. It was so soft and she felt like sinking. The man just kept on looking at her, and she felt shy. She pretended to look inside her bag for a pen, while saying "So, are you my student?".

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