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   Chapter 2 Land of the Rising Sun

Fateful Encounter By Elria Cortez Characters: 6150

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Ivy woke up with the alarm. She turned it off and stayed sitting at her bed for a couple of minutes, muttering a silent prayer. She then gets out of the bed, went to the window and opened it. She stretched her arms while inhaling the fresh air. Only to be so surprised.

She couldn't smell the familiar fragrance of rice field and the sound of the crickets! And what's more, instead of rice farms, she saw skyscrapers everywhere! Lots of cars and people walking on the road. She then realized that she is now in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun.

"Japan! Here I am!" she shouted at the top of her lungs with her arms stretched. With that, she went back inside her room and began to do her morning routine. She realized that with just her clothes and books on her luggage, she actually doesn't need to buy that much, except for food. Everything she needs is in her room. It was just a small room, with a bed good for one person, a cupboard, an aircon, refrigerator, IH cooker, water heater, coffeemaker, and microwave. She went to the toilet and wash room, and there is already a washing machine in there. The beddings and curtains were even provided.

She opened the cupboard and took a small mug, and poured herself a steaming brewed coffee. She smelled it with a satisfied expression on her face.

"So, this is Japan! Everything is so convenient!" she thought.

After about an hour, Ivy went out of the building. It was a student's dormitory, where she stayed at the 8th floor. The building has 15 floors, where the first 7 floors are designated for male students, and the remaining floors are for female students. She wondered about the set up but did not think too much about it.

It was April 2nd, and she felt the cool breeze of spring on her face. She was wearing a knitted long sleeve tops and a scarf on her neck, with casual jeans and sneakers. She had her backpack on it and her long, black straight hair was hanging loose up to the middle of her back.

Yesterday, when they arrived at the university, she was already given a brief tour around it to be familiar. She was awed by everything she saw. She has not seen a university in her country that are like skyscrapers. From the dormitory, it will take her about 20 minutes to walk on foot. There is a train that stops near the university main gate but she did not dare to since she still doesn't know how to use the system here. She never rides a train before! Also, she enjoyed so much the scenery going to the university. She saw many different flowers that she never saw in her country. She was especially mesmerized by the cherry blossoms that she saw along the road. It was so majestic! She thought. So white and so pure.

She then made her way to the classroom, where she's supposed to learn Japanese language and culture for a few months before transferring to the university where she's supposed to take her MS degree. There, she met other foreign students like her. After some introduction with the Japanese teacher, they started the class, which was so interesting for her. Ivy has be

en fascinated with Japan since she was a little child. She loves Japanese anime so much, and would spend so many times daydreaming about her as one of the lead characters in some anime. After the class, as Ivy was gathering her things, a guy approached her.

"Hi", he smiled at her, showing a set of white teeth. He is handsome, in some way. He has deep set of eyes, thick eyebrows and pointed nose, with lips that looked like he doesn't smoke.

"Hi there" Ivy replied. "Lyndon, right?", she smiled too, showing a tiny dimple on the right cheek near her mouth.

Lyndon was speechless for a moment.

"Yes, how about lunch together?" he then offered, "we still have a class this afternoon, right?". He was walking at her side as they go outside the room to the elevator. He pushed the 1st floor button as their classroom was at the 7th floor.

Ivy hesitated for a while. She was not hungry yet, so she decided that she will look around the university to familiarize herself with the surroundings instead of having lunch. But she doesn't want to be rude for the first time of him inviting her.

"Oh sure, why don't we just grab something at the shop then walk around? I want to explore the university as much as I can. You know, I will only stay here for 5 months then I will move to a different one after that. How about you, will you stay here?" she asked, while they were walking and without looking at him. They just finished buying a bread and water from the shop and were now walking around aimlessly. Ivy is so excitedly looking around as she was admiring the beautiful landscaping in the campus. It gives her so many ideas about her dream house in the future.

"Yes", Lyndon replied, "I will be stuck in here the whole time until I finish my program". There was a hint of sadness in his voice as he cast a look at her, but she was not paying attention to it.

They found a bench under a big cherry blossoms tree and decided to sit there. They eat while chatting about each other. Ivy learned that Lyndon is here for his PhD, and he is only 3 years older than her. He said that he is an only child, and a veterinarian by profession. What's more, they live in the same province. They were talking about everything until they noticed the time and decided to go back to the classroom.

Not too far from them, a man dressed in black suit was watching Ivy and Lyndon talking and laughing at each other. There was a deep frown on his noble face while a lady beside him was telling him his schedules for the rest of the day. He waved his hand, and the lady stopped talking, then a man walked near him.

"Do your job". He crisply ordered the man.

"Yes, Mr. Yamamoto ", the man bowed and walked towards where Ivy was having her classes.

Hiro put his right hand on his pocket, and touched a familiar piece of cloth there. He still remembered her face very clearly; her scent still lingers on him everywhere he went. He thought of him holding her in his arms, then he realized that it's still broad daylight. He has to return to his office, he thought.

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