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   Chapter 1 A husband is not necessary

Fateful Encounter By Elria Cortez Characters: 6200

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Ivy could not suppress her excitement. This will be the first time for her to go to Japan, the "Land of the Rising Sun". It's also her first time to ride an airplane, to be apart from her family, her first time to go abroad. She cannot stop the thrilling feeling in her chest, and she kept on looking at the window and amazed how small everything looks like from above.

She opened her phone and took lots of picture of the magnificent view of the wide blue ocean, with spots of white that she later realized were large ships. "How could they look so small!" she thought. She marveled on the vastness of the ocean and the beauty of the clouds. It looks so peaceful, and so amazing.

She was like a little girl who just went for the first time in an amusement park. Indeed, she was feeling like that for the first 30 minutes after the plane took off.

Then, she felt something hit her stomach, like she's about to vomit due to the sudden movement of the aircraft.

"Please fasten your seatbelt, dear passengers. We are experiencing some turbulence".

She closed her eyes and prayed endlessly. "Dear God, please don't let me die here. I can't fly! I'm still young and haven't even been kissed! I want to have at least three children, even just let me have a child. A husband is not necessary, but it's not bad either if I could fall in love. So please save me, I promise to be a good girl!" Ivy thought that she was saying all of these in her silent prayers. Never thinking that she was saying these in normal voice.

Hiro's expression was unchanged the whole time that the plane was in turbulence. He kept his eyes closed and was thinking about the problem that he has to solve once he goes back to the company. Staying in another country for only 3 days already caused some havoc with some clients. "How did I ever hire a bunch of imbeciles!" He was thinking to himself. Then he heard that the girl sitting beside him murmured words that he couldn't quite understand. Until he slightly opened his right eye and peeped at her. For a while, he thought she reminded him of his little sister. The girl has her eyes closed, both hands were grabbed firmly on the armrest and speaking what seems like a prayer to him. His lips twist a little in the corner when he clearly understands what's going on. "This girl is funny". He thought. "How could she want children when she doesn't want a husband?". Then, he was surprised to see tears streaking to her cheeks. "What the heck! She is crying? She must be terrified." Hiro felt uncomfortable. He was not the type of person to revel on a woman's tear. He hates crying women. It makes him feel to want to comfort her. With a deep sigh, he hugged her to his chest firmly.

Ivy felt like she was pulled to her left and against a warm and wide chest. She smelled a good male fragrance. But her mind was still terrified. She kept her eyes closed and put her arms tightly around the person hugging her. Hiro was surprised. She hugged him! So tight! He closed his eyes and after a bit of hesitation, patted her head gently, and murmured, "Hush,

it's going to be alright". He smiled to himself and wondered if he would be able to do this even to his sister.

The plane became stable after a while, but Ivy still hold on to the person she doesn't even know. Somehow, she felt safe, and drifted to sleep.

Hiro was amazed. He couldn't believe that a woman just fell asleep while he's embracing her! When he realized that the plane has stabilized, he was about to let her go but he realized that her arms hugging him became a bit loose, and her breathing became even and steady. Then he looked at her, sleeping! "How dare she! Now I am a pillow". He thought. He slowly and gently pushed her to her seat so she won't wake up. As he closely looked at her, tears could still be seen on her naturally thick eyelashes. Her cheeks were also stained with dried tears. And her small pinkish lips were slightly open. Hiro felt something in him, and he castigated himself for being turned on by a complete stranger.

He waved at the stewardess and asked for a blanket. Then he covered her. "How carefree, she didn't even wake up". He thought and smiled warmly.

He then noticed a small purse dangling on her left arm and took it. It was not his character to be privy of other people's belongings but he became curious. He opened the purse and found a passport, a wallet, and a handkerchief. He took the passport and opened it. He instantly memorized her information. The handkerchief fell on the seat and as he took it, he was attracted to the feminine smell on it. Without thinking, he put it on his pocket and returned the purse on her as if he didn't touch it.

After a few hours, the plane started to descent. Ivy was still sleeping. The plane landed and she was still soundly sleeping. Hiro cast a glance at her before leaving his seat. There was a trace of warm smile on his thin lips.

Ivy woke up with a gentle touch on her shoulders. It was a stewardess trying to wake her up! They already landed

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she said and immediately stood up, only to realize that her seatbelt is still on. She felt embarrassed. She unbuckled it and took her backpack from the cabin along with her purse. She looked around only to find that she's the only passenger left on the plane. She felt her cheeks burned with embarrassment, and kept on saying sorry to the plane staff all throughout the way to where she would pick her luggage.

She got her 2 pcs of luggage after a while and wondered at how huge the airport in Tokyo is. So many people! She felt a bit dizzy with all the people walking around and all the things she's seeing for the first time. She then walks towards the arrival gate and saw someone with a big namecard with her name written on it. She approached the pretty lady and they talked for a while. She was then accompanied by the lady to a university bus and they drove away from the airport.

Hiro was standing somewhere not too far from where he saw the lady in the plane took her luggage, spoken with a lady and went with her to a university bus. He took note of the logo on the bus. Then he made a phone call.

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