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   Chapter 2149 Intimidating The Look-Alikes

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Isla picked up the phone and answered, "Hello?"

"Manager Zhao, can I ask you a favor?" Duke's voice called out from the other end of the line. "I know you caught my cousin. He is sick and mentally ill these days. Could you please let him go this time?"

"It's not that we don't want to let him go. But he keeps harassing Sher. I wish he would leave her alone," Isla said bluntly, unable to contain her anger.

Duke felt a little awkward, knowing Isla's temperament. Clearing his throat, he answered, "I know. It's all Damian's fault. He shouldn't have been so stubborn. I have tried to persuade him many times. Manager Zhao, I have already informed Mr. Li about this. He ordered me to take Damian home, no matter what it takes. If he refuses, we will knock him down and take him home."

Hearing Duke's words, Isla calmed down a bit. "Are you sure he will listen to you? If he had listened to you, he wouldn't have ended up like this."

Isla still didn't believe that Duke could talk senses into Damian.

"Manager Zhao, please trust me this time," Duke promised again, hoping Isla would listen to him. "Mr. Li also said that to show our apology, he would hand over all the domestic businesses to the Cloud Advertising Company."

That was not necessarily what Isla was expecting to hear, but since the end result could end with business gains, Isla cooled down. She cast a quick glance at Damian, who had been caught by Nick earlier before she said, "Okay, I trust you."

Isla finally hung up the phone, and walked up to Nick, motioning for him to let Damian go. Nick released his hold on Damian while the latter straightened up to stand properly.

"Damian, you should thank your lucky stars. I just got off the phone with Duke, so I am letting you go now. But this will be my final warning. If this happens again, don't blame me for being ruthless." Isla gave him a stern look.

Damian's face turned red with embarrassment. His trimmed hair now looked a bit messy after struggling for a while.

He gasped for breath, completely losing his usual elegance. His eyes were red, like those of a beast. Standing close to Isla, his stare seemed to send a shiver down her spine.

But Isla was not afraid of him. Raising her head with contempt, she ordered his two bodyguards, "Why don't you take your boss home? Keep an eye on him. Make sure he doesn't come out and embarrass himself again."

Seeing that Damian had been freed, the two men felt relieved and hurried away with their bos

ired. If it wasn't you who had contacted me, I wouldn't have done this favor."

"I know. That's why I really appreciate it a lot. If you need any help in the future, just let me know." Vicky paused for a second and continued, "Oh, and please don't tell anyone about this, okay?"

The artist nodded his head in agreement, answering Vicky's sweet smile. He had no idea who the two men were, but since they were so mysterious, he was certain they weren't just commoners.

He had been engaged in the business for many years, making him aware of the most important rule. He knew that the more he knew, the sooner he would die, so it would be wiser for him not to ask anything more than what he had been told.

Seeing that his work was done, the makeup artist said goodbye to Vicky and left immediately.

Charles didn't say a word the entire time, focusing his eyes on the fake Ferry and Rob instead.

If they wanted to be the real Ferry and Rob, they had to change completely, not just their appearance. These words rang in his ears.

Both men felt so nervous under Charles' stare. They knew that he had been studying them the moment they stepped out wearing their new faces. Their bodies sweated a lot, and yet they didn't dare to move.

Vicky took a glance at Charles, before turning to the two men, who were both numb. "What should we do next, Charles?" Vicky asked.

Charles stood up but never said a word. All of a sudden, the two men felt the shadow of Charles' tall figure looking down on them, and it was intimidating.

The men held their breaths while waiting for Charles to speak. "You, go with her," Charles ordered as he pointed at "Rob".

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