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   Chapter 2146 You Couldn't Trust Him

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9149

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After a while, Charles finally seemed to break loose from whatever trance he was in.

He looked up slowly, but his eyes seemed to wander around. Nobody knew what he was looking at. Vicky, who was standing close to him, was trying to observe his behavior.

Finally, she had the courage to ask him, "Charles, what's wrong?"

"Have you found the person?" Charles asked, finally meeting her gaze.

Seeing that Charles didn't want to talk about himself, Vicky answered him immediately, "Yes, I found him. He promised me that he would do me a favor."

"Good. Make an appointment with him. I'll bring him here in the evening."

"Okay!" Vicky agreed but hesitated. "If we fail to deceive Rob this time, then Clark's poison will be..."

"I won't let that happen!" Charles interrupted her. He did not need to say any more. Putting his hand in his pocket, Charles turned around and walked away.

Seeing him leave, Vicky was dumbfounded for a while. Part of her still did not want to believe what Charles said without any reason.

But he knew that he wouldn't let anything happen to Clark. He will find a way. He would make this work!

Sheryl and Melissa had stayed and watched Clark in the ward for a while. When he woke up, his body returned to normal, and he finally stopped crying.

Seeing that Clark was okay, Sheryl felt glad. She had cooked a bowl of porridge for him earlier and placed it in front of her son to dig in.

Sheryl wasn't expecting he would have a pretty good appetite. Watching from her seat, Sheryl felt accomplished that Clark seemed to have liked what she had prepared. He ate the bowl of porridge quickly, with not a single drop left. Seeing that, Melissa was also pleased. She grinned from ear to ear, wondering whether Clark had already recovered without taking any medicine.

"Clark, do you still feel any pain now?" Melissa couldn't help asking.

Clark shook his head and was about to answer when he suddenly felt something. His little face started to wrinkle.

"My head aches..." He muttered vaguely. Both Melissa and Sheryl couldn't make out the rest of his words. Clark began to roll on the bed with his hands over his head, his face showing both pain and horror.

Sheryl's heart skipped a beat at the sight of it. She tried pulling Clark into her arms, making sure he wouldn't hurt himself. His hands were still over his head while he shouted in pain.

"Clark, calm down. Clark..." Sheryl said repeatedly. Sheryl tried her best to comfort her son but also realized that he wouldn't act crazily if the pain was bearable. She knew Clark, and he was not a crybaby. Sheryl could feel her heart breaking as she held onto Clark, desperately trying to calm him down.

Melissa was taken aback by

rdrop fell down her cheek and onto Charles' shirt, but she didn't care. She felt tired, but his presence told her she could still make it through. It would be over soon.

Meanwhile, the elevator opened, and a man came rushing out. He walked past two doors before finally stopping in front of one of the hotel suites. Inside, Damian was walking back and forth anxiously.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. He didn't even seem surprised as he was expecting his visitor. He rushed to open the door and found Duke standing outside.

"Why are you looking for me in such a hurry?" Duke said discontentedly. He had been having a meeting with someone just now when Damian had called and asked him to come over. He was not even sure what the emergency was.

"Have you heard from Rob?" Damian asked anxiously.

"I have been trying to find him, but he seemed to have disappeared without a trace. I have already sought assistance from both the government and the underworld, but they still haven't heard any news," Duke answered, shaking his head.

The news made Damian more anxious. Something seemed to be very wrong by the looks of it. "What happened? That man promised to help me. Now Charles has woken up, and Sheryl is still with him. What about me? Sheryl is meant to be with me."

"Damian, I have something to say. Please don't hold it against me," Duke started.

"What is it?"

"Actually, I think Rob is unreliable, and you are not even in the same boat. You shouldn't put your trust in him so much. What's more, you don't even know his background. What makes you so sure that he has not lied to you from the start? For all we know, he never really wanted to help you get Sheryl back. He just used you and your resources to destroy the Shining Company and Charles." Duke slowly analyzed, seeing Damian was all ears.

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