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   Chapter 2145 When Love Finally Disappeared

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After the doctor left, Sheryl walked away from Charles' embrace and sat beside Clark. Holding her son's hand between hers, her tears started falling down silently.

"Clark, what can I do? How can I save you? I don't want to see you in pain. I don't..." Gently taking her son's hand closer to her cheek, she burst into tears. She could no longer contain the pain inside her. Sheryl felt like her heart was going to explode anytime soon, but there was nothing she could do.

Melissa's eyes were red and swollen too. She had been crying as soon as she heard the news, but like Sheryl, she was helpless.

Charles stood behind Sheryl, his hands clenched into fists. Who would've thought someone so handsome could look so terrifying at the same time?

Across the room, Vicky watched them silently. As a bystander, she could keep calm and think things over. At that moment, a bold idea struck her.

Though her idea's success rate was not 100% guaranteed, it was still worth a shot. She was worried that if that method didn't work and Rob ended up very angry, it was likely that Clark would be dead. She would be as guilty as everyone else. The thought of it would haunt her. What could she do at that moment?

But looking at Sheryl's sad face, she thought that was the least she could do.

Vicky was still hesitating when she heard Charles call out to her all of a sudden, "Would you please see me outside for a moment?"

Not even waiting for her response, Charles turned around and walked out of the ward.

Feeling a little nervous, Vicky followed Charles out quietly.

Sheryl and Melissa were both immersed in their own miserable memories. Neither of them noticed Charles and Vicky were gone.

Outside the ward, Charles walked to a corner and stood there. He then took out a cigarette from his pocket before he turned to watch Vicky approaching.

Vicky followed him outside as he had requested. Putting the cigarette between his fingers, he lit it up, lowered his head, and took a puff. A trace of white smoke slowly drifted away.

Vicky was stunned, and her memories took her back to a similar scene from her past. The man then was somewhat like Charles. He may not have been as good looking, but he was handsome in his own way. His ten fingers had distinct joints. The palms of his hands were full of calluses, which were the result of being trained for a long time.

That man always had the warmest smile, but he seldom smiled at others. Like each smile would cost a fortune that he'd rather have kept. His cold face always made people feel indifferent. But when he had smiled at her, he often smiled like a child...

Just with those thoughts, Vicky's eyes became a little moist. She felt that tears were flowing out of

m prison.

Even if he could take Ferry out from prison, he could not fully trust Rob's words.

Could Rob really have the antidote in his possession? Not necessarily!

At the thought of this, Charles took out his cell phone, quickly typed a message, and sent it out.

A few seconds later, the phone beeped to tell him a message was received.

Charles' face turned dreary as he opened the message and read through it. His brows furrowed as he went along.

Being a known businessman, he had tried to use all his connections. He had asked his friend abroad to keep an eye on the HUR drug for him, but he had immediately replied to him upon seeing the name of the medicine, saying that the production of the said medicine had been prohibited, and all the poisons and antidotes had been burnt.

'How could this be?' Charles was stunned after reading the message.

Vicky had just finished her phone call and was on her way to announce the good news to Charles, but when she saw his face, she felt confused.

"Charles, what's wrong? Are you okay?" Vicky rushed to his side, seeing that Charles' face turned pale. His eyes reflected great sadness.

Charles didn't seem to hear her. He remained silent, but he was trembling all over. Charles could feel chills creeping down his spine and throughout his body.

Seeing this, Vicky felt a little worried. She couldn't understand why Charles suddenly seemed to have become a different person shortly after she returned from making her phone call. What could've happened?

Clueless, she still didn't dare to ask him anymore. As much as she respected Charles, she also feared him very much. She was in no position to ask him for explanations.

As for the love they had shared in the past, she could say that it had already disappeared, with no trace left in her heart.

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