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   Chapter 2144 A Heavy Blow To Everyone

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Sheryl was extremely restless and anxious about Clark's deteriorating condition. She said, "Since the reason behind Clark's illness is still undiagnosed, the doctors are clueless about the cure. The only way forward is to send him for further examination and try to find out the root cause behind the illness. I am so worried..."

Hearing Sheryl's words, Vicky couldn't help but think of what Rob had told them the night before.

'Is what Rob claimed last night true? Did he really poison Clark?'

The look on Vicky's face changed dramatically at the very thought of it. If that was the case, the situation was indeed alarming, and Sheryl seemed to be unaware of what Rob had revealed in front of Charles and Vicky. Charles should have informed Sheryl about it. But it seemed that he had not revealed it to Sheryl as yet. So Vicky said, "Sheryl, you'd better suggest Charles force Rob to hand over the antidote. Now only he has the antidote. Otherwise, in not too long, there will be no way to get Clark back."

Sheryl looked bewildered at hearing Vicky's words. She asked, "What antidote? What does it have to do with Rob?"

Vicky's assumption about Charles not revealing the information to Sheryl was further confirmed. She looked at Sheryl and questioned, "Didn't Charles tell you what had happened last night?"

"No. What happened? Tell me," Sheryl asked, looking absolutely blank.

Melissa was standing aside. She got impatient. To make it short, she pulled at Vicky's sleeve and urged, "What the hell is it? Tell us quickly."

Vicky hesitated and sank into deep thought.

She could not make out why Charles had hidden such important information from his family.

Vicky regretted having revealed information to Charles' family that he should have told them. She felt awkward to see both Melissa and Sheryl were eager to hear it out. After a momentary indecisiveness, she decided to tell them what Rob had told them the night before.

Heaving a sigh, Vicky slowly said, "Last night, Rob told me that he had injected some kind of poison into Clark's body, which would initially lead to a high fever, and, gradually, it would lead to further complications like body ache, nose bleeding, and then..." Vicky suddenly paused and stole a glance at them.

Sheryl grabbed Vicky's arm and shouted anxiously, "And then what? Tell me the entire thing!"

"Rob said it would be fatal once the poison spread in his blood. If the antidote is not administered at the right time... The person who has been poisoned by this drug will live less than one a

is blood?" Sheryl cut in abruptly.

Scott nodded. "Well, the possibility for that can't be denied. Once the poison is infused into the blood, it will cause aches in every muscle of the whole body. We can't avoid that from happening, as the kid has already got it inside his body..."

"Is there any way to relieve the pain?" At the thought of her little boy writhing in agony, Sheryl felt a stinging pain in her heart.

She looked at Scott imploringly, but Scott still shook his head silently.

Receiving the answer, Sheryl sank into deep thought. She stared blankly and didn't say anything. She had gone numb. But her mind was in a complete mess.

'Oh, dear! My son, Clark! Why did this have to happen to my child? Why would he have to suffer so much? Why?!'

Sheryl thought in her mind. If it was in her hands, she would have taken all the pain upon herself. As a mother, she couldn't see her son suffer like this. She felt helpless because she couldn't do anything for her son!

Sheryl's face was stained with tears, but she did not dare to cry out loud. She was afraid that she might disturb Clark, who was still in a coma. She was afraid that he would wake up and cry out, "Mom, it hurts, it hurts..." Nobody spoke any further.

There was a strange silence that had befallen in the room. Charles held Sheryl's hand with a distressed face. It wasn't easy for Charles to remain calm, now he felt like he couldn't restrain the sorrow in his heart.

Even for Melissa, this kind of situation was a heavy blow to her heart. She turned around and covered her mouth, sobbing silently. Vicky happened to stand beside her, so she quickly held Melissa's arm and patted her shoulder to comfort her.

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